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Home Learning

All staff are aiming to update work and activities for your child, however there may be a point at which the class teacher becomes unwell and is unable to set work for a period of time. We will do our best to ensure there are general websites and activities for your child to use in the event of this happening. 

Our class email address is should you need to contact any of the Oak class team.

Thank you all for your understanding during this difficult time. We hope that you and your families stay healthy and well.

April 17th 2020

After speaking with other members of staff over the 'holiday' we have decided that the best and most suitable platforms for delivering school work for the foreseeable future is via the Seesaw App.  You were sent instructions and Log Ins before Easter but if you are having difficulties logging in, please get in touch by email (  As a staff we also discussed expectations as we were aware some classes appear to have been allocated more than others and we are keen to make expectations as similar as we possibly can taking into account the differing concentration spans of some children compared to others!

Therefore, please can we ask that Reception children continue as a minimum  with...


  • A daily reading activity with an adult lasting 10 minutes per day as a minimum using either Epic Readers or Oxford Owls (Oxford Owls seem to be more phonic based and therefore helps the children with their 'learning' of reading as opposed to reading for pleasure (both are equally important).
  • A Maths Activity taken from the White Rose resource as posted on the Seesaw App (this could take as little as 20 minutes to an hour or longer depending on the activity and how engrossed they/you are!
  • A Phonics/writing activity as detailed on the Seesaw App which will typically last for around 30 minutes.
  • The additional activities which we have posted on Seesaw are optional and although great fun to do, it may be that you are too tied up to engage with these or conversely, you may be doing other activities that you come up with yourselves. 


This work is set for the next 2 weeks. We will set new work in consulation with other staff members and yourselves for the following fortnight after finding out how you have all got on. We may be telephoning to see if you're doing ok.  Alternatively, if you'd like to make contact via email, please do.   Thank you.  Keep in touch! yes


Hello everyone, Mrs T here.

I'm hoping this message finds everyone well and still enjoying the sunny (chilly) weather on your daily excercise!

As you may know, Mrs W is updating the website and I am in school with the children who attend from Oak, Cherry and Silver Birch classes.  The children who are at school are really missing their friends and none of us are finding it particularly exciting so.....

1.  Mrs W and I are hoping to give you a call before the Easter holiday to catch up, see how your family are, say hello to the children and find out how they are getting on with their home learning.  It may show as a hidden/ blocked number on your phone- please pick up!

2. The office has sent you a permission form for an app called 'SeeSaw'.  We would like to get this up and running after the Easter weekend so that we can communicate with you, encourage your children to do their home learning and then send it to us for us to respond to.  Once we know that you are OK with us setting up a folder for your child on SeeSaw, then we can send you a login code that allows you to send photos, videos and worksheets via the seesaw app.  If you don't have a smartphone or tablet then you can also log in to seesaw on your computer/laptop browser.

We will only use your child's first name and no one but the school staff can log in and see your child's work, videos, photos or messages.

3.  The children in Oak class are doing the same activities as your children at home.  We are using our web site too!

Yesterday morning they  did the Joe Wicks workout, then looked at the shape poem and we shared a big book about different toys.  They drew a picture of their own favourite toy at home and coloured it in carefully. 

Today they wrote a simple sentence about their favourite toy, using the sounds and tricky words that they know from our Song of Sounds.  They tried to remember finger spaces and to form their letters correctly.  If they found some letters hard to form they have now got a sheet of letters to practise to take home (for the days when they are home)  This afternoon they worked on their prepositions using the powerpoint and then went outside with an adult to make a simple obstacle course using hoops, crates, tyres and markers.  They used the words to say what they were doing, as they did that part of the course.

Tomorrow they will complete the cut and stick preposition sheet with an adult.  On Thursday they are going for a shape hunt around school and on Friday they will be doing the sorting shape activity.  (They are dating and writing their name on each piece of work, even although we know who they are!!)  Hopefully your child will be doing the same!

laughEpic Readers!!!

A big shout out to Lily, Charlie S, Edith, Dylan S, Noah G (wow!!) Freddy H, Charlie A, Henry, Arthur, Dylan M, Emily, Isabelle, Jack & Tara.  You all finished the books that you started reading and so far (together) you have read 368 books between you and the information books are proving to be the most popular!

If you haven't been on the Epic reader website yet, then please do, as it is a good way of continuing your child's reading practise while they are not in school.  I've also added some Toy related books to share with your child, to tie in with the learning this week.

Home Learning Tasks for next week...

Starting on Monday 30th March, Mrs Truckle and I were hoping to cover the following...


  • 3D shape (that's 'fat' shapes, not 'flat' shapes as last week
  • Positional Language such as underneath, inbetween, by the side
  • Toys and their history
  • Writing
  • Reading including tricky words and CVC, CVCC, CCVC words (these letters stand for consonant and vowel so an example of a CCVC word might be 'stop' and of a CVCC word, 'soft' (check in the 'Literacy' >'Reading' star below for words to sound out and read.)


For our 3D shapes, the children need to know, sphere,  cone, cube, cuboid, cylinder and triangular prism (see below if unsure) and in addition to the activites below, you could also...


  • go on a 3D shape hunt.  Lots of 3D shapes can be found inside and outside the home. Ask your children questions such as,    " which shapes can roll?"" What is the same and what is different about each of the shapes?" "How many flat surfaces do the 3D shapes have and what shape are those flat surfaces?" We sometimes call the flat surfaces 'faces'
  • Making junk models from boxes, tubes, yoghurt pots, plastic bottles. 


