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Spring Term- Second half- Week 1 - Planning outline

Week 6 Overview Plan. THEY STILL NEED TO WATCH ALL THE VIDEO LESSONS ON SEESAW- THIS IS JUST A GUIDE FOR YOU! If possible, they will need some YEAST for THURSDAY (11th) for their science experiment! Thanks.

Week 5 of remote learning- plan


Week Beginning 21st September


I thought that it would be worth putting some information here about what we are learning in class as there are a few children off at the moment. THERE IS NO PRESSURE ON THIS, but if you are just being protective of our bubble and would like some learning to keep your child occupied this week here are some suggestions!


1) The myth about Osiris. Last week we read a version of this myth and then did some drama to act it out as this week we will be writing our own version. See in the documents below a version of the myth and a wordbank so that they can have a go at writing their own account of this myth if they would like.

2) Maths- we are recapping the 4 operations in maths this week: Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They could recap how to do column addition, column subtraction and get their times tables back up to Year 5 speed! They can just make up numbers to add and subtract. eg 5793 + 3986.

3) We will be continuing with Electricity this week. They could research different sources of energy: renewable and non renewable. BBC bitesize has some good things.

4) The Red Pyramid- We will be reading Chapters 9-12 this week. It would be REALLY useful if they have kept up with the book.

5) We will be illustrating our version of the myth in art this week. They could create a series of small drawings that they can then cut out and put into their version of the Osiris myth.


Also, get them to rest up to get better!


I hope that this helps!


Mrs Rawnson


All staff are aiming to update work and activities weekly for your child, however there may be a point at which the class teacher becomes unwell and is unable to set work for a period of time. We will do our best to ensure there are general websites and activities for your child to use in the event of this happening. 

Thank you all for your understanding at this difficult time. We hope that you and your families stay healthy and well.


Guidance from Our School: (updated 19th April)

  • Compulsory for all -daily reading, daily English tasks , daily maths tasks.
  • Compulsory for Y3-6 daily times tables- Mathletics as a minimum.
  • Optional-foundation subjects ideas can be found on the Home Learning page under the 'Things you COULD do' tab. These are split into suggestions for each subject eg science, art, DT, music etc
  • White Rose maths videos and worksheets for Mon-Fri should take about an hour and children/parents mark work from answers given on the website.
  • English tasks (to include phonics for YR,Y1,Y2) to take about an hour Mon-Friday. Year 6 will be focusing on our class book of Wonder.
  • English to be submitted by Google Classrooms (Y4-6) as directed by teacher by 6pm on Thursday with feedback received by Sunday pm.
  • Any work related to topic/foundation subjects can be completed in afternoons or Fridays with one piece of  ‘best work’ shared via Google Classroom. 
  • Parents please note that we can realistically give good feedback on a limited number of items posted- one English post and one other per week!
  • Parents/children with any concerns can use the class emails which will be monitored daily.

Learning challenges for Week Beginning 13th July

This Week's Learning!

Foundation Subjects for Week Beginning 29th June

Week Beginning Monday 22nd June


Hello my lovely class! I am SO missing you! I do hope that you are all ok and taking time to reach out to each other? If you have not heard from someone in your class, see if you can contact them. It might be that they are doing fine- it maybe that they have gone a bit quiet as they are struggling a bit- keep extending the hand of friendship. A message or call can make so much difference to someone. Remember your friends are important.


We have now finished our Wonder book- I am sorry about all the comprehension questions- had we been in class we would have had MANY discussions rather than comprehension questions! Well done for persevering with the book- I do hope that you enjoyed it. You will have learnt LOTS about social relationships. As the book is now finished, our English tasks will fall more inline with the rest of the school as we are starting a topic on 'Games' which, after this week, will extend to Olympics. You may LOVE the simpler tasks- or you may find them too boring! There is no compulsory element to them, however I am now shifting the compulsory tasks to ANYTHING THAT I SET TO DO WITH SECONDARY SCHOOLS AND FINISHING OFF YEAR 6. This week I'd like you to look at your journey to your secondary school and to check out your new school's website- See the Foundation Grid for information on these important tasks.


