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‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

2022 Autumn Term

Please take a moment to have a look at the curriculum overviews to see what we are covering each term.


We hope you enjoy the termly updates and photographs that celebrate each term's activities.

Celebrating Autumn Term 1

The excitement was palpable when we received postcards from Paddington Bear detailing his adventures in London.  These inspired the writing of super narratives plus great fact files all about the London Eye.  We kept Paddington in mind during our science sessions where we created our own ‘fair investigations’ to determine which materials would make him the best coat for the autumn season. We all enjoyed comparing local landmarks in Salisbury with those landmarks that Paddington had written about and solving treasure hunt clues that led us all over Salisbury, learning about its rich and varied history.

We have been very busy in art and design both experimenting with tints and tones to create backgrounds for silhouettes of London landmarks not to mention applying our findings from our science investigation to design Paddington's new coat.  We even tried our hands at sewing to create jackets or sleeping bags for our own teddies.

We have taken advantage of the good weather and enjoyed many outside PE sessions exploring different skills and tactics plus, we welcomed a dance instructor for a very lively weekly dance class!

Looking forward to Autumn Term 2

We have much to look forward to as we will be learning all about the Great Fire of London and generally considering the impact of change.  Our science sessions will lead us to study the environment and we are looking forward to planning and undertaking more practical investigations.

Check back here at the end of the next half term to see what else we have been getting up to plus, of course, what promises to be a fantastic nativity production of 'I'm gonna shine!'

Autumn Term 1 - photos

Celebrating Autumn Term 2

We’ve enjoyed a busy half term, working and playing hard.  Under the umbrella of the School’s focus of ‘thankfulness’ we have taken a closer look at our environment - through our science lessons we have considered the causes and impact of global warming and have spent time considering what each and everyone of us can do in terms of making a positive change.  As part of our learning we have considered reducing, reusing and recycling and if our imaginations are anything to go by, the future of our planet is in safe hands!  Please have a look at our bird feeders that we made from recycled yogurt pots that we now have outside our classroom window.

We also stepped back in time to consider the Great Fire of London.  This topic was captivating and thoroughly enjoyed by all.  We have learnt not just about the fire, but about how life was in 1666 and how it has changed.  We have acted as history detectives to consider the reliability of sources and all the different ways that we can find out about the past.  One such way was a trip to Salisbury Museum where we were able to see different artefacts from the period and re-enact the events of the Great Fire.  We were also given the opportunity to tour the Wessex Gallery where we could find out more about the history of our own local area which we all found fascinating.

Samuel Pepys’ diary not only provided us with a further source of learning about the Fire but also proved to be a great stimulus for some wonderful writing.  We looked at the literary features of a diary entry and recreated our own as if we were Pepys plus, used some of the information to create our own non-chronological reports on the Great Fire.

In addition, our maths learning has progressed as we have mastered the basics of addition and subtraction and started to apply our learning to everyday problems.

Despite the weather we have managed to stay active with a number of energetic PE sessions, a very exciting scooter session and last but by no means least, our fantastic nativity production of ‘I’m Gonna Shine’.  We all had a part to play and a moment in the spotlight with everyone learning their lines, taking direction and singing with gusto. Many of us overcame our fears of taking to the stage and celebrated in a shared sense of pride and achievement!

We ended the term with Christmas science and crafts, our Christmas dinner and our party where we were joined by a very special visitor!

We are looking forward to growing and achieving even more together in 2023.