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‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

Sycamore Class - Year 6

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Class Teachers - Mrs. Rawnson  (Mr Sainsbury teaching Fridays)

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Morgan-Tranter



Welcome to Sycamore's webpage. Here you will find information about the wonderful learning we are doing in Year 6. You will also find important letters and documents as well as photos of some of the learning adventures we have been on. 
Class Information
What are we learning?

Parents’ Evening - Tuesday 6th October and Wednesday 7th October


Thank you to you all for signing up and for providing me with your phone numbers. My number will be blocked when I call. I know that it will be more of a challenge to have Parents’ Evening over the phone but hopefully it will still be useful. I do apologise in advance, but I MUST stick to time. If you need to discuss something in greater depth I am happy to make another appointment.


I have uploaded several useful documents here that I would usually hand out at Parents’ Evening. So please check them out below.


Your child has loaded up some examples of their work onto their SeeSaw account for you to see as well as a message from them explaining how they are finding things.


During our phone meeting, I will follow this order for our discussions:


1) Any issues that you may have. This normally gets left until last, but this is REALLY important so I want to give you time to discuss these properly.

2) How your child is doing in their learning/ next steps and how this can be supported at home.

3) Secondary School plans. Hopefully you have all been able to look at the links to the secondary school pages that we have been sending out. It is important to think carefully about this now as the deadline for application for a secondary place is 31st October.



I look forward in speaking to you soon!







Examples of writing at the EXPECTED standard for Year 6

Examples of writing at GREATER DEPTH for Year 6- This is a REALLY HARD STANDARD TO MEET!

Week Beginning 21st September


Time has flown; the summer holidays are feeling a while ago. The colds and sniffles are settling in as we all navigate the changes!

Thank you SO much to everyone for keeping our 'Sycamore Bubble' safe. The children are being brilliant in class and are following all our routines- thank you to parents who have been able to keep their children off if they are unwell with colds. I know that this may have knock on implications for you all but it will help protect us all. IF YOUR CHILD IS AT HOME AND WOULD LIKE TO SEE WHAT WE ARE UP TO IN THE CLASSROOM CHECK OUT THE HOMELEARNING TAB!


We are studying 'myths' at the moment- especially the story of Osiris. We have explored the story in depth including drama in acting out the story.


I would like to extend my grateful thanks to FOWES who helped enable our 'Virtual School Trip' to the British Museum to be the huge success that it was. They provided monetary support, that meant that the activities could be really practical and memorable for the children. (See the pictures of their Sarcophagus and Canopic Jars.)


Moving forward, I would like to make sure that things are in place for a blended approach as needed. This week I will be trying to set up an online platform with the children. I know that Miss Arrandale set up a TEAMS meeting for the end of last year, so that and SeeSaw maybe possibilities. I will be looking at online learning platforms with the children in school this week to make sure that we have things set up and in place and that THEY know how to use them. I will send information out about this as it gets finalised. Don't worry if your child is off this week- I will make sure that you get all the relevant information.


For now here are some uptodated photos of the classroom and the children's learning!


Welcome Back! I can't tell you all how fantastic it was to see you all today! What a treat! The new class of Year 6 was sensible, keen, kind and polite- demonstrating that they still know how to learn in a classroom. It was so interesting to hear all their 'Lockdown Stories' as well as the adventures that they got up to over the holiday. I am looking forward to catching up with them properly over the next few weeks.


On the first day back, I did give a 'broad brush stroke' with all lots of the things that the children wanted to ask- eg buddies, prefects, Braeside, rewards etc! It will all be discussed properly when the time is right- please reassure them that I will go over EVERYTHING again in more detail! Today was about getting them through the door and back into the buzz of a learning classroom.


I also covered some of the more 'mundane' elements today, eg the organisation of homework, presentation of work, spellings etc, with the hope that these things can be sorted swiftly each week meaning that there is plenty of time for fun learning in the classroom. Again, it will take them time to adjust back to school life, so no worries if half of the things that were discussed today were forgotten!


Your child should have come home with a stapled pack of information for you about Year 6. Please put it somewhere safe as it might be useful throughout the year and it may well answer many of your questions. This is especially important now that it will be harder to have a quick chat at drop off or collection.


I will be giving the children short tests this week and next week so that I can assess where they are in there learning so that I can plan lessons appropriately. THIS IS NOTHING FOR THEM TO WORRY ABOUT- so again please reassure them!


My number one aim is to make the classroom a safe, happy haven for them to learn and thrive in. Clear expectations (Covid 19 related, behaviour and work wise) have all been established today and I was impressed with how the children took it all seriously.  


Last Year's Science Fair


I am leaving these photos here for some inspiration as we will be hoping to attempt another science fair this year just before Christmas(Fingers crossed... although it might just be for the pupils).

Science Fair