Miss Purchase will send a letter out this week about Braeside.


I will be bagging up your belongings for collection on Wednesday (24th) afternoon between 1-3pm from the school hall, so I look forward to seeing some of you then. If you cannot make it, don't worry there will be plenty of time to get your things to you- I am just trying to be a bit organised!


Keep finding things that make you smile!

Week Beginning Monday 15th June


I have changed my mind as many of you have read on already in Wonder and I am sure that you have had enough of the comprehensions?! SO THIS IS THE LAST WEEK OF WONDER.  On Thursday there is the option to watch the film Wonder if you are able to access it digitally or know someone who has the DVD. There is also an alternative plan if you cannot access the film.


On the Optional Foundations Grid this week there is a COMPULSORY activity please which is create an information page about YOU for your SECONDARY SCHOOL. This will be different to your Year Book page as it needs to introduce you to your new school to people who haven't met you. See the Foundation Grid Activity page for this task.


English is really finish reading the book, write a book review, watch the film and write a comparison between the film and the book.


Maths as normal please.


Know that I am missing you all dreadfully and I know that things are a bit difficult at the moment and you will be missing being at school. Try to find the good things to focus on at this difficult time and maybe set yourself a new challenge.

Week Beginning Monday 8th June


You should be nearly finishing Wonder now. AFTER this week we will only have 2 more weeks on this book and then we will properly be into transition work and reflecting back over your time at Winterbourne.


This week the English task is more an Art project on a famous artist called Picasso who created an art movement called 'CUBISM' where he took a face and distorted features to make wacky art work. Enjoy the light relief of the 'English' work this week.


Maths as normal and MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE EMAILED ME YOUR YEAR BOOK PAGE TO by Wednesday please.


I have not set any additional foundation subject ideas this week as the Year Book page is so important and as they are voluntary most of you may not have been doing them. If you have been doing them, I am sure that you haven't done them all so look back through and do some of the things you haven't done yet or just continue with Touch Typing, Duolingo or singing along to karaoke tracks!


Week Beginning 1st June


I do hope that all of you managed to get some sort of a break this half term. I know that it is all different and odd at the moment. The first few weeks seemed ok but now that we are aware from our 'normal' for a sustained time it can be more challenging. You are likely to be getting more frustrated with those that you are living with and maybe quicker to loose your temper or feeling less motivated and more lethargic. THIS IS NORMAL! A good thing is to try and set up a routiene again to try and keep your learning going and to give yourself a focus and point to your day. Get up at a set time, have breakfast, get out of your PJ's, brush your hair and clean your teeth. Get on with some of the learning and write a list of the other things you would like to do. ALSO WRITE A LIST OR CREATE A PIECE OF ARTWORK OF THINGS YOU ARE GRATEFUL FOR.


School is going to be a very different place this week. The government got all our hopes up a few weeks ago with Yr 6 returning this week. In reality there are so many Key Workers' children in our school and only allowing a MAXIMUM of 15 children in a class we would have never all been able to be back. THERE IS STILL NEARLY 2 MONTHS OF TERM left so there is likely to be time for us all to be back but we MUST be safe. I have plenty of ideas of things that we can do to give you a send off but we will need to see how things progress before I plan too many things. This week's afternoon task is to CREATE A YEAR BOOK PAGE - ALL ABOUT YOU! This needs to be good so it is the only other activity I am setting this week in addition to your English and Maths work. See the Word document below for further instructions.


Stay safe and look after your family! Remember 'Choose Kind'. It is more important now than ever!

Create a Page for YOUR Year Book! BY WEDNESDAY 10th JUNE

Foundation Subjects Grid- Optional but just as important!

