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Summer Term 2021-22

Adventure Playgrounds - Team Challenge

Tuesday might well have been the hottest day of the year, but Y5 still managed to make these 'cool' adventure playgrounds! Recently, we have been doing lots of work to help build our teamwork, collaboration and communication skills recently as we prepare Y5 to become the oldest pupils in the school. They worked in groups to create these fantastic adventure playgrounds out of a few simple resources (Lolly sticks and straws mostly).

What could be Healthier?

We (finally) were able to make our spaghetti bolognese sauces from our What Could Be Healthier? DT project this week. Children chopped, diced, fryed and boiled as they crested their healthy adaptations of a classic bolognese sauce. 

Year 5 have been studying the sculpture work of Alberto Giacometti and have created their own using modelling wire and papier mache.

Titanic Sea City Museum trip!

Year 5 had an amazing day at the Sea City Museum today. They showed an amazing knowledge of the event and of the people on board. The guides were WOWed by everything they knew. They were also blown away by Joe's family history linking him to two different members of crew. The workshops was fantastic and really helped the children understand what went on during that fafeful night in April 1912. 

Y5 Rounders Competition

Well done to our Y5 rounders team who competed at Wyvern St Edmund's today. they finished in third place, and were the only team to beat the actual winners - Gomeldon. Well done everyone!

Science Week Part 1

The Y5 science weeks started with a whole school assembly in the hall with Mrs Rawnson for a dinosaur related quiz and to explore the idea of what makes a 'scientist'.

Back in the classroom, we talked about the huge number of passengers who perished when the Titanic sunk and pondered questions such as: Why didn't they just swim to safety? Why didn't they just hold on to something to float? We then decided to investigate how cold water might affect our bodies. We completed a range of simple tasks and recorded a score in some way. We then immersed our hands in ice water (2 degrees) for a measured amount of time and tried to complete tasks again....We found out that being cold makes a big difference to our ability to complete tasks!

Godolphin Athletics Festival

Y5 were invited to visit Godolphin School to take part in an Athletics festival with several other local schools. The weather was on our side this week (after our cricket festival at Chafyn Grove was rained off) and the children all had a great time. We even had a couple of children who were awarded certificates for top scores on particular stations. 

DT - Structures - Making Bridges

Y5 have been studying strength and support in structures in DT this half term. They have already investigated the strengths of beam, arch and truss bridges and made a model from spaghetti, but they have now been using simple woodworking tools such as saws and bench hooks to help them create a wooden bridges. 

DT - Bridges Part 1

Today we investigated the strength, flexibility and rigidity of bean, arch and truss bridges. We even made our own from spaghetti!