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Winterbourne Wellbeing for Children

On this page you will find links and activities to support your child's mental health, by taking time out and practising mindfulness during this challenging time. 

Useful Websites

Cbeebies have produced a web page to guide you through 7 different techniques for helping children with mindfulness


Gonoodle is free and has lots of interactive videos to support your child with mindfulness. Click on categories and you will find different videos to choose from.


Cosmic Kids - a website that has yoga and mindfulness videos for your child to follow.


A useful website for supporting your child with worries and anxieties during this time.


Everybody Worries eBook

Here is a link to a free eBook called 'Everybody Worries'. It helps to go through some of how you may be feeling at this time and gives some good ideas for things you can do to help.


Dear Children, Parents and Carers,

Please find below some useful resources that may assist you during this tricky time. I know some of you like colouring and ‘doing’ things, so have a look through these and see if you fancy filling some in. Some require writing, so maybe you will need some help if you find writing hard, but I’d say just do it how you want to – it’s not a spelling test!

I hope you find some of them helpful, please check with an adult before you download or print anything.

I look forward to seeing you all one day again soon,

Best wishes

Mrs McEwan :)

Think Ninja Information

Mental Health Support for Children and Young People

Mindfulness Song

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Here is a version of the Mindfulness Song that we do with the children when they are in school. It might be something that you would like to use at home to help with mindfulness - I'm sure the children would love to teach it to you!