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Willow Class - Year 5




Welcome to Willow Class



Welcome back to the summer term!


This term our topic is Treasure Hunters. This is a geography topic including rivers and mountains. Please see the termly overview for more detail.

Class Teacher - Miss. Arrandale


Teaching Assistants - Mrs Flint and Mrs Evans


PPA Cover - Mr Sainsbury on a Thursday

Welcome to Willow Class (Year 5)


On our page you will find useful information about the class routine, homework and upcoming events.


Also check here for photos of class activities.

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HOPS Juniors - What A Knight! - Act 1

Uploaded by Harrogate Operatic Players on 2017-08-02.

Songs to play and learn:
Castle of Camelot at 02:50
King Arthur at 09:40
How to be Me at 20:31
One of a Kind at 33:54
We're on a Quest at 40.05

HOPS Juniors - What a Knight! - Act 2

Uploaded by Harrogate Operatic Players on 2017-08-02.

Song to learn:
What a Knight: 16:04

Pirate Day

Pirate Day 1
Pirate Day 2
Pirate Day 3
Pirate Day 4
Pirate Day 5
Pirate Day 6
Pirate Day 7
Pirate Day 8
Pirate Day 9
Pirate Day 10
Pirate Day 11
Pirate Day 12
Pirate Day 13
Pirate Day 14
Pirate Day 15
Pirate Day 16
Pirate Day 17
Pirate Day 18
Pirate Day 19
Pirate Day 20
Pirate Day 21
Pirate Day 22
Pirate Day 23
Pirate Day 24

Percentage Activities in maths today

Sounds of Easter workshop with The Bridge

Spring Week 4


This week we have been writing poems based on Kit Wright's Magic Box poem. In maths we have been finding fractions of amounts using division and multiplication (divide by the denominator, multiply by the numerator.)

On Wednesday, we had a visit from our local community police officer to talk to us about cyberbullying and keeping safe online. It was a very imformative session and the children asked some fantastic questions.

On Friday, three teams from KS2 went to the Laverstock Small School Games tournament, We took one netball team and two football teams. Well done to all those who took part.
Next week we look forward to our class trip to the Science Centre in Winchester and 'Show what you know' Week when we do our end of term assessments.

Spring Week 3


Book Week


We have had a very busy week this week! On Monday we had a visit from an illustrator/ author. He did a drawing workshop with us and Year 6 for showing expression on character’s faces.

On Tuesday, upper key stage 2 did a class switch where children drew pictures in order to create a picture book for Percy Jackson.

On Wednesday morning, we were involved in a whole school switch where children competed two activities. Activity one was making their own mini picture book. Activity Two was a drama/dance representation of the story book A Dark Dark Tale.

On Friday, we had our dress up day. See below for photos.

Who are we?

Who are we? 1
Who are we? 2
Who are we? 3
Who are we? 4
Who are we? 5
Who are we? 6
Who are we? 7
Who are we? 8
Who are we? 9
Who are we? 10
Who are we? 11
Who are we? 12
Who are we? 13
Who are we? 14
Who are we? 15
Who are we? 16
Who are we? 17
Who are we? 18
Who are we? 19
Who are we? 20
Who are we? 21
Who are we? 22
Who are we? 23
Who are we? 24
Who are we? 25
Who are we? 26
Who are we? 27
Who are we? 28
Who are we? 29
Who are we? 30
Who are we? 31

Spring Week 2


SNOW!!!! It was very exciting this week to experience two snow days. I’m sure the children all had a great time out in the snow during these days.

Spring Term 2 Week 1

It was a busy first week back to the second half of the Spring term. We kicked off our maths this week learning how to compare fractions. In English, we looked at Newspaper reports and how they are structured. On Friday, we learned all about the Battle of Marathon and created a reinactment of this on the field. Next week we will be writing newspaper reports on the Battle of Marathon. The majority of the class played the Persian army while the rest played the Athenian army. In PSHE we have began our new unit 'Healthy me' alongside trying to maintain healthy friendships. In ICT, we learned how to send coded binary messages.

End of Week 5 Spring Term


This week we began our unit on Fractions in maths. We learned to convert equivalent fractions and use manipulatives to help us understand equivalent fractions. In English we focused on our class text Percy Jackson. We learned how to use relative clauses in our writing.

Some children enjoyed taking part in a football tournament, coming 4th place. 12 children had great fun taking part in orienteering on Friday morning.

Rainforest Day 24.11.17

We have a had a great day for our Rainforest Day. We have made rainforest cupcakes, created rainforest games on scratch and learnt a rainforest song. We also made clay rainforest animals.

Week ending 17.11.17


This week we have worked hard writing manifestos for our Perfect Island. Children decided how they would run an island and what rules they would have. There were some great ideas! On Monday, children made speeches to their groups about their ideas and then we looked around everyone's manifestos. 


After a secret ballot, we had a coalition between Grace G and Toby. Well done!


In maths we have been learning about measurements and converting metric measurements.


Year 5 are also very excited about planning their stalls for young enterprise ready for the Christmas Fayre. They only have a budget of £10. Who will make the most profit? There will be lots of preparations happening next week, ready for Friday.

Week ending 10th November


We have had a very busy week in Year 5!


On Monday we encountered a very entertaining assesmbly to launch our 'Take one book week' focused on the book, The Accidental Prime Minister. In the assembly, we met Joe (the main character played by Toby) who stands up for ideas and ends up taking over the country as Prime Minister. Throughout the week we have focused on a theme of government and politics, particularly British Values.


Children have designed a manifesto on the premise of 'If I were Prime Minister....' in order to create the perfect world. There have been some very interesting ideas put forward so far and I look forward to seeing the finished project next week.


On Wednesday, we had our parents maths workshop for Year 5 and 6. Mrs Rawnson and Miss Arrandale introduced mastery and what this looks like in the classroom. Then parents had the opportunity to work with their children on a variety of fluency, reasoning and problem solving tasks.


A very busy but enjoyable week!