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Welcome to the Oak Class (Reception class) web page.

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Oh wow, wow, wow!!

Welcome back after the holiday! The children were SO excited this morning, bringing in the work, pictures and baking that they have done during the holiday with you at home, We are going to have some ‘talk time’ during the week to share the lovely things that they’ve done at home and hopefully I can find a spot in the classroom to display it this term. Thank you 😊 

Please take a look in the gallery slideshow below.

Half term home challenge gallery

mailPlease see the above 'Homework' section for this half term's homework tasks and the accompanying Oak Class newsletter in the 'letters' section. For those of you in need of the red 'tag' words, please see the 'Parent information' section. Happy half Term! See you in a week! mail

5th- 9th February

Who can believe that this week, the children are half way through their first year of school already!?!

We’ve had a really good week, from learning about how some children in the Philippines have to swim 2 km to get to and from school every day, to how to be kind to others (and what to do if someone is unkind to you!) whilst playing computer games online.

On Monday, Oak class did an AMAZING job running round the track to raise money for the ‘worlds wettest school run’. It was a freezing cold day, so we didn’t get wet, but on the last lap Mrs Rawnson and our y6 buddies produced bubble wands and got the Oak class children running through bubbles instead. Everyone ran brilliantly....and some Oak class children even outpaced their buddies who were running with them!

Tuesday brought ‘safer internet day’ and the children took part in a variety of classroom activities related to sharing and creating online. Although the children in Oak class are younger, they certainly knew all about social media, how it worked and the types of messages or multiplayer games that they could send/play on a phone, tablet, I pad, Xbox or PlayStation. They are all so keen to share messages and play with others that it’s important they learn how to do it safely and politely early on. They also need to learn what to do if someone isn’t as kind to them and the games and activities we played in class give them some skills to do this. On Wednesday we had some ladies visiting School from a group called ‘Calm Kids’. They worked with the class for 20mins, teaching them some ‘calming’ strategies, such as breathing techniques, to help us gain control when we are cross or losing control. The rest of the week was less hectic, with normal classroom routines, activities and fewer visitors. The class also gained their 6 diamonds in the jar and chose a film to watch with Mrs Woodfine toward the end of the week. Our student, Amy Nokes, finished working with our class on Friday- that was a quick couple of weeks! We’re sad to see her go, but would like to wish her well with all her future studies and placements.

And so now it’s half term. I’m writing this on a very wet 🌧 PJ day in our house. I hope you’re having a good week and are enjoying the holiday homework tasks that we have set. Don’t forget to practise those tag words  and letter sounds too! See you all again on the 19th, 😊



The Lighthouse keepers lunch

Still image for this video
The children are acting parts of the story and creating their own stories during play.

Lots of finger gym activities

January 29th-February 2nd 2018


The children in Oak class have been having fun learning about money and money problems this week.  They are getting pretty good at recognising the different coins we use when paying for things.  We have learnt how to substitute 5ps and 10ps for 1 pennies.  Please would you reinforce this learning at home by playing shopping games with your children.  It's a rarity these days that we as adults pay for things using coins but as and when these occasions arise, please take the opportinuty to involve the children in this process.


The children are coming on in leaps and bounds with their reading and learning of their tag words.  Mrs Hayter has been very busy assessing the children's letter sound knowledge this week.  This activity is carried out on a 1-1 basis which as you can imagine, takes time.  She will be continuing next week.  We endeavour to change your children's reading books three times a week, now on a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday.  It's wonderful to hear of so many keen children who seem to be rattling through our stocks here at a rate of knots! Please continue to supplement with books from home and their school library much exposure to books as possible will continue to encourage a love of reading.


We are becoming increasingly inundated with toys on keyrings in the children's book bags.  It's fine for the children to have a label or a small toy so that they are able to identify their book bag in amongst the masses but please could you remove any excesses!?  It makes getting into their book bags quite a challenge and  the bag boxes are becoming more and more full.  Thank you for your support. 


Although we have a daily supply of fresh friut and veg that the children enjoy at snack time, some children are choosing to bring in snacks from home.  This is fine but please ensure they are bringing in only fresh fruit or vegetables.  No dried fruit, thank you.

January 22nd-26th

Another exciting week in Oak class!!

