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‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

Sycamore Class - Year 6

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Class Teachers - Mrs. Rawnson  (Mrs Tucker teaching Fridays)

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Morgan-Tranter



Welcome to Sycamore's webpage. Here you will find information about the wonderful learning we are doing in Year 6. You will also find important letters and documents as well as photos of some of the learning adventures we have been on. 
Class Information
What are we learning?


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Thursday 1st July


’And so, the end is near…’


You will get to see them all ( and their dirty washing!) tomorrow! 

‘Food for thought’ challenge, Problem solving, Low Ropes Course and Campfire evening. 

They have made us laugh endlessly- thank you for lending them to us. 




Wednesday 30th June


This morning brings us a glimmer of sunshine in preparation for a spectacular walk. Get ready for some photos of your children relishing some breathtaking scenery later but for now here are some photos of your fantastic children challenging themselves- and laughing while they did it! 

Roundway Down Hike

If the Nightline wasn’t challenging enough.:. Let’s blindfold them!

Tuesday 29th June


’I Will Survive!’ And they did! Great behaviour, lots of fun, excellent sleeping. Soooo much laughter! A delight to spend the day with! Night line tonight! 

Monday 28th June!

We are here!! The kids have been wonderful! They love the house and spending time ‘hanging out’ tonight having been crazy active with nearly 4 hours of canoeing or climbing today. Here are some pics from today.

Friday 18th June


WOW! What a couple of weeks and half term seems a distant memory! The children have been wonderful organising and running Sports Day for the whole school and putting dedicated effort into the props and rehearsals to create an uplifting performance of 'The Curry Bean'. They are all proving that they are ready for secondary school as they are responding to events with more independence and maturity. 


We have completed one performance of our production and KS2 were thrilled to be able to watch it outside on the playground. Find a couple of photos below and once we have edited the recording and recorded again on Monday, we will release more photos and tell you how to access the video of it.


Braeside is fast approaching too! Only 1 more week before our big trip! Please make sure that the remainder of the trip is paid for ASAP now and start making sure that you check the kit list in the bundle that we handed out. I have also attached another copy of the kit list here.


Mrs Andrews is organising the Leavers' Event at the water park- please make sure that you check Parent Mail and HELP her... It is really time consuming and difficult organising things like this.


Summer Term Update


It was lovely to chat with you all at Parents' Evening. THANK YOU for all your support this year- it has certainly been a different one, and through our two way communication we can look to be enjoying the summer term!


Just a reminder that Bikeability is next week (for all but 4 children who will have theirs in July). The first day of their two days will be AT SCHOOL and the second day will be based at Greentrees school in Bishopdown Farm so that the children can access the safe roads etc.


You should have got an email via Parent mail about Braeside payments. PLEASE make sure that you have paid the small deposit so that we know that you have all seen it. Any problems about the money side please contact Mrs Hyde. I will be sending out further information soon.


Thank you for your feedback for the 'Information Video' I left you all on Seesaw- I am glad that you found it useful! I know it was long but there is so much that we are doing this term and it seemed a good way to get information to you all.


Production is well underway! Children have thrown themselves into it and all have parts now. ALL LINES MUST BE LEARNT BEFORE THEY RETURN TO SCHOOL AFTER HALF TERM as we will only have 2 weeks before we perform!


A couple of wonderful parents are organising some social send offs for the children- the facebook group will be the main point of information for all this. PLEASE SUPPORT AND HELP THOSE PARENTS WHO ARE TRYING TO ORGANISE IT ALL! If you are not on the facebook group, don't worry they (and I!) will make sure that you get the important information another way!


We have completed our Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling and Reading tests and ALL children did extremely well!


We are now revising our maths so that we can complete the final maths papers the week before half term.


Also, keep your eyes open for any email or letter correspondence direct from your secondary school... it all starts now!



Weekly planning overview for week beginning- 1st March

Outline to this week starting Tuesday 23rd February- NB ZOOM MEETING AT 9.30am TUESDAY 23rd- Invite sent via Seesaw!


Thursday 4th February


What another inspiring week! Seeing you all in Tutor Time certainly brightened my week- I really enjoyed that for another week, I did get to chat with you all!


There have been some wonderful pieces of work flooding in through Seesaw- with many hysterical diary entries of a raindrop!  Thank you for all getting into the spirit of it all and finding the fun but also creating some wonderful pieces of writing that keep to my high presentation standards! I have uploaded a few pictures of some of the wonderful work I have received- again there could have been 100 pieces of work photographed here!


We are going to have a Wellbeing Day tomorrow (Friday 5th February) - hopefully none of us will be on screens! Check out the activities on Seesaw for THURSDAY if you didn't see them as I am NOT going to set anything on Friday.


