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Winterbourne EarlsChurch of England Primary School

‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

Summer Term 2022-23

Y5 had a great day during their Titanic Day celebration today. 

They competed in a Cahoot! Titanic quiz, completed a lifeboats maths challenge, performed their 1st and 3rd class dances and shared their home learning projects with the rest of the class. 

DT - Dridges

We have been working very hard this week on our DT unit on Structures. We were using accurate measuring, cutting and glueing skills to create our own truss bridges - the strongest type of bridges from our investigation into their weight bearing capabilities. 

Year 5 had a great day at the Sea City Museum today. We had great fun in our workshop with our museum expert, showed fantastic knowledge on the tour of the museum and were highly interested in all of the hands on and display pieces! A great day out had by all.

Science Week - First Aid

Our final activity during Science week was a first aid afternoon with a first responder. The children learned about how to respond to potential 'everyday' injuries. They were excellent at outlining possible symptoms of injuries which might require emergency treatment and they also remembered all of the key information they learned during their 'Emergency First Aid' PSHE lessons in the Spring term about the 'Primary survey' and the 'Recovery Position'.

This week is Science Week at Winterbourne Earls. In Y5 we have been focussing our efforts on investigating and testing scientific ideas. Our first experiment was to test how cold water might have had an impact on the number of people who died during the sinking of the Titanic. We used a large bucket of ice water to test how well we could complete basic tasks before and after cold water immersion. Tying shoe laces is much more difficult with shaky hands!


We also tested how the surface area and design of 'boats' might influence their load carrying capabilities - Just how do boats as big as the Titanic float!


Our last pictrues are from our session working with Y6 on microscopes.

Y4/5 Rounders School Games Winners!

A team of 10 Y5s made the short trip to Wyvern St Eds on Thursday afternoon to take part in the Y4/5 Rounders competition as part of the School Games. The team won their 3 'Group matches' to progress to the finals where they faced Winterslow. After a 4-4 draw in their first game, a playoff was held which we won by 3 & 1/2 to 3 - A nail biting finish!

Well done team Winterbourne!

Y5 RE - Seek Sewa

As part of their work on Seeks Sewa (Selfless service) Y5 took on the challenge of giving the school prayer garden a bit of a spruce up! They did find a few stinging nettles, but were not put off and rose to the challenge magnificently!

Author Visit with Lindsay Littleson

Y5 had a wonderful 'Zoom' session with Scottish author Lindsay Littleson this morning. She is the author of our current class reading book - The Titanic Detective Agency.


She shared details about how she became an author and gave us an in depth explanation about how she came to write the Titanic Detective Agency - detailing the hours and hours of research writing a historical novel takes. She shaed her inspiration for different parts of the book and read a short extract with us (No spoilers were given though). 


Finally, the children had prepared a range of questions to ask Lindsay about her writing and her books which she answered thoroughly. The children really enjoyed their virtual visit!

DT - Bridges

Our DT unit this term is based on structures. 

Y5 have tested the structural strength of different bridge designs in a series of investigations before making their own 'Spaghetti' bridges. 

There might have been more masking tape than spaghetti but they still didn't hold up to our weight test!