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Oak Class - Reception

Welcome to Oak Class!



Class Teachers - Mrs. Truckle (Monday-Wednesday) and Mrs Woodfine (Thursday-Friday)

Teaching Assistant - Mrs. Hayter (every day!)


Welcome to the Oak Class (Reception class) web page.

Please click on a button below to take you to the different information sections for our class and enjoy finding out what your child has been learning in Oak class during the week.

However, if you have any worries or questions then please pop into class to talk to us at the end of the day.



Class Information

Please be aware that all the Home Learning and in school learning is now scheduled and set via Seesaw.  We will not be setting any work via the school website but please do check every now and again for other updates or useful information.

Thank you.

The Oak Class Team

Friday May 8th 2020: This is Bank Holiday due to 75th Anniversary of VE Day so learning is optional! Perhaps you would like to make some flowers for the Petals for Peace project? Details have been emailed about this and how you can get involved with commemoration activities.

Into Film offered our Choir 50 free places to the cinema to watch The Greatest Showman in November.  They are opening up a competition for your children to become budding film makers through their 'Nature in your Neighbourhood' film competition which ties in brilliantly with our nature topic.  Please see the link below for details of how to join.



Summer Term 1 April - May 2020

We hope you all managed to have some rest and recuperation time and have stayed well over the Easter break.  Thank goodness the weather has been so glorious.  It certainly lifts the mood at a time when we all need it most.

Mrs Truckle and I have been logging into the Seesaw website which we set up just before the holidays.  It's been wonderful to see so many posts and to be able to catch up with your children even if only virtually.  We especially like to hear their voices (that's not a sentence I ever thought I'd write!).  It's funny what you miss when you don't have it...

The Early Years Team have spend a great deal of time deliberating how best to set work for home learning over the next term.  We want it to be manageable, fun, yet educational.  We also consider it important to ensure that what the children are doing at home mirrors what the few are doing in school and although we recognise that most homes don't have the resources we have in school, the activities we set will hopefully be things that you may have around your homes.  There are also the logistics that you parents have to contend with such as, trying to work yourselves,  maintaining your homes, often management of more than one child's school work and in some cases, very young babies or toddlers to cope with.  To this end, PLEASE don't beat yourselves up if some days don't go as well as others.  We are only human and we need to give ourselves a break as well.  Keep in touch; our Oak Class email is now open so do contact us if you are concerned or worried about anything (or you just want to get in touch).  Please continue to use the 'Home Learning' section of our Web page to find the work we plan to do this term.

With best wishes, Mrs Woodfine, Mrs Truckle and Mrs Hayter



To say this term has been unusual is the understatement of the century!  Who would have thought in their wildest dreams we would all be Home Schooling!  The end of this week sees the end of Term 4 and the start of the Easter Holidays although it is hard to see it as a holiday as for a lot of us it's simply a continuation of what has gone on for the past couple of weeks.  As one parent that I spoke to yesterday said, they haven't actually mentioned to their son that it's the school holiday next week...there doesn't seem much point when nothing much will change.

It's been lovely that Mrs Truckle and I have had an opportunity to catch up with a number of you by telephone over the past week.  If we haven't telephoned it may be for a number of reasons including that your child is still in school or that we've been unable to get through.  You can always email the office with any queries until our class email is set up. We'd hate to be a nuisance to you!

The ideas and 'work' that we've put onto this website for the holidays is purely optional.  We understand that you all need a break and time to have fun.  Hopefully though there are some ideas that you can make use of if you wish.  It might be a good idea to continue with the reading if at all possible.  Don't forget that there are the Oxford Owl books as well as the Epic books to choose from on our Home Learning page. 

We wish you all a Happy and Healthy Easter and look forward to being in touch after the Easter 'break'.

What are we learning this term?

Book week, followed by "Marvellous Machines!!"

This term we will be starting the term with book week and will be using the story of the "Three Little Pigs" as a basis for our classroom learning during the week..  We will then be moving onto our new theme for the term, "Marvellous Machines". This is the children's choice and they are keen to learn about a variety of vehicles and appliances, both inside and out!!  This will include several stories related to the theme, such as "The train ride", "The naughty bus" and "Rosie Revere, engineer".  In worship we will be thinking about forgiving others and during our class RE circle times we will be considering events in the Bible leading up to Easter and the importance of the cross.

We will be continuing to encourage the children to extend their own personal goals and learning, alongside teaching them the key skills and knowledge in Maths, Writing and Reading.  They will be consolidating their number knowledge and will begin to add and subtract numbers within 10.  They will learn their number bonds to 10.  In phonics they will continue to become more proficient at blending and sounding out when reading and will be learning the tricky words, no/go/was/to/saw The children should now be writing their names confidently and using a comfortable pencil grip, they should be controlling their pencil, pen or brush, forming most letter shapes correctly.  In class we will be practising writing the 'zig-zag letter family'.

We have already sent home your child's phonic assessment.  We have also completed the Maths assessment- we will notify you if your child needs to work on anything at home.  Please continue to reinforce and practise at home with your child- it makes a HUGE difference to their understanding at school, now and in the coming terms.

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