Week 4- Monday 11th May- Friday 15th May


This week should have been your SATS week! You will be pleased to hear that I am NOT going to set you SATS papers this week! instead I am giving you one of my favourite activities to do with Wonder. A song writer wrote a FANTASTIC song called 'Wonder' and it fits perfectly with the book. You will have two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) to explore this- please try to do this task well! There are also new 'optional' foundation subjects tasks again. Young Voices have launched an 'At Home' project. Those of you who came with me to the O2 will hopefully agree that it was fantastic. Look at the Foundation Subjects page for more information.


A couple of you still have not sent me ANY work since the Easter holidays! I will be calling you next week to check that you are able to do some work and that you are all ok. Although Google Classroom is working well for submitting work- I am VERY happy for the easy method of email for sending me work! Just take a photo of what you have done and email it to me! SIMPLE!



Foundation Subjects- These are things that you COULD do in the afternoon to keep your other subjects going. They are designed to be FUN tasks!

Week 3: Week beginning Monday 4th May


I have kept things similar to last week. English and Maths that MUST be done- although I have included some spelling into the work as well. I have also create a Foundation Subject Page. Which are a week's worth of work that you COULD do if you'd like.


I have only put up work for 4 days as there is a Bank Holiday to commemorate 75 years since VE day. It might be good to do some research to find out what 'VE Day' is and why it is important to remember.


May the Forth be with you!

Foundation Subjects Learning Grid

Week 2: Week beginning Monday 27th April


I have kept things similar to last week. English and Maths that MUST be done- although I have included some spelling into the work as well. I have also create a Foundation Subject Page. Which are a week's worth of work that you COULD do if you'd like.


I will be phoning round you all during this week to see how things are going- I am sure that some of you are finding that there is too little work being set whilst others are finding it too much. Equally some will be finding it too easy and some too hard. I am trying to get the balance right- but it is a bit like the age old 'homework' debate. Please know that I am trying my best and feel free to let me know how it is going in an email or when I speak to you on the phone. Rest assured that we do understand and are just trying our best!


English- Based on Wonder. Follow the powerpoint and again look for the underlined sheets.


Maths- White Rose. Week 2 of the Summer Term.



Week Beginning Monday 20th April- Work for this week


All of you will want differing amounts of work due to your family circumstances during this time. There will be a unit of work for English and Maths that you MUST complete and then other subjects will have suggestions and ideas to complete if you wish to do other things.


There is a unit of work to do on our new class book 'Wonder'. I do hope that you have all managed to get a copy. I have put all the resources onto Google Classroom as well as on here to ensure that you can all access them. You can choose to type, hand write your work in your exercise book or  (if your parents allow you to!) print the pages and complete on the pages. 


I have created a powerpoint that should guide you through the week's English work. Activity sheets have been underlined so that you know that there is a sheet to refer to. 


Good luck, do try to do as much of this as well as you can, but if technology or circumstances prevent you from completing it just send an email to 


I will be in school teaching any Key Worker children every morning next week so please be patient if I am slower than you would like to reply to queries via email.


First few pages of Wonder if you are waiting for your book to arrive



All of you need different things from your maths learning. Below is a link to the whole week's worth of learning for your maths from White Rose. I would not expect this maths to take most of you very long so I will expect to see some work being done in MATHLETICS. Matheletics is great as I can see what you are doing. I have opened the whole site and as we have completed the whole Year 6 maths curriculum you can really use it to practise areas of maths that you find a bit tricky.


Remember that Times Tables practise would be brilliant so challenge younger siblings to play many of the times tables games i ahve taught you (eg using game of cards like snap or using Squeebles Maths Race app if you have it).

Check that you can access Google Classroom- read this file!

Useful website for Maths support

The following website is really useful to support your child with their learning in Maths. This is the scheme we follow at school for Maths and they have produced some online videos and support for children learning at home. Please check the website to see whether there are useful resources for what your child is learning in Maths each week.

Easter Holidays!

