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Winterbourne EarlsChurch of England Primary School

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January 2018


1- Happy New Year!!! frown

10- 'The Bridge' Christian group workshop on the Trinity.

11- Whole school RE day-various activities and 'the Bridge' presenting collectiveworship.

15- Sailor's society presenting collective worship and talking about their charity.

       Mrs Fox making pizza with first half of class.

19- Oral hygiene day - visit from Zoe the dentist.

22- Mrs Fox making pizza with second half of the class.

24- Mrs Hayter out on First aid training- Mrs Johnson covering.

25- Mrs Hayter out on First aid training-Mrs Morgan-Tranter covering.

26- 'Start the music' singing workshop with Mrs Parsons.

29- Miss Nokes (student on placement for 2 weeks) starts in Oak class alongside Mrs Truckle, Woodfine and Mrs Hayter.






5- World's wettest school run- charity event for the Sailor's society.  More Parent info about the charity can be found here;  To do their part our class will be running around the track, getting wet, in order to raise money for our charity school in the Phillipines, where the children do a daily wade through the sea to school and home again. (even children of 4 years old!!)  As a school we hope to contribute enough money to enable the Sailor's society to provide another boat for the children's school run.  Please send your child to school in the 'home clothes' that you don't mind getting wet, provide a towel and send their uniform in a NAMED carrier bag. ( after the run they can dry off in class, put their wet clothes into the bag and dress into their uniform once dry)  More info to follow.


6- Internet safety day- this is a global event.  More Parent info can be found here;

    Mrs Truckle out of class-Mrs Mac will cover during the afternoon.

7- 'Calm kids' workshop session - helping the children to use mindfulness in their day to day lives.

9- 16th Half term holiday

23- 'Start the Music' singing workshop with Mrs Parsons

26- Nurses in school to measure Oak class heights and weights



5-9th is our School 'Book week'.  Our theme this year is picture books and we will be taking part in activities, dressing up and enjoy listening to authors and other visitors sharing their writing and illustrating experiences.

7- Mrs Truckle out on training course- Mrs Mac covering