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Winterbourne EarlsChurch of England Primary School

‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’


Every week your child will have the following homework:

  • Reading - At least 20 minutes everyday. It should vary between reading individually, reading aloud and talking about the book they are reading
  • Maths task
  • English/ topic - One piece of work given out on Monday due in the following Monday.
  • Spelling- TAG words AND spelling list set from spelling pattern (Spellings are in a stapled pack for the year, TAG words are on little cards)
  • Mathletics
  • A half-termly 'Challenge'  will be also set


All reading should be recorded in homework diaries.

Homework should be completed to the same standard as school work.


IMPORTANT - FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT HOMEWORK- Including a plan for the term's homework. Please be aware that this is just a PLAN and that plans can change- but as a parent I find it useful knowing what is likely to be coming so that I can plan it in!

Division - step by step