Thank you parents- you are supporting your child and us as a school brilliantly, and I have enjoyed the phone calls or conversations we are having via Seesaw. You are doing an amazing job supporting your young people! 


Enjoy your weekend- only one more week to go before half term!



Examples of work from Week 5

Planning Overview for Week 5 of Spring Term- Monday 1st February- Friday 5th February

Friday 29th January


Well done everyone for doing so well for another week. See saw has been a real hub of excitement with ALL of you also being able to join me for a Zoom Tutor Time. I found this so useful as did many of you. I will be doing 'Tutor Time' again next week on Monday and Tuesday so check out your activities on SeeSaw for your personal invitation! It should be the same time as last week.


On Friday this week (5th February) I am going to try and get them to make a Water Cycle in a bag so they will need: a small sandwich plastic bag. The best are the resealing ones as we will be putting water into them.


To make it even better if there was a permanent pen (eg sharpie) and some blue food colouring- the children's water cycles would be even better, but they can still do the activity without these two things.


Have a good weekend- I do hope that some of you manage to take part in the RSPB Garden Bird Watch that I set the children. It runs from 29-31 of January and is really simple to do.



Some Examples of some FANTASTIC pieces of Remote Learning that I have recieved.... THERE WERE SOOO MANY.... I had to stop at a few otherwise I would have been in trouble for crashing the website!

Friday 22nd January


Thanks for making the See Saw Learning platform so successful. All children are accessing it and I have recieved a whopping 900 posts in the last three weeks!! Myself and Mrs Morgan-Tranter are replying to each child daily when they submit work. 


I am setting up 'Zoom' calls as 'Tutor Time' meetings for all the pupils at home. There will be 5 pupils in a call so that they get time to chat and raise any queries that I can walk them through. Their invitation should be in their 'Activity' section on Seesaw. Please don't worry if it goes wrong on Monday and Tuesday. We'll get there!


I have also uploaded an outline to next week. The Year 6 pupils need to become as independent as possible in order for them to thrive at secondary school, however some may need some guidance. My dialy board guides them through what THEY need to do- this week overview can feel too daunting for most as there is too much information. This is more if YOU as parents would like to know what has been asked of your child.


I would also like to reiterate that all of your mental and physical health is the highest priority at the moment, so PLEASE DO NOT get overwhelmed by whatever is being set... contact me or leave it for a bit!

RE - Judeo-Christian creation story compared with the Islamic creation story page

Thursday 7th January


EVERYTHING IS ON SEESAW! We have also set up a Facebook group for parents and us to communicate easily, if you are not on it and would like to be please speak to some other parents so that you can be added or send me an email.


Here are the maths sheets and geography sheets for today incase you want to print them off!


It is all taking me ages at the moment to compile everything- my final video was recorded at 11pm last night. I will endeavour to reply to all the children's work but I had a fantastic 87 pieces of work submitted yesterday... having been in school all day and creating online videos for today meant that not all of them got a fully marked piece of work returned. Please let them know that I am thrilled with what they are doing!


Wednesday 6th January


Well done to those of you who have managed to get onto Seesaw and submit some work! That is amazing!




I have been trying LOTS of new things and I am really keen to try and help keep you motivated to learn.



TUESDAY 5th JANUARY- Things to keep you busy.


Well Year 6, this is not what we had planned for. After our exciting 'launch' day yesterday where we got to meet Sir David Attenborough and Michael Morpurgo! Hopefully we can use the energy and excitement that we created yesterday to keep us learning remotely! 


I have already been playing!!! I have tried different things on See Saw so that I can do some video inputs. Head over to Seesaw to see if it worked. PLEASE DON'T PANIC if your family need a day too to adjust to last night's news, I just thought that some of you might like something to explore and do!


On Seesaw I have suggested:

1) Researching about Sir David Attenborough for your biography.

2) Professor Assessor co-ordinates.

3) Art session- drawing rivers.


The teachers and TA's at Winterbourne will be having planning meetings today to work out a clear way to help you learn at home. For now, look after each other and remember 'Go with the Flow!'


Mrs Rawnson



I am really looking forward to seeing you all on Monday 4th. I do hope that you have had a good holiday, however, if you had a difficult time off and would like to contact me please feel free to drop me an email at so that I can know so that I can help you settle back into school.


Our topic this term is 'Go with the Flow!' It is to do with rivers and mountains but it is also what we will all need to do as we navigate this term. You can find planning on the Spring Term 2021 tab on this page.


Please remember that you will need a gum guard and shin pads for Hockey this term and if you want your own copy we are reading 'King of Cloud Forests' and  'Why the Whales Came' both by Michael Morpurgo.


Mrs Rawnson





Science Fair Photos. They were all incredible and they should be SO proud of what they achieved!