We've been working really hard with the children in Maths over the past few weeks, making sure that they recognise their numbers to 10 and can count 10 objects, put the numbers in order and many children have started to write the digits independently, or copy them from number lines.  We played 'The lighthouse keeper's lunch' game on Tuesday and the group used lots of verbal language related to adding and subtracting- words such as more/less, add on/take away, plus/minus, equals...all vocabulary that they will need to understand when they start doing more formal addition and subtraction work. 

In 'song of sounds' we learned the sound and actions for qu/sh/ch/th.  Most of the children are finding it very hard to hear the difference between the 'th' sound and the 'f' sound.  Now, this makes very little difference to us as Parents, as we can understand when they say 'thish' (fish) or if they say 'wif' (with).....we know what they mean!  However, children of this age do need these spoken sounds correcting, as they will go on to spell these words incorrectly as they begin to write. (particularly 'with'.....soooo many children spell it incorrectly in later years) Please work on these sounds with your child and ensure they are placing their tongue in the correct place, in order to make the correct sound to match the letter.  We have an assessment week approaching before the half term break and will be looking to start another group of tag word children after the holiday.

Monday was great fun as Mrs Fox came into school and made pizza with the children.  Please drop in your child's pizza £1 donation, if you haven't already done so.  On Tuesday we played maths  games, retold stories and changed the library books.

Wednesday morning was HUGELY exciting as we had a power cut at school! The electricity was off for just over an hour and our classroom was incredibly dark during this time. (no lights plus a miserable grey rainy day and the canopy outside meant our room was hardly lit at all)  However, we had a fun time with some battery tea lights (a last minute buy from B&M's at Christmas-knew they'd come in handy!) and explored what we could make and do with them in the dark.  Some children went out into the lighter, but wetter and windier garden, to make things with our found materials. (junk modelling)  Apologies for the grainy pics above, but it really was very dark!  We also had a whole class PE (gymnastics) lesson, as Mrs Parsons was in during our Friday PE session to teach her 'Start the Music' singing lesson with the class.

January 15-19th

The week has whizzed by and once again, we have had very happy and increasingly confident children to teach.  They really are a super class and a credit to you all.

Today has been an exciting day as we had Zoe coming in to visit us.  Zoe is a dental hygienist and she spent a very worthwhile hour, talking to your children all about how to look after their teeth and also healthy versus non-healthy foods.  The children saw some giant teeth, met Cheeky the Monkey who really needed help with his teeth brushing and each child was given a toothbruch and small tube of toothpaste at the end of the day.  Hopefully they will all be telling you about Zoe's visit as they all seemed to get an awful lot out of it.

We have also had a visit from Mrs Grinling!  We had a very unhappy and grumpy Mr Grinling in class because Mrs Grinling hadn't given him his lunch!  We all showed Mrs Grinling how to write shopping lists so hopefully in future she will manage to get her shopping done in time.  ALL the children had a go at their own writing whether it was mark making for the younger children or sentence writing for the older children.  They were extremely focused and are all making terrific progress.


Mrs Hayter has been busy checking off the children's progress in their reading logs that we were given as part of the latest reading challenge.  Please do try to hear your children read on a regular basis.  We noticed that those children who are making the quickest progress with their reading, really are those that are reading to an adult at home at least 5 times a week.  Your efforts really do pay off!  In order for them to reach their destination in May at the end of the reading challenge, they need to have read at least 5 times each week over the course of the challenge. 

It has been really helpful that we have had quite a few parent helpers this week in school, so thank you. We'd really like the second half of the class to go on their Wellie Walk next Thursday (25th)  if at all possible.  If you are able to come along, please let Mrs Truckle or Mrs Hayter know early on next week.  As usual we will be leaving school at 2.30pm and our theme is using our senses.

Visit from the Dental Hygienist

Welcome back after the Christmas break.  We wish you all a very happy new year.

Your children have come back to school happy and very settled, all eager to tell everyone what Father Christmas has brought them and all about their antics over the festive season!  We have quickly got back into our classroom routines and rather surprisingly, all the children have remembered expectations and what to do and when. We are pleased to have been able to give out new reading books to everyone today.  We are in the process of re-jigging our books and are in the fortunate position to be able to order some new ones.  Watch this space!  Routines for changing books remains the same...your children should have new books on a Wednesday and a Friday and please continue to hear your child read most nights and practise their letter sounds and tag words if they now have them.