See the work below to cover the 'positional languge' aspect of our maths but in addition you could...


  • make an obstacle course using tunnels, plant pots, garden chairs, hoops...all the time talking or commentating about where the children are on the course using language such as inbetween, over the top, beside, underneath, around, through.  Get them to watch you having a go at the course too.  Maybe you could use a timer to see who is fastest!


Within the Knowledge and Understanding of the World element of the curriculum, we wanted to think with the children about toys from the past and toys now.  As we're keeping our distance from Grandparents at the moment, it won't be possible to look through any of their old toys they may have still but if you're in contact remotely, maybe they could 'help' with their Grandchildren's or even Great Grandchildren's homework by showing them or talking to them about their old toys.  Just a couple of interesting facts you might like to share...

  • One of the oldest toys in Britain was found near Stonehenge.  It's a carving of an animal and archaeologists think it's about 2000 years old!
  • The Teddy was named after an American President called Teddy Roosevelt.  The first teddy bears were made in America in 1902 and in Germany in 1903.  The two makers didn't know that they were each making teddy bears because they lived so far apart!


For the children's writing this week, can we ask each of the children to draw a picture.  This picture can be of anything they like.  We would like the children to also do the following...


Group 1...draw their picture, talk to you about the picture so that you can write a sentence about it.  Read the sentence back together.

Group 2...draw their picture, your child thinks of a sentence and you write the sentence with the children suggesting the letters you will need in some of the words.  Your child then copies your sentence.

Group 3...draw their picture, your child says their sentence out loud and then has a go at writing it, maybe using just the first and last letter, maybe having a go at them all but writing down the sounds they hear.  Please encourage 'finger spaces' between words and correct letter formation.  You will know which group your child fits into to carry out the task above.


We would also encourage your children to continue to write their names using the formation we've been teaching them all year.  Any work they do with you could have their name on it.  It's not going to get lost at home as is the worry at school but it is still good practice.

Please continue to help the children write their tricky words.



As a school, we are looking into ways in which we are able to set up communication with families so that we can have some feedback about how you are using the Website to help with home learning.  Are you finding there is too much to do/not enough?  Are you feeling you are able to set up your own activities rather than following the activities teachers have suggested? 

We appreciate it is not an easy task for you when many of you are also trying to work from home.  Any activities and school work you are able to do with your children will be invaluable and we really appreciate what you are doing to keep your children's learning fresh and moving along.

We are all missing you SO much!!!!!

With continued best wishes,

The Oak Class Team



Monday 23rd March

Well, in class today the children used various flat shapes to make snake pictures and made paper leaves by threading some raffia through the holes that they had punched.  Some children made masks and we consolidated reading some words from our phonics lesson last week.  This afternoon they joined KS1 & 2 outside to do a minibeast/bug hunt with Mrs Rawnson, followed by Throwing and catching Games, using beanbags and hoops, with Miss Arrandale and Mrs Baker.

Well done Seb for logging into Epic reading today!!  I've assigned everyone a selection of reading books.  Unfortunately they are not all phonetic, although they do have a range of the 'tricky' words to practise- please use the 'Reading' star at the bottom of the page for some phonic reading books.  I can see who has logged into Epic and how long for on my teacher page.  Don't forget if you want to turn off the American audio you can do so. (I find it really annoying so have switched it off permanently!)

Thank you for continuing to support your children at home with their learning.  I know it is not easy (my husband is trying to work at home and keep a 12 year old on task!) so don't beat yourself up if it doesn't all go to plan!  Short sessions of directed activity with an adult (@15 mins) and lots of fun stuff in between!

Keep going, get into a routine and stay well.  heart Mrs T


Week beginning 23rd March 2020

At the time of writing, next week will see the start of our work with 2D shapes in Maths.  We consolidate and/or learn circle, square, rectangle (or oblong) and if you feel happy to continue their learning, pentagon (5 sides) and hexagon (6 sides) will stand them in good stead for Year 1! The Powerpoint below for you to share with your children also introduces ovals and semi circles. We use vocabulary such as sides, corners (vertices is the very posh word meaning the same!) and we often refer to 2D shapes as being the 'flat' shapes as opposed to the 3D 'fat' shapes.  Possible activities you could carry out at home...

  • using sticks outside to make shapes
  • make 2D shapes in playdough
  • looking for 2D shapes in the environment on a shape walk

We're currently looking into the possibility as a school of setting up an on-line reading platform so that the children can access books online and we as teachers can track their progress. Watch this space for advancements.

In Phonics, we were going to be teaching children all about Syllables in words (basically the 'beats' in words).  This often helps the children with their reading later on if they are able to break longer words down into syllables.

Mrs Truckle and I were hoping to conclude next week with a Wellie Walk but even if school stays open, we won't have the staff to make this successful or safe.  So, maybe you'll have the opportunity next week to take in some fresh air.  The objective of the walk was to look at our environment, pointing out features and landmarks of where we live/come to school.  On our return, we hoped to draw maps of where we'd been and what we saw as part of the 'People and Communities' aspect of the curriculum. I was going to share the book The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse with the class so I have included a Powerpoint of the story in case you don't have it at home. 


Please can you help your children to access the work below after printing it out or sharing as necessary?  Maybe you could start a folder or scrapbook of work completed/photos taken so that the children can share with their friends upon their return. 

Take care everyone...