Although we will not be setting specific work during the Easter holidays, we have put together some ideas of fun activities that you could do with your children if you are stuck. 

Below you will find the power point with lots of ideas and the resources that you would need to complete them. 

We hope you have a lovely Easter, despite all that is going on and if possible, enjoy the lovely weather in your garden! 

Work for week beginning 30th March


ENGLISH - This week you will be creating a fact page about Dinosaurs. Use the power point below and complete the work for Year 5 and 6 each day. Please complete work in your home learning journal. 

MATHS - Please follow the White Rose Maths Home Learning link below for your Maths work this week. Watch the video and complete the work for each day as shown on the website. 



ENGLISH - This week you will be creating a fact page about Dinosaurs. Use the power point below and complete the work for Year 5 and 6 each day. Please complete work in your home learning journal.  

MATHS -  Please follow the White Rose Maths Home Learning link below for your Maths work this week. Watch the video and complete the work for each day as shown on the website. 



ENGLISH - This week you will be creating a fact page about Dinosaurs. Use the power point below and complete the work for Year 5 and 6 each day. Please complete work in your home learning journal. 

MATHS -  Please follow the White Rose Maths Home Learning link below for your Maths work this week. Watch the video and complete the work for each day as shown on the website. 



ENGLISH - This week you will be creating a fact page about Dinosaurs. Use the power point below and complete the work for Year 5 and 6 each day. Please complete work in your home learning journal. 

MATHS -  Please follow the White Rose Maths Home Learning link below for your Maths work this week. Watch the video and complete the work for each day as shown on the website. 



ENGLISH - This week you will be creating a fact page about Dinosaurs. Use the power point below and complete the work for Year 5 and 6 each day. Please complete work in your home learning journal. 

MATHS -  Please follow the White Rose Maths Home Learning link below for your Maths work this week. Watch the video and complete the work for each day as shown on the website. 

Maths Work Week Beginning 30th March

Follow the link, watch the video and complete the worksheet attached. Please complete work in your Home Learning Journal and complete one session per day. 

Tuesday needs a protractor- if you don't have one... make one! Use this file!

Other things this week that you could do.


I suggest that you give yourself some challenges for the afternoon sessions but it is up to you what you do.


There is the Kitchen Science pack, French resources, carry on with Zentangling, cook something, learn about Fair trade etc. See the useful links at the top and bottom of this page that might give you more ideas. At the moment there are so many ideas out there - so go and explore and learn something that YOU want to do! Oh and those of you who play an instrument PRACTISE- LOTS! There is a youtube link below for a class song we could all try to learn... just have a sing along with your family or just by yourself! I know that is cheesy... but just one is watching- grab a hairbrush and sing! You could even learn some moves for it too. Even though we are all isolated remember that 'We are all in this together' and each one of you is special, needed and I miss you all!


Another thing you could do is think about our AWESOME NHS! How incredible are they?! Maybe you could find out more about the NHS or  about the 'Clap for our Carers'.




Work for week beginning Monday 23rd March


If you are learning at home this week it would be sensible to try to keep into some sort of routine and develop some self- discipline.


Your routine could look something like this.


8.55 be ready to learn! Be dressed (not in pyjamas!), teeth and hair brushed; this gets you in the mindset to learn.

9.00am - PE with Joe Wickes on You Tube. He will run a PE session to do at home. Check out his YouTube Channel TheBodyCoachTV. It goes live Monday 23rd March.

9.30-10.30  English

10.30-11 Break time

11.00 to 12.00  Maths

12.00- 1.00 Lunchtime

1.00- 3.00 Other subjects

3.00-3.15  Reading


Monday 23rd March

9.00am see if you can find the PE session with Joe Wicks on You Tube. He has a good reputation as a PE teacher and says that he will deliver free PE sessions for kids online. Try it out... I'll be trying it too!


