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Winterbourne EarlsChurch of England Primary School

‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

2023 Summer Term

Curriculum  Half-termly Overviews

Celebrating Summer Term 1

We enjoyed learning about Stone Age life and developing our understanding of chronology as we began our investigation into our overarching enquiry question of ‘Was life better without technology?’ We were delighted to welcome The Salisbury Museum, who brought the museum to us where we were able to handle artefacts, ask and answer many many questions to further our understanding of this fascinating period. All these experiences provided us with some excellent writing opportunities.

We have also been super scientists this term investigating what plants need to grow, survive and thrive.  Our science learning was greatly enhanced during an exciting Science week focusing on our observation skills with a nature walk, microscope training, plant dissection and practical investigations. We were treated to a fantastic falconry display with opportunities to learn more about a variety of birds of prey.

In other subjects we have continued working hard on mastering telling the time and getting to grips with understanding fractions in our maths units. In RE we revisited, and extended our knowledge of, the Islamic faith and welcomed a visitor to share her personal experiences, PE lessons saw us try our hands at golf and also demonstrate our skills in a series of yoga sessions.

Our observational skills were further honed as we brought our science learning into our art and design sessions as we explored, and were inspired by, the work of the acclaimed land artist Andy Goldsworthy.

Not quite ready to leave last term’s topic of real-life superheroes, we were also treated to a visit from the local fire service who allowed us to find out more about their work and even try some of the equipment!

Looking forward to Summer Term 2

We still have more to learn about the Stone Age, more historical skills to practice and are looking forward to an immersive ‘Stone Age Day’ plus a discovery trip to Stonehenge.


Celebrating Summer Term 2 

This final term has flown by!  We have thoroughly enjoyed furthering our learning about Stone Age life, specifically developing our skills of comparing and contrasting.  Our learning was brought to life as part of our Stone Age day where we tried our hands at cooking bread over a camp fire, making clay pots and jewellery, cave art, spear making and even recreating Stonehenge out of biscuits – it is safe to say ‘biscuithenge’ did not stand the test of time but was very tasty! 

Our trip to Stonehenge provided many fantastic learning opportunities to develop our knowledge and practise our historical skills. We took part in many activities including thatching, investigating different materials as well as finding out more about the construction of Stonehenge.

All these experiences fuelled some fantastic writing as we focused on developing our techniques of instructional waiting as well as being inspired by our core text, The Stone Age Boy’ to retell this lovely story from an alternative perspective. 

We have used this half term to revisit and review all that we have learnt in geography, history and science.  It was great to consolidate our learning and make new links.  We also took the opportunity to study ‘Super Scientists and Inventors,’ both recreating some of their investigations and considering the impact on our lives today. 

We took full advantage of the fantastic weather in our PE sessions and were able to develop a range of athletic skills, including throwing for distance and accuracy as well as jumping for distance and sprinting.  Sports day was, once again, a great event as Year 6 ran multi-skill stations for us in the morning before we competed in flat races in the afternoon, ending of course with our fabulous ‘space hopper fun race’. 

Looking back over our time in Year 2 

Together we looked back over our time together and all agreed that it has been a great year.  Everyone, without exception, has made good academic progress but, even more importantly, has developed as individuals both socially and emotionally, exhibiting a readiness to learn, respect for all and great kindness.  We all have new knowledge and skills that we can take forward into Year 3 for all the adventures that are waiting for us in September!