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‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’


Dear Parents

Welcome to Acorns, our page specifically made for our new children starting in Oak class, in September 2019.


Thank you to everyone who attended the Induction evening meeting for Parents.  It was lovely to meet all of you and to be able to chat about your children and what will be happening in the coming weeks.  Thank you for signing up to a home visit and we will endeavour to visit everyone during those particular afternoons.  If your area was not on the sheet and you put your details on a post-it during the evening, then we will give you a call to confirm your visit.  

If you were unable to come to the meeting, I have attached the PPT below for you to look through in your own time and please ring the school office to arrange a home visit in September.


As requested, I have added details of the induction dates and times below and there is a reading meeting for Parents in September, so please put the date in your diary.


Have a read through the information and paperwork below.  If you have not already completed an admissions form then please do so and return it to school.  Details below.


Many thanks,


The Oak class team

Mrs Truckle (Mon-Wed)     Mrs Woodfine (Thurs-Fri)      Mrs Hayter ( full time TA)



Please complete and return both the Admissions Form and Uniform Order Form as soon as possible in order for the uniform to be ready for collection when your child comes for their induction afternoons. We also need to see a copy of your child's Birth Certificate - please also bring this into school as soon as possible. 


Things to practise before your child starts school

Its time to start practising for school in the coming weeks.  


Your child will be moving into a classroom with up to 29 other children and only 2 adults.  It is important that he/she can go to the toilet (and clean themselves with loo paper sufficiently), use a tissue to wipe his/her nose and be able to dress/undress with little or no help.  As we move into the Autumn term, after a Summer of good weather (hopefully) it is important that your child can put on and do up their own coat and shoes. 

It is also helpful if your child can recognise (read) their own name. (we will label your child's peg and books using a capital, followed by lower case letters.  We do not label in capitals) When we have 30 identical jumpers, hats and sometimes similar shoes and coats, it gives your child a sense of identity within the group, as well as confidence, to be able to find their own clothing and bags.  (It also means that more of your child's items will return home at the end of the day! laugh

These are skills that will really help your child to be a confident member of the class.

**We are not expecting your child to be able to write stories, or do written addition or subtraction when they start school, but it does help if they are able to hold a pen/pencil correctly when they colour or draw pictures and have started to count aloud when they sing or play.

Please see the documents below for ideas and activities to do with your child, to prepare them for school in September.


Top tips from our Reception class Parents, for our New Reception Parents!

Diary dates

Induction visit afternoons;

Please bring your child to the afternoon taster session, that takes place in the Oak class classroom.  Please enter school via the school office (not the playground please) ensure you have handed in your admission form (this gives us details of contact no. or any conditions we need to be aware of) and leave your child to play in their new classroom, while you can pop to the staff room to have a cuppa and cake!  Alternatively you can drop and go.  The session times are as follows-

Monday 1st July (Teacher-Mrs Truckle)

  • Various Different Pre-school settings children- drop off between 1.30-1.45 pm, collect at 3 pm.

Thursday 4th July (Teacher Mrs Woodfine)

  • Bourne Valley Nursery children- drop off between 1.30-1.45 pm, collect at 3 pm.

Monday 8th July (Teacher Mrs Truckle)

  • Bourne Valley Nursery children-  drop off between 1.30-1.45 pm, collect at 3 pm.

Thursday 11th July (Teacher Mrs Woodfine)

  • Various Different Pre-school settings children- drop off between 1.30-1.45 pm, collect at 3 pm


How do I help my child learn to read?  A meeting for Parents about phonics and reading in the Reception class

Wednesday 18th September; 2.30 pm-3 pm