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Winterbourne EarlsChurch of England Primary School

‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

Autumn Term 2022-23

A group of Y5 children took part in a problem solving 'Escape Room' today at Godolphin School. They completed a range of computing, maths and logical reasoning challenges - earning points for their team as they went along. Although we didn't finish in the top 3 teams, all of the childrne had a great time and enjoyed the challenges presented to them by the GCSE students they worked with.

Science - Light

In Science lessons, Y5 have been learning about 'Light'. They have been investigating how it travels and today made preiscopes from cereal boxes to test how light can be reflected. 

Wow! What a busy day! Year 5 have had an Egyptian inspired 'Hook' Day today to really get their term started. We started the day with a quick look at some hieroglyphics before completing an Egypt webquest. The Egyptian empire was highly advanced and cultivated a wide range of foods. We tasted some of their most common crops, watermelon, chickpeas, dates and pomegranate. We also made a simple bread and cooked it over an open fire. 

During the afternoon, we explored some of the maths behind the pyramids as we built our own from sugar cubes! We even had time to create a 'mummy' and have a mummy dance off!

Take a look at the photos to see how we got on!