English: Rainforest storywriting

Complete your plan if you haven't done it yet. Your story needs to be set in the Rainforest and the problem needs to involve deforestation. (A story mountain template can be found in the resources section below).


Once you have finished your plan WRITE THE INTRODUCTION for your story.



Start with an action or speech- NOT 'One day...'

Remember to use SHOW NOT TELL but to set the scene... Who? What? Where? When? Why? ....but don't answer each one as a separate sentence!! DESCRIBE things... take your time.

Remember the introduction is the hardest bit to write... the rest will write itself!


EDIT for mistakes.



There is a pack of 'Spring Maths Activities' in the Resources Section below. Try to complete 2 pages- do them WELL! IF it is too difficult do some Mathletics. The whole site is open-  focus on some things that you found difficult in the arithmetic test.



Search Zentangles online. If you can copy and paste, or print out, Zentangle images that you like.


Create a 'pattern grid' where you try out different Zentangle patterns. See the example in the Resources Section.



Research Charles Darwin and if you have access to a computer make a powerpoint otherwise create a page of information about him.



Make sure that you have a challenging book. Find somewhere comfortable and read for at least 15 mins- even better if you can read for 30 minutes.

Tuesday 24th March


9am PE with Joe Wicks on YouTube Channel


English: Write the Build up to your Rainforest Story


THIS IS NOT THE PROBLEM... continue to set the problem. Can you hide any clues or signposts in your writing that will be explained or used later in the story. Eg the main character meets another character who will be useful later.


Develop your main character in this paragraph. What are their strengths? What are they afraid of? Will they need to face that fear later by using their strengths... Think about these things BEFORE you write!


DESCRIBE the characters, the setting AND the atmosphere. Paint a picture with words.


This section may well be a couple of paragraphs like the introduction may have been.


Read it back through and edit for simple mistakes.



Complete the next two pages of the 'Spring Maths Activity' pack. Do some Mathletics if you find it too tricky.



Check out some of the French links at the bottom of this page. What can you learn? remember to repeat things and say them outloud... it feels odd but it is the best way to learn another language.



You have already learnt about lots of different faiths as well as studying Christianity in depth. At secondary school you will mix with children from different faiths and it is important to respect them. The best way of showing respect is to learn about their faiths. So can you find out about the Holy Books and places of worship for : Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Jews and Sikhs.


READ! For at least 15 minutes. In your reading diary, write down some fantastic vocabulary you find.

Wednesday 25th March


9am PE- Joe Wicks on YouTube


English- Write the PROBLEM of your rainforest story


This should be about deforestation and how it is the problem to your story. DESCRIBE it! Remember back to our debate and research about deforestation and how YOU felt about it. Can you put that feeling into words and describe using all 5 senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste? But don't make it clumsy and write a sentence of each eg I could see... I could smell..... You need to be clever than that.


DESCRIBE the characters reaction, the setting (it should contrast with your descriptions in the introduction of the lush rainforest) and the atmosphere.


Can you use speech between the characters to move the action on?


DO NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM! That is for the next section.


Edit for simple mistakes.


Maths- p 6 and p7 of the Spring Activities Booklet.  Remember if you find this too hard you can always log into Mathletics and do some work there instead.


Science: get outside in your garden or go for a nature walk to search for invertebrates (minibeasts). Use the identification chart (IN the resources below) to identify them. Can you remember back to our learning this term of different types of invertebrate? (Check out the resources for a reminder) See if you can identify which type of invertebrate you have found. Draw and label your diagrams to create mini fact files for each one. Remember that they are living things and be gentle, put them back where you found them AND WASH YOUR HANDS afterwards.


Music: Samba!

Write down what you can remember from our samba sessions.

Here are some things to prompt you but you may well remember much more:

What does the conductor use to lead the group? Why do they use that?

What is 'Call and Response'?

Can you remember any words that we used to help us play the rhythms?



READ! Continue to hunt for wonderful words and record them in your book.


