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Winterbourne EarlsChurch of England Primary School

‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

Our Christian Ethos

Our Christian ethos is a key influencer in the positive relationships we hold dear in our school community. We celebrate our unique ethos and seek to encourage every child to recognise they are loved and valued by us and God. The links with our local church, St Michael's and All Angels, are valued and we aim to contribute to both church and community. We feel strongly that:

Church schools have a reputation for securing transformational outcomes for young people by combining academic rigour with a rounded approach to personal development, rooted in the worship and other shared practices that characterize the life of their community.’  Quote taken from the Church of England’s vision for education: ‘Deeply Christian, serving the common good’


School Definition of Spirituality

Spirituality is the heartbeat of our school. It is how we understand our place in the world, believing in something so much larger than ourselves: recognising our strengths and weaknesses and having the confidence to challenge ourselves and ask the “big questions”. 

 Spirituality enhances our sense of identity and purpose; it affirms Christian values which underpin our attitudes and learning, and which provide the foundations for how we behave to each other.

spiritual experience is that which enables, or enhances, greater personal integration within a framework of relationships by fostering exploration, conscious and otherwise, of identity and purpose, transcending the current level of self-knowledge and altering, or regaining, appropriate perspectives and values’.

Prayers to share with children during your time at home with them.

Year 6 Worship Leaders reflecting on Perseverance February 2019

Bringing Prayer Alive Day- Visit of High Sheriff of Wiltshire: January 2019

Year 6 Worship Leaders reflecting on the value of Trust: December 2018

Trinity 2018

Remembrance Sunday 2018


On Remembrance Sunday, children from Winterbourne Earls laid Wreaths at the War Memorial as part of the Remembrance Day Service in the St Michael's and All Angels in Winterbourne Earls.  It was a lovely service and a touching tribute from our pupils.  The wreaths had been made by children in the Bourne Forces and  Chatterbooks Book Club while they were reading and discussing books about wars and Remembrance in particular.