We are still in desperate need of parent helpers to help us manage our work load.  If you are able to help out in school, even if it is just for an hour a week, this would help us tremendously with tasks such as checking through tag words with each of the children.  These simple tasks are so important in helping the children progress and for us to monitor the children's developments.

I hope to continue with Wellie Walking on a Thursday, parent helpers allowing.  If you are still able to support us with this, please let Mrs Truckle know early on next week so that I am able to plan for this activitiy.


One final plea, please would you raid your recycling bins and send in any clean materials you consider would be useful for junk modeling.  We are going to be making junk model lighthouses so you can look forward to receiving these home in the not-too-distant future.    surprise

Preparing displays for the new Role Play Area, making Lighthouses and practising our writing.

Preparing displays for the new Role Play Area, making Lighthouses and practising our writing. 1
Preparing displays for the new Role Play Area, making Lighthouses and practising our writing. 2
Preparing displays for the new Role Play Area, making Lighthouses and practising our writing. 3
Preparing displays for the new Role Play Area, making Lighthouses and practising our writing. 4
Preparing displays for the new Role Play Area, making Lighthouses and practising our writing. 5

Christmas Fun...visits from Father Chrstmas, our first Class Trip and Christmas Party Games

Christmas lunch!!

Nativity clothes- a few Parents have asked when the children’s costumes are coming home. We will be returning them next Tuesday, after the class have taken part in the church service at St. Michaels. Oak class, supported by their y6 buddies, will be creating a tableau of the nativity story during the service. This starts at 9.45am, the story of Christmas is told by y6, there are prayers, carols and is about an hour long. Please come along and you are more than welcome to walk down to church with us.
Thankyou our to all the Parents who sent ‘spare clothes’ in on Monday. Sadly not enough snow to build ⛄️ or catch ❄️ ( more slush and sleet!) but we’ll keep our fingers crossed for some of the white stuff next time!!

Coming up next week.....

11th~15th December

Monday....see message above

Tuesday.....Christmas school lunch/ library books collected in

Thursday..... Christmas party during the afternoon. Please send children to school with named party clothes in a named carrier bag.

Friday...... theatre trip during the afternoon. Please collect your child from the Playhouse in town. Let us know if you have arranged for a friend/ another member of your family to collect your child. Reading books and diaries will be collected in.

Monday 4th ~ Friday 8th December

Well we have officially entered, what we call at school, the silly season! 😆

Monday started with great excitement, as we took to the stage with Y1 and Y2 for our dress rehearsal to the rest of the school.  It went well and gave the children the chance to stand up on the stage for the first time. It was slightly chaotic at times...but then that’s what a dress rehearsal is for!

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday we did the nativity for ‘real’ and the class were amazing! We were very proud of them all.


The children’s reading books were changed ‘en masse’ On Monday, Wednesday and Friday by Mrs Hayter~ we won’t be able to hear them read in their daily groups now, but will change them on Monday and Wednesday this week. On Friday 15th we will collect all the reading books and diaries in for safe keeping through the Christmas hols.  The children will get their books back when they return to school in January. I’m sure that Father Christmas will be giving your child plenty of activities to read and write during the break!


In between performances, Mrs Hayter also managed to change the library books on Tuesday morning!  We will be collecting in library books on Tuesday 12th and will resume our library on the second Tuesday in January.


Thankyou to the Parents who came on our wellie walk too, Thursday definitely seems to be a better day for support for our walk.

Monday 27th November - Friday 1st December


This week has really seen the start of Advent.  Classrooms were frantically decorated in preparation for the Christmas Fayre on Friday evening and the mood of the children has stepped up a notch as excitement is mounting!


Half of the class went out on a beautiful Wellie Walk on Thursday afternoon.  Although it was pretty cold, the sun shone and the countryside really is beautiful at this time of the year.  The purpose of our walk was to see how many shapes we could spot on our way.  We saw lots of squares and rectangles and the odd circle but one of the children spotted an octagon just as we were about to head back to school....great excitement! surprise


As long as the predicted rain isn't too heavy, we plan to take the other half of the class out on Thursday 7th, so keep your fingers crossed. 

On Friday afternoon, the whole of Key Stage 1 walked down to the Glebe Hall for a DVD afternoon whilst our classrooms were being set up for the Fayre.  All of the children seemed to really enjoy Sean the Sheep and were brilliantly behaved and a real credit to you all. 

