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‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

Other things you COULD do


  • PRACTICE YOUR INSTRUMENT LOTS - if you play one!
  • SING! Go on- look up some karaoke songs and just sing... get your family involved too! Here are some to start you off!



At secondary school you will learn another language in a much more formal way than we have a Primary School. Why not get started to try to learn some now. There are plenty of free websites and some fabulous apps eg Duolingo. You Tube also has many good inital lessons.



There is SO much to explore with this but this Kitchen Science pack that I loaded up before Easter has plenty to keep you going. Or you could try and challenge yourself to make another Science Fair Project? Google it... there are HUNDREDS of ideas out there!



Just getting your head around using Google Classrooms and submitting work is all ICT. But you could also have a go at some touch typing or some scratch projects? If you enjoyed our last unit on creating your own ebook or composing your own music using 'Toc and Roll' app or 'Garage Band' - show your parents what it is and see if you can get the app and you'd be busy for hours!


Keeping fit. This is more important than ever. Not only becuase you will be more sedintary at the moment staying at home so much but also your bodies are changing as you turn into teenagers so you need to keep them strong and active. There are PLENTY of things out there to keep you active. Joe Wickes has kept me laughing but I do need variation. Zumba is great fun as is Cosmic Kids. PLEASE STAY ACTIVE! Set yourself a challenge: how many skips can you do with a skipping rope, how many laps around your garden etc etc.

Art/ DT

You don't need much to be creative. No new fancy resources. Remember doing 'junk modelling' in Reception Class? When was the thing you made out of junk? Or when was the last marble run your made? Have a look at the link below.... just check with your grown ups BEFORE you start messing up the house! Or something calmer, how about learning to draw using perspective (3D). Seriously cool!




We did lots on Geography last term with our study of the Amazon. This term we were going to look at Rivers and Mountains. Maybe you could research the course of a river from its SOURCE to its MOUTH or how mountains are formed. What about learning the names of the the top ten rivers and mountain ranges? Another good one is to learn where the countries of the world are, their capital cities and flags! A really difficult challenge but it is made much easier by a fab app 'Geo Expert'.


During your time at primary school you have studied many period in history from the Stone Age to the Egyptians. Why not try to create a timeline of history placing important events into their proper places. This would be quite a challenge- but fun and if you did it well, something that you could cherish for a long time to come.


Or perhaps you could do a mini project on all the Kings and Queens of England?




As a Church Of England School, you have had lots of Religious Education. How many bible stories can you remember? Jot them down. What was their main message? Are there any Collective Worships that you remember really well?