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Winterbourne EarlsChurch of England Primary School

‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

2023 Autumn Term

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Celebrating Autumn Term 2!

We have had a great half term and achieved so much!

To answer our overarching question of ‘What was life like living in a castle?’ we have honed our historical skills to explore features of a castle, attacking and defending and roles within a castle. We captured our findings in our some beautifully presented and very detailed non-chronological reports. Castle life was the inspiration for our science investigation where we applied both our materials knowledge and design and technology skills to construct mini catapults and explored the properties of payloads in a series of ‘fair tests’.

Our maths work this half term has focussed on addition and subtraction where we have practised applying our learning to solving problems.

To commemorate Remembrance 2023, we thoroughly enjoyed deepening our understanding and in particular focussed on our local area and the role of women in the wars. We were very proud to display our work as part of the whole school Remembrance Museum where we were able to share our work with parents and invited guests as well as learning from the work of the other year groups. We were fascinated to learn about our great, great, great grandparents and the contributions of members of our local community to the war effort.

Another highlight has to be our nativity production of ‘The Inn-spectors’ where each and every one of us were able to act and sing – our smiles said it all!

We ended the term with some fantastic festive activities including, our church service, Christmas dinner, craft afternoon, Christmas science investigations and a fantastic pantomime performance by a visiting theatre company.

We are looking forward to 2024 and many more exciting opportunities.

Celebrating Autumn Term 1

What a super start to the year!  We all settled ready quickly into the new routines and expectations of Year 2.

Our enquiry question of ‘Should you judge a book by its cover?’ sparked lots of interesting discussions supported by our class book and supporting texts, especially the works of Hans Christian-Andersen.  We enjoyed re-writing the tale of Little Red Riding Hood with our own twist on the characters and an alternative ending.

We have made a great start to our maths learning which is being supported by a mastery program and lots opportunities to dive deeper in different concepts.

Our science learning has cantered around everyday materials and their uses which has allowed us to take a closer look at world around us, including our responsibility to protect our planet.

We hope you enjoy looking at some of the photographs of our art work where we have researched famous artists, ranging from Angelo Franco to Mondrian to Andy Warhol, and being inspired to create pieces using different mediums.

During our PE sessions we have honed our skills of dodging, marking, balancing and also had the opportunity to develop our ability of conveying a story through dance.

We were delighted to welcome our Chaplin, Georg, into our class to help us explore our ‘big question’ of ‘Is it possible to be kind to everyone all the time?’  We decided to embark on our own kindness challenge to spread a little kindness throughout the school with kind deeds and words.

One of the highlights of the half term was our trip to Portchester Castle which provided an exciting introduction to learning about the workings of castles and what it would have been like to live in one.  We had the opportunity to take part in various re-enactments plus ask many questions to further our understanding.

We are looking forward to the next half term which will, of course, feature our nativity production!