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‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’


Outdoor worship

Summer 1 2021

This term our Christian value is Justice

This term we are looking at justice, with the symbol a set of scales. The Bible verse we have as a focus is from Isaiah 1v17:

'Learn to do right. Seek justice.'

We will be discussing fairness, empathy, how we perceive 'fair play' and what equality means. Above all, we will be considering the importance of Jesus' message of treating others as you want them to treat you. We will start the term by learning about the life of service of HRH Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh, his commitment to the Queen, the values he held dear and how he campaigned for justice. We will be hearing about the lives of people who regarded justice as an important value like John Cadbury and Mahatma Ghandi. Our Bourne Valley Team will be sharing stories form the Bible like wise King Solomon, Zacchaeus and Blind Bartimaeus. In class worship the younger children will be listening to the Aesop's Fables which focus on fairness. We hope to generate discussion about how we can contribute to our community following the idea of 'social justice' and hopefully plan some projects for the summer term. 

We are thrilled that we can now hold worship together outside when the weather is good and we can finally all be together!

Spring 2 2021

This term our Christian value is Service

For this period of Lent up until Easter we are looking at what service means. Particularly during this pandemic, we have been celebrating the work of doctors, nurses and other critical workers serving in our NHS. Through studying lots of ideas around how we can use our gifts to serve and learning about people who have lived lives of service like Archbishop Janani Luwum, Florence Nightingale and Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy MC we are hoping to understand more about what service means to us. We shall be examining the work of local charities in our community like The Trussell Trust. The Salvation Army and Alabare and the Bourne Valley Team will be supporting this by retelling stories from the Bible linked with our value.

By Easter we hopefully will have had some time to consider ways in which we can serve our families, our school and our wider local community. I wonder how many of us will give up our bed for Alabare's The Big Sleep Out at Home on Friday 5th March?

Spring 1 2021

This term our Christian value is Perseverance

From the start of lockdown, Mrs Carter has been recording a weekly worship via Loom looking at different aspects of perseverance. This is posted on each class' Seesaw plan and can then be viewed by all children in class and at home.

Reverend Peter's Bourne Valley Team (associated with all the churches in the Winterbournes) take worship via Zoom on a Wednesday afternoon. Thank you to Rev Peter, Mr Head and Mrs Munro for providing thought-provoking sessions, especially as the Internet is a bit unstable at times and the props usually used have had to be adapted to Zoom!

Mrs Carter, as RE and Worship lead, has given class teachers lots of resources, links and ideas to extend the weekly focus for Class Worship, so that it can be adapted to meet the needs of every individual.

We also hope to include the Year 6 worship leaders in some way and are thinking hard about how we can facilitate this with some at school and others home-learning.