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Parents' Evenings

Reporting to Parents- Summer 2023


This year we have adjusted our reporting of children's progress and attainment to make it more meaningful for parents and targeted for children. We have traditionally held parents' evenings in October and July and produced full academic reports in March. Seeking to improve this model, this year we set mid-year individualised learning targets in our March reports and staff volunteered to hold extra parents' evenings straight after these reports so that targets could be explained fully. This enables parents to work alongside their children in these specific areas for the remainder of the year, ensuring the very best outcomes by the year end. In end-of-year parents' evenings, teachers will then be able to report on progress according to the targets set. Parents have agreed that this focused partnership should have better outcomes and helps ensure they are supporting the correct objectives.


We believe that this will reinforce key messages about the parental support needed for the key building blocks. In Early Years and KS1, we have reinforced the need for a daily reading routine, crucial practice of correct letter formation and an automatic recall of basic number bonds to 10 as key learning targets for every child. In KS2 we encourage children to include a breadth and depth of genres in their daily reading, fluent cursive writing and rapid recall of all times tables by the end of Year 4.


Individual targets are dependent on each child's ability but our aim is to provide a mastery curriculum where children have access to the whole curriculum through a scaffolded approach if children have additional needs and challenge of enrichment activities so that all reach their potential.


We value our partnership with parents and look forward to our 'Meet the Teacher' sessions at the start of term. Each year we have 85% of our parents coming into school to work alongside our children on an area of focus from the School Development Plan in our Parent Workshops in the Spring Term. The focus this year was on supporting reading and phonics. Almost all of our parents attend parents' evenings- we value the support and partnership this brings and are happy to adjust timings to ensure individual needs are met.