Thursday 26th March


9am PE with Joe Wicks- You tube


English: Write the RESOLUTION for your Rainforest story.


TAKE YOUR TIME TO SOLVE the problem... don't fix it in the first sentence! String it out... use dialogue to help the characters solve the deforestation crisis.


Edit your work.


Maths: Pages 8-9 of the Spring Activity Booklet. Again if you find it too difficult do some Mathletics instead.


DT/ Music: See if you can make a samba drum. Find a tub (pringles tube, take away tub... anything!) find something to stretch across the top. Tin foil will work but won't be very strong... perhaps try a balloon?  Fix it in place with elastic bands/ selotape/ glue.  If an adult is around they might help give you some ideas or use stronger glue for you if they have it. See the link below for some suggestions.


Then DECORATE it... preferably while you are listening to Samba music!


READ! Look back over the vocabulary you found over the last few days... can you remember the words? Can you work them into sentences when you are talking to your family.

Friday 27th March


9am PE Joe Wicks


English: Write the Conclusion or Ending of your rainforest story.


PLEASE don't just write 'The End!' crying Think about how your characters could go on to protect the rainforest or save other animals or areas of the rainforest from deforestation. Maybe they could spread the issue of deforestation with the rest of the world somehow to get them to listen?


Edit your work.


Maths: Pages 10-11 of Spring Maths booklet or Matheltics if too tricky.


PSHE/ citizenship: Thinking about others


Can you write a card or do a FaceTime call to someone you know well who is in isolation? Maybe you know an elderly neighbour who would like a card. CHECK WITH YOUR ADULT FIRST THAT THIS IS OK!


Do you think that everyone will react the same way to this outbreak? Make a list of different ways people might react and why.


Then walk around your house and see how many ways you can HELP your family... and do them! Eg tidy up, wash up, look after a sibling, fold some washing, ask your grown ups how they are doing...and LISTEN to their answer!


Read  For at least 15 minutes. How much have you read this week? Think about the book you are reading... what do you think  will happen next? WHY do you think this? Use EVIDENCE from what you have already read.


There are lots of things here to keep you going for this week (until 20th March). Next week I will upload more DAILY set tasks.

Hello lovely people!


I hope that you are all staying calm by practising mindfulness and demonstrating kindness to all around you? Really, in this time of uncertainty, this is what we actually NEED to be doing- as well as getting better from illness of course!


Please use this time to look around and see what you can do to help someone else. It might be just playing NICELY with your siblings or being calm for your adults by reading a book and getting lost in another world for a moment- please don't forget the magic of books at a time like this!


I will put more things on this page as time goes by- lots of fun things to keep you busy! If there is something you MUST do I will make that clear. I will have handed out books to those that have been at school so that they can put any work in them. If you are at home already, please find a notebook or file to put your things in keep it as a journal of things that you are up to during this time if you'd like!


I know that you should be at school though and there are important learning things to be keeping up with. So here you can find some things that will keep your learning flourishing!


1) READ! I ALWAYS go on about this and there never seems to be time. Snuggle up with a book and just READ! Challenge yourself- how many books can you read! Keep track of them in your reading diary.


2) Make sure that your homework of maths mats, grammar mats and spellings are completed WELL!


3) The Mathletics site is fully open enabling you to practise any maths areas that you think that you would like more practice.


4) Write SOMETHING everyday. I will have left things here. To begin with you should be planning and next week writing a story about the rainforest.


5) If you play a musical instrument PRACTISE! The more that you do the better you will get! If you are an artist- draw, paint, explore!


4) Learn how to TIDY, cook, clean and how to look after your garden. These are important life skills that we can't teach well enough at school!




Some fun simple science that you could do at home with the whole familiy- check with an adult first before you start making a mess and raiding cupboards!

Here are some links to sites where you can practise all the wonderful French you’ve learnt at school!  Have fun playing the games and improving your recall of vocabulary.  A few minutes a day and you’ll be confident French speakers in no time at all.