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Home Learning

Week Beginning 7th December

Thank you to all those who have submitted their final piece of writing from last week on their own choice of London Landmark via Seesaw. The work I have received so far has been of a very high quality with interesting facts and some superb artwork. I am still awaiting a few pieces, so please send them in.

This week we are finishing our term's  topic by looking at home and landmarks in a non-European country and I have been fascinated myself to learn more about Japan. I hope you enjoy it too! Please find all the week's work on the following slides.

For maths I think it would be wise to consolidate ideas already covered by giving extra practice and then introduce the idea of 'difference'- another way of calculating subtraction by adding on. There are lots of sheets but keep to the simplest if these concepts are tricky and extend by completing the hardest sheets with extra challenge!

We will be decorating our class next week with some Japanese Christmas lanterns but I have posted a link below for some other craft ideas you may enjoy. Do you think you can learn some Japanese words? See the guide below for some easy words to try.

Handwriting practice

Can you learn any Japanese words?

Week beginning 30th November

Hi lovely Silver Birch class. Sorry we have to go back to home learning but I know how much you progressed in the summer and the time will pass quickly. At least you will be safe!

Here is our home learning for this week, focusing on London Landmarks. I have loved doing the research for these lessons so hope you enjoy finding out about some of the interesting landmarks in our capital city. Jessica B actually visited The Monument in half term, so knows a bit more about this landmark!

To supplement this work, it would be brilliant for you to design and create your own landmark. This could be made out of any construction kits like Lego, K'Nex, building bricks or recycled materials or even papier mache. I would love to see a photo at the end of the week of finished models. You may like to name your model and write a description of it.

I've ensured that work set requires minimal printing and anything can be copied onto paper as needed.

We have set up Bug Club for all pupils so you can access reading books but aware that the usernames are in reading records at school! Details about the usernames have been sent via Seesaw. Any concerns, please message me through Seesaw or use the Silver Birch email address.


This home learning time might provide an excellent opportunity to support your children with joined handwriting. I am happy if all those not yet joining can practise some joined writing (under parental guidance, of course!) and have found a website with printable worksheets following our cursive scheme (except letter z). The joins that are key are the horizontal ones from letters o, w, v, r.

These are referred to as the top letter joins on the following website and need lots of careful practice:

I attach a guidance sheet that we have referred to in class with those joining but it is a useful document to use for reference showing the various joins. Please use the cursive joined handwriting sheets below for practice. 

Phonics activity sheets on kn gn nn

STEM Activities

Here is a link to a website providing recorded Science lessons for children, along with a worksheet for them to complete. There are lots of different topics and could be used to fill an afternoon session if you wanted your child to access some interesting Science. STEM activities combine Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths - so these activities will develop many skills for your child.

Some fun simple science that you could do at home with the whole family- check with an adult first before you start making a mess and raiding cupboards!