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‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

Interclass Challenge Week

Its all to play for now - you can add points by running, your child running and volunteering on the day!


Interclass Challenge

The aim of the challenge is to get as many points as possible for your class - the class with the most points at the end wins! The Figsbury shield will be engraved with the winning class's name, be awarded the class trophy and win a class prize of their choice.


How points will be awarded

There will be a few ways in which children (and parents) can help earn points for their class:


  • During the second week of the Easter holidays, a challenge will be posted on the Interclass Challenge Event tab on the FoWES Facebook page every morning for the children to try and complete. Photo evidence must be uploaded to page (along with child’s class in the comments) by 7pm each day for the points to be awarded. Children do not have to be in the photo but the photo does have to evidence the challenge. If you are not on the FoWES  Facebook (which is private to school parents only) then please email a picture of the completed challenge to the FoWES email:
  • For each challenge completed, children will be awarded 5 points.
  • Enter the Figsbury Challenge – any child that takes part will earn 10 points
  • Be sponsored for the Figsbury Challenge to earn 5 points
  • Parents enter the 5KM, either running or walking – any parent that takes part will earn 5 points for their child/children’s class in the school
  • Parents volunteer their time on the day of Figsbury Challenge to help the event run smoothly and safely – parents will earn 10 points  


The winning class last year was Oak Class - will the current Year Ones Win again or will one of the other years pull it out of the bag?


Please post photos on the FOWES Facebook Interclass Challenge Events Page or email FoWES! 

Virtual Figsbury 2022