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Winterbourne EarlsChurch of England Primary School

‘Happy, Confident and Successful Learners’

General Timetable

Quick reference for Parents;

As from 13.11.17...

  • PE days are now Wednesday and Friday (half a class each day-please check with the Oak class staff which group your child is in)
  • Library books are changed on a Tuesday afternoon.
  • Reading books- we try to hear & change one group's books each day.  (Monday; Ladybirds, Tuesday; Snails, Wednesday; Bees, Thursday; Caterpillars, Friday; Butterflies.)  However this can be disrupted by visitors, photographs, concerts, or even simple things such as children wetting themselves or having an accident/illness (we only have 2 adults in class so if one is helping a child, or we are out of the classroom, it makes it tricky to hear readers &  change books) We tend to do a mass book change on a Wednesday and Friday, but please be patient if a book hasn't been changed before then.  The more Parent helpers we have in school, the simpler this task becomes and books are changed more frequently.  We currently have one volunteer on a Wednesday afternoon (Mrs Mac-a retired teacher from our school)
  • Trikes and scooters- each group gets to use these during afternoon play on a daily rota.(same as reading books above)
  • Wellie walks- we are hoping to start these on a Wednesday and Thursday, leaving school at 2.30 - 3.15pm, if we have enough Parental support.  (start date TBC)