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Winterbourne EarlsChurch of England Primary School

‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’


Every week your child will have the following homework:

  • Reading - At least 20 minutes everyday. It should vary between reading individually, reading aloud and talking about the book they are reading
  • Maths task
  • English/ topic - One piece of work given out on Monday due in the following Monday.
  • Spelling- TAG words AND spelling list set from spelling pattern (Spellings are in a stapled pack for the year, TAG words are on little cards)
  • Mathletics
  • A half-termly 'Challenge'  will be also set


All reading should be recorded in homework diaries.

Homework should be completed to the same standard as school work.


IMPORTANT - FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT HOMEWORK- Including a plan for the term's homework. Please be aware that this is just a PLAN and that plans can change- but as a parent I find it useful knowing what is likely to be coming so that I can plan it in!

Homework set on Tuesday 1st September


1) Cover their homework diary to make it personal to them! Photos, pictures, drawings etc. IT SHOULD STILL BE NEAT AND REFLECT THEM!

2) Spelling suffix pattern- cious and -tious.

3) Find a book to be reading- either from home or from our book area in class - start reading and recording it!

4) I have also launched the 'Make and Do'  homework for this half term- it doesn't need an urgent response NOW! They will come across ideas as the topic evolves- especially in the next week- but as they were taking their homework books home today it was worth sticking it in now! This does NOT need to be huge... unless you and your child want it to be. It is an opportunity for you to interact with your child's learning in a more 'fun' way than just sitting down and completing sheets of homework!


I haven't launched Mathletics or TAG words yet.


Division - step by step