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‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’


Photos from the children's first week at school.

Dear Parents

So how did the first week go?  Were they excited...or did they want to go back to pre-school?


At school, we tend to call this the 'honeymoon period'.  Everything is new and exciting- a novelty- so they are normally happy to come in and sometimes may wobble initially- even if they didn't wobble when they went into Nursery or pre-school.  Keep persevering, being positive and remember that the wobblers will keep testing your resolve- they check your responses and see if you are being consistent.  They also get tired- even if they attended nursery or pre-school daily.  There is a lot to take on board- routines, organisation, new rules, people's names, other children, new names, assembly, lining up, lunch time (90 children!) playtimes etc.  Think about how you would feel if you had to walk into a new job where you didn't know anyone, didn't know the layout, didn't know the rules, didn't know the boss, every day for a week.  It takes a while to settle and its mentally exhausting.

If they are coming into class confidently then enjoy the moment and praise them.  

Once the 'honeymoon period' is over, then every day becomes, well everyday.  Sometimes even the most confident children wobble.  This is NORMAL.  It is very rare for a child to be upset all day and we would always talk to you if there were any issues at school.  Children are great at pushing our emotional buttons (trust me- I have an 11 year old who started secondary this week) and we, as Parents, have to be consistent, positive and guide our children to find solutions, helping them to understand their emotions.

Its a whole new world at school and it sometimes takes a little while to get used to it.

Please enjoy looking through some of the photos that we have taken during their first 3 days at school...



Monday 9th September

The class will be attending for the morning and staying for lunch, going home at 1.15 pm.

Please bring your child to school for 9 am- our door opens at 8.50 am.  If your child is in class after 9 am they will receive a 'late' mark in the register.  The playground gate is shut at 9.10 am so please bring children to the office to be signed in and brought to the classroom by Mrs Hyde (in the office).  Please collect your child after lunch- do not come into the playground until all children have vacated it and gone to their classes.  Our door will open at 1.10 pm- please collect by 1.15 pm at the latest (or we will be late for our afternoon home visits)  Many thanks.


Hot school lunches- Please ensure that you have logged onto the school system and indicated the choices for your child.  The teachers do not book the children in for lunch- it is a cashless system that is completed online by Parents and this information is available to the office to pass onto the school kitchen in the morning (so they know what to cook)  If your child has dietary requirements/allergies please make sure the office is aware and that you order accordingly.  Please make sure that your child knows what to expect for lunch.  Talk with them about the choices and get them to help decide.  Make sure they know what is for lunch.

Packed lunches- please send a lunch box in with your child that includes a drink and chill pack.  The lunch boxes are stored in the Oak class cloakroom on the bottom shelf until lunch time.  Please uses boxes and packets that your child can open independently-or you have attached pegs or partially opened for them.  Mrs Hayter and I will help the class in the hall, but with 28 children all needing help, your child may have to wait some time.  Make sure your child's lunch box, bottle, chill pack and any boxes are all named clearly- this way we can get them back to you if they are misplaced.

You can mix and match hot school lunches and packed lunches if you wish.  This helps if there is not an option on that days menu that you know your child will eat- Please make sure that your child knows what they are having when they come to school.


Next week's routine-

9 am- Self registration on arrival- find your name pebble and bring it into class to put in the basket.

9-10.30 am- selection of activities in class and in the garden.  Snack and milk at a time of your child's choice.

10.30-10.45 am- break time- going out to play in the playground/field with Year 1 and Year 2

10.50-11.20 a- selection of activities in class and in the garden.  Snack and milk at a time of your child's choice.

11.20-11.40 am- Tidy up, wash hands and prepare for lunch.

11.45-12.20 pm- First sittings- Oak class go to lunch first, followed by Year 1 then Year 2. (total of 90 children in the hall) Once the children have finished eating they go out to play in the playground/field with the rest of the school.

12.30-12.55 pm- break time- playing with each other and the rest of the school.

1 pm- line up and go back to class.

1.10-1.15 pm - Parents collect.


What to bring

Your child needs a coat, book bag, hat/cap and a water bottle.

Please ensure everything is labelled clearly with your child’s name.


 (We will not be doing PE for 2-3 weeks, so a PE kit is not needed straight away.)


Water bottles- water only please!

(No juice, squash or flavoured waters as they are not good for little teeth and they attract insects such as ants and wasps)


Sun screen- if needed please apply at home before school. We do not provide sun screen at school.


Snacks- Oak class children are provided with a daily snack which is either a piece of unpeeled fruit or vegetable. We never know what will be delivered, so it’s always a surprise!! Our snacks include apples, bananas, pears, strawberries, tomatoes, carrots, peas, cucumbers, raisins or baby sweet corn. We have something different every day. The children can choose 1 item at any point during the day and sit at our snack table to eat it.


We are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!!



Please complete and return both the Admissions Form and Uniform Order Form as soon as possible in order for the uniform to be ready for collection when your child comes for their induction afternoons. We also need to see a copy of your child's Birth Certificate - please also bring this into school as soon as possible. 


Things to practise before your child starts school

Its time to start practising for school in the coming weeks.  


Your child will be moving into a classroom with up to 29 other children and only 2 adults.  It is important that he/she can go to the toilet (and clean themselves with loo paper sufficiently), use a tissue to wipe his/her nose and be able to dress/undress with little or no help.  As we move into the Autumn term, after a Summer of good weather (hopefully) it is important that your child can put on and do up their own coat and shoes. 

It is also helpful if your child can recognise (read) their own name. (we will label your child's peg and books using a capital, followed by lower case letters.  We do not label in capitals) When we have 30 identical jumpers, hats and sometimes similar shoes and coats, it gives your child a sense of identity within the group, as well as confidence, to be able to find their own clothing and bags.  (It also means that more of your child's items will return home at the end of the day! laugh

These are skills that will really help your child to be a confident member of the class.

**We are not expecting your child to be able to write stories, or do written addition or subtraction when they start school, but it does help if they are able to hold a pen/pencil correctly when they colour or draw pictures and have started to count aloud when they sing or play.

Please see the documents below for ideas and activities to do with your child, to prepare them for school in September.


Top tips from our Reception class Parents, for our New Reception Parents!

Diary dates

Home vists

These will be taking place during the afternoons whilst your child is attending school part time. If you did not sign up to a home visit during the induction evening, then please speak to a staff member and book one in.


How do I help my child learn to read?  A meeting for Parents about phonics and reading in the Reception class

Wednesday 18th September; 2.30 pm-3 pm