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‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

Sycamore Class - Year 6

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Class Teachers - Mrs Rawnson  (Mrs Tucker teaching Fridays)

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Longhurst 

Mrs Kerley (mornings only)



Welcome to Sycamore's webpage. Here you will find information about the wonderful learning we are doing in Year 6. You will also find important letters and documents as well as photos of some of the learning adventures we have been on. 
Class Information
What are we learning?

Summer 1 Update!

What a busy few weeks we’ve had! The children did brilliantly in SATS. They were well prepared calm and all gave it their best effort not daunted by the challenge. The SATS breakfast was a wonderful celebration of their hard work and had a great atmosphere. Thank you to our governors who came in to adjudicate and celebrate the pupils’ hard work. In preparation, the children learnt the skill of mindmapping and were allowed to draw on (specific!!) display boards in the classroom.


Year 6 enjoyed celebrating the coronation by creating images using the drawing form ‘Zentangles’. The work that they created was very impressive.


Year 6 have all participated in two days of Bikeability training with Wiltshire Council. It was wonderful to see them working as a team outside enjoying the sun.


The production will be Robin Hood and the Sherwood Hoodies. Parts have now been allocated and the children MUST learn their parts over the holiday and start sourcing their costume please.


Welcome back for your child's final term at primary school!  Where did that time go?!


Summer term is always the best and even more so in Year 6.  A lot of the hard work has been done, but we are determined to 'sprint over the finish line' rather than fizzle out! There are SO many things this term!  I have created a timetable letter that can be found on the Summer 2023 icon and below as it is SO important. As a busy mum myself, I know how useful it can be to have an overview of dates and events. I will also send a paper copy of this letter home once I have finalised the Bikability groups this week.

                                                                     TOP TIP: STICK IT ON THE FRIDGE!  


Please be aware that this is an emotional term for you and your child. I have been a Year 6 teacher for many years and have also personally been through it, as have Mrs Longhurst and Mrs Kerley. Between us we have children at a range of the secondary schools in Salisbury- feel free to talk to us! We will help and guide your child through it so that they feel closure on Primary School life and an excitement about the adventures that lie before them!

February Update on this busy half term.


This term Year 6 have enjoyed studying Rivers and Mountains. The geography element of the topic has captured their interest and they have been involved in many in depth discussions about how we can protect our environment. Year 6 have worked hard to improve their academic subjects too this term and it has been great to see their hard work and dedication coming into fruition in the standard of work that they are producing. This was particularly evident in our letters to the prime minister where the pupils expressed their concern about the situation of plastics in the oceans. We even received a thorough reply from 10 Downing Street in response to their letters.

Thanks to all of you for making the KS2 SATS Parents' Workshop. I know that there was a LOT of information- so here are the slides complete with LOTS of the specific information!

Happy New Year and Welcome Back!


It has been wonderful to catch up with the children over the last couple of days and to hear about all their Christmas news.


 This term is a 'Knuckle Down and Learn' term. We want the pupils to feel really confident in their learning and that involves them taking ownership of their learning. With help, they will identify things that they haven't mastered YET and will put in the work with the adults in the classroom to ensure that they feel confident and happy in their learning.


I look forward to seeing you all on Monday 9th January at 9 am in the school hall for our KS2 SATS Workshop. I will start the session with explaining SATS and what is required. Then you will get the opportunity to work alongside your child as they show what start they have already made into their SATS journey. 


This term's project is 'Go with the Flow'- which is all about rivers and mountains. Please find the Parent Planner in the Spring 2023 tab above to see what we will be getting up to.


Most of the class will also be coming on the Choir trip to perform in the O2 Arena as part of the Young Voices Choir. Keep practising- we need to know all the songs and actions off by heart.  Here is the link again! Spotify – Young Voices Uk Music Pack 2023 


As always, any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Christmas term update!


Year 6 have been up to so much this term. The topic of Egypt has had much to explore from mummification to the moral dilemma of whether artefacts should be returned to their country of origin. They have made geared electric cars in DT and have had an engineer come in to discuss their constructions with them and how to best improve them. There have been several sporting events, musical opportunities and charity events. As prefects, Year 6 have been busy supporting their area within the school. The children are looking forward to the last week of term where they will get to share their fantastic Science Fair projects that they have been working on all term at home.

Problem solving and low ropes


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Still image for this video

‘Food Glorious Food!’

‘Love is all around us....’. Wet, wet, WET! But it didn’t dampen our spirits!


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Tuesday- ‘I will survive!’ SURVIVAL DAY

First day.... canoeing, climbing and orienteering

Welcome to Year 6 and Braeside Powerpoint from the Meeting on Tuesday 13th September

Welcome Back!


I do hope that you have all had good holidays and are keen and ready to come back on Friday 2nd September!

Normally Mrs Tucker will teach on a Friday, but as this is the first day of the year Mrs Rawnson will teach the class to welcome the class and so that routines can be established.


On the first day back, I will give a 'broad brush stroke' with all lots of the things that the children will want to ask- eg buddies, prefects, Braeside, rewards etc! It will all be discussed properly when the time is right- please reassure them that I will go over EVERYTHING again through the term in more detail! Friday will be about getting them through the door and back into the buzz of a learning classroom. Some will be desperate to get back in; others less so. We will be ready to welcome them in.


I will also cover some of the more 'mundane' elements, eg the organisation of homework, presentation of work, spellings etc, with the hope that these things can be sorted swiftly each week meaning that there is plenty of time for fun learning in the classroom. Again, it will take them time to adjust back to school life, so no worries if half of the things that are discussed in the first day are forgotten!


My number one aim is to make the classroom a safe, happy haven for them to learn and thrive in. I look forward to seeing them all on Friday.


Here are some photos from last year's Science Fair to inspire you all as the children WILL BE HOLDING THEIR OWN SCIENCE FAIR AT CHRISTMAS! Get thinking!