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Home Learning

Bird spotting, PE with balance bikes and Rainforest Collage.

Home learning


During this, our third Lockdown we are keen for families to continue to follow the guidelines and expectations for Home Learning as detailed below.  We will update this page on a weekly basis but please continue to check Seesaw for daily updates, check ins and for work setting.  We will continue to check Seesaw on a daily basis to offer comments and feedback on your child's posts. 


Celebrating work from this week - January  25th- January 29th

This week saw our first Wellie Walk around Winterbourne Village.  We had a lovely time although we did get extremely muddy and our Wellies got stuck in the mud!  We noticed some signs of Spring...some snowdrops.  Our boots needed a good clean off when we got back :-).  Our Maths and English continues with a similar theme - we've been thinking about numbers 6, 7 and 8 and making story maps and retelling well known stories.  Our PE focus was practising balance using the balance bikes.


Looking forward to next week - February 1st - February 6th

We will continue with our theme for looking out for Signs of Spring by making the most of our time outside.  It's going to be another muddy week but we like to get out and about when we can.  We will be making more collages; this time a collage of a Rainforest, using lots of different materials and textures and in music we will make some Rainforest music using Rain Shakers, Tambourines and Boom whackers!  We will think about the sorts of animals you can find in the Rainforest.


Celebrating work from this week - January 18th-January 22nd

We've had a lovely week continuing with our Story telling of the recycled Little Red Hen story.  The children are now experts at storytelling!  Our Maths focus of Mass and Capacity concluded with weighing out the ingredients to make Play Dough...messy but lots of creative fun afterwards! Other activities have included our Wednesday Workout, making and investigating ice and making beautiful collage pictures.


Looking forward to next week - January 25th-January 29th 

This week we will be thinking about moving the children's learning forwards in Maths by learning about numbers 6.7 and 8.  The Three Billy Goat's Gruff will be our theme in English and although consolidating our learning in Song of Sounds, we will be thinking about our tag words, letter formation and blending, until the middle of the week and then learning some more digraphs which we haven't seen before.  This week is the Big Garden Birdwatch so look out for some fun activities set via Seesaw towards the end of the week.  


If your family is in isolation, waiting for a test, or the class bubble has been closed and your child is well, please follow the guidance below to ensure your child does not miss out on the learning or fall behind his/her class mates.  Please ensure you work one to one with your child using the links below. Alternatively the work and associated links are posted daily via the SeeSaw app.


We would like the children to complete the following tasks daily. When attending school, they will complete the tasks at school. If your child is doing “lockdown learning” at home, we would expect them to do this too.

1.  There is a daily online Maths lesson from White Rose home learning- this follows the same plan as our class learning. The session also includes a related learning task for your child to complete.

2.  There is a daily online Literacy lesson from Oak academy home learning- this is slightly different to our class learning, but follows the same objectives. Oak academy also includes a linked learning task daily for your child to complete.

3.  There is a daily Song of Sounds (phonics) session, led by the class teachers, with a game or task to complete.

**Other Areas of Learning - hopefully this should provide you with ideas to do with your child related to Understanding the world, Personal & Social, Creative and Physical Development.  As we are a church school we will also provide a weekly worship led by our acting headteacher and a weekly RE session.


I have not attached a timetable as children of this age are more fluid in their approach to learning and much is learned through play.  However, I would recommend that you structure a daily Maths, Phonics and Literacy lesson into your home timetable, at the same time each day if possible, of about 10-20 mins per subject,  to encourage a sense of routine.  Another recommendation is a daily story time, where you and your children can share a story book, un-rushed, talk about it and enjoy it together.  There is also online "Bug club" to log into (see SeeSaw for your login code) that will allow your child to continue with their home reading practice too.



Scroll down the web page to older dates, as some of the current lessons start on lesson 6 (half way through a unit)  rather than lesson 1!  Your child may find some lessons easier than others, as there are varied ability and skill levels being presented, but most children will need an adult on hand at home to help and support the learning.  



As these are weekly lessons that we do in class as well, please follow the order below;

4.1.21  Introducing 0

11.1.21 Comparting Numbers to 5

18.1.21 Composition of 5

25.1.21 Making Pairs with 6,7 and 8

Link to follow

1.2.21 Combining 2 groups

Link to follow

8.2.21 Comparing Mass and Capacity

Link to follow


Daily phonics sessions

We continue to follow the "Song of Sounds" phase 2 learning in the classroom.  We take part in a daily teaching session, of about 15 minutes, that includes learning a letter sound, practicing the song & actions associated with that sound, matching pictures that start with that initial sound and reading simple 3 letter words that begin with the sound. We also encourage the children to take part in a practical practice task in the classroom too-a minimum time of at least 10 minutes!! You can find more information about Song of sounds and the letter order, by following the link on the Seesaw app, under the class announcements section.

Teaching order of sounds (weekly);


Tricky Words - I, the, he, she, be, we, me


j, v, w and x


y, u, zz, qu


Assessment week


ch, th, sh and ng


ay, ee, igh and ow

11.2.21 and continue after half term 22-24.2.21

Assessment week


An additional daily phonics session for you to do with your child can be found on YouTube; Learn Phase 2 phonics with Maddison & Felix.

See below for links to the YouTube video lessons.

You will need to look to see the letter sounds for the week above and then scroll through to find the lesson that correspond from the boxes on the right.



Photos from the week of 18th January