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Winterbourne EarlsChurch of England Primary School

‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’


Miss Purchase - Headteacher
Mrs Carter - Deputy Head & Y1 Class Teacher
Mrs McEwan - Pastoral and Well Being Manager
Mrs Hyde - Admin & Finance Officer
Mrs Rendall - Clerical Assistant
Mrs Kerley - Y1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Woodfine - YR Class Teacher / SENCo
Mrs Truckle - YR Class Teacher
Mrs Hayter - YR Teaching Assistant
Mrs Baker - Y2 Class Teacher
Mrs Evans - Y2 Teaching Assistant
Miss Wright - Y3 Class Teacher
Miss Townsend - Y3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jacobs - Y3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Morgan-Tranter - Y3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Hood - Year 1 and Year 4 Class Teacher
Mr Sainsbury - Y6 Cover Teacher
Mrs Crompton - Y4 Class Teacher
Mrs. Bravery - Cover Supervisor & ELSA
Miss Arrandale - Y5 Class Teacher
Mrs May - Y5 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Rawnson - Y6 Class Teacher
Mrs Flint - Y6 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sealey - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
HC3S Catering Team - Mrs Pilton & Mrs Hill