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‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

Sycamore Class - Year 6

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Class Teachers - Mrs. Rawnson  (Mrs Tucker teaching Fridays)

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Morgan-Tranter



Welcome to Sycamore's webpage. Here you will find information about the wonderful learning we are doing in Year 6. You will also find important letters and documents as well as photos of some of the learning adventures we have been on. 
Class Information
What are we learning?


Welcome back to Spring 2!


It was wonderful to see the pupils ready to be Eco-Warriors and learn about what THEY can do to make a difference to our planet. Every pupil came in with a wonderful rainforest model in a shoe box. These were great! Photos to follow.


It was great to see all the parents back in school again after 2 years to attend our Work Alongside Your Child: SATS workshop. The children have said how useful it was and I sincerely hope that the parents found it of value too.


This is the term to really focus on things in the Maths and English curriculum that the children still find hard- please encourage them to persevere or ask if they need any help!


The new 'homelearning challenge' for this half of term is on Fairtrade, where the pupils will research and make something for a Fairtrade Tea Party at the end of term. See in the termly folder for extra information.

Update on Spring 1


It was very action packed for Year 6. 


As a quick over view we have:

  • Held our own Science Fair. The children created their own projects. The results were exceptional.
  • Learning about the rainforest.
  • Understanding the complexity of the issue of deforestation.
  • Learning about Rio Carnival and creating masks for a carnival as well as having the principle of Star Cast Performing Arts Company in to lead us in some Street Dance sessions.
  • Focusing on improving our subject knowledge and requirements for the SATS papers in May. Mainly becoming familiar with the test format.
  • Visited The Living Rainforest to experience it first hand.
  • Visited Chafyn Grove School for a sports afternoon to use their astro turf and netball facilities.
  • Had The Bridge visit us to lead us in a Prayer Day.



Sporting event at Chafyn Grove School

Year 6's Science Fair

Happy New Year!


I do hope that you have all had a good holiday? I have a really exciting term planned for you all with our topic on RAINFORESTS being our main focus. This is a 'KNUCKLE DOWN AND WORK HARD' term. There is a lot to learn and be excited about. I have put the Parent Planner on this webpage under 'Spring Term' and it can also be found on Google Classrooms.


Just a reminder that your SCIENCE FAIR PROJECTS NEED TO BE IN ON THE FIRST DAY BACK please... I am so looking forward to seeing them.



Autumn 2- Ancient Greeks and Christmas


This term had some fantastic elements and I am glad that all families survived the Covid spread through the class. Well done for everyone who was learning from home- it is tough but you switched to online learning really well. At least we got some Christmas festivities in: Christmas tree festival with Year 6 conducting the Choir and constructing catapults for our mini marshmallow snowball fight as a Christmas Party!    Happy Christmas everyone!

DT Challenge: designing and building a geared, electric car that goes UP a hill!

“.... and now, the end is near...”

Low ropes and Problem Solving

“ Food, glorious food!”

“I would walk 500 miles...” well 10km!

Team work DT Challenge- Well done Luca, Poppy W and Theo who built the tallest tower!

I will survive! Survival Day!

Amazing first day! The children are being amazing - everyone has joined in and there have been lots of smiles.