Can we send our apologies that the children's reading books weren't changed as is the normal routine on a Friday.  We will instead change everyone's on Monday, then all being well, again on Wednesday and Friday.  If we have not had the opportunity to change your child's book on Wednesday or Friday, particularly at this busy time of the year, please do pop in to ask if you can change them.  We like enthusiastic parents!!


Play rehearsals have been going well and we really look forward to showing you our production of 'Lights, Camel, Action' on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  I hope the children have been coming home singing the songs to you.  There have been a lot of words this year, so if our Reception children have been able to join in with some of the choruses, we've been delighted!    Enjoy smiley

mailLittle Appeal.... if you have any cardboard inner loo rolls, or kitchen rolls ready for recycling, please could you send them into class for our 'binocular' making, thank you.

sadChristmas- our school is taking part in the St. Thomas Christmas Tree festival again this year and our class are making angels.  We could really do with some Parent helpers to volunteer to help the children make and decorate their angel ready for the display.  Any day-any time.  Please let us know if you can spare some time to help us out, no we need to have our angels ready for the display by the end of November, so help in the next couple of weeks would be amazing.

6th - 10th November

Last week saw the whole school taking part in the project 'Take one Book.'  The chosen book was called The Accidental Prime Minister by Tom Mc Laughlin.  A good read if you get the chance...a little grown up for our class but we were able to choose some Early Years type activities along the theme and the children always enjoy working with children from other classes as happened on Monday and Thursday afternoons.  The children learnt all about the Houses of Parliament, Voting, Members of Parliament and even got to see their teachers dressed as children on Monday!  On Friday the Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl got to be the Head Teachers for the day.  They ran Assembly, looked at children's good pieces of work and helped with cutting up meals at lunchtime!  I think Oak Class were a little bemused by it all but nevertheless, joined in and had a thoroughly lovely time.


We have been learning all about numbers, how we write them, large and small and about the conservation of number.  The children have also been learning their shapes, stretching themselves by learning Pentagons and Hexagons (they just love new words...we had a variety on the theme such as 'Pexagons' and 'Hentagons' but they're giving it a good go!) They need to know how many sides and corners Circles (no corners but one side that is curved and goes all the way around), Squares, Rectangles or Oblongs and Triangles have.  We also discussed the difference between a square and a Rectangle.  When we go on our Wellie Walk this week, our focus will be looking out for shapes in the environment.  We have already had 2 Mums who have expressed interest in coming along to help, thank you.  We do need 2 more for both Wednesday and Thursday please.  Please speak with Mrs Hayter or Mrs Truckle on Monday or Tuesday as your DBS check will need to be completed with Mrs Hyde in the office before Wednesday.  Once you have this, you can come in as regularly as you like to help in school!


Next week we will be carrying out assessments of your children's letter sound knowledge so far.  Thank you for spending time 'reading' with your children so regularly at home.  It does seem quite laborious in the early days when they need to sound out each individual sound and blending doesn't come easily but it DOES get easier...we promise.


Please don't forget that next Friday the children can come to school in 'home clothes' and they can bring in a £1 donation in preparation for the School Fayre on 1st December. 

This Week's gallery

October 30th- November 3rd

Welcome back!! The children have enjoyed their first week back at school after the break and settled in very quickly.  We've changed our daily timetable slightly (please see above) to create more structure in the week and allow us to 'fit in' the formal teaching, such as our PE lessons.  The children are currently having one formal PE lesson each week- we have split the class into 2 groups. While one half of the class does PE, the other half takes part in a circle time (PSHEE) in the classroom.  The groups are then switched to allow the other half of the class to take part in PE/PSHEE.  Our children also use the scooters and bikes on the playground, with a group playing on them every day during afternoon playtime. After Christmas, as the children become faster when changing, the PE groups will come together and we will be having 2 hours of PE each week, with extra time for bikes and scooters as before during playtime.


If you would like to come in and help us at school then please let us know!! heartWe would love you to!heartPlease go to the school office to complete an online security check with Mrs Hyde, as you are unable to help in school, on wellie walks, or on trips without doing the check.  We desperately need volunteers to help to hear readers, practise tag words with individuals, cooking, wellie walk helpers, Christmas/school party helpers and Parents to play games with small groups of children.  Even if you can help for a short time each week then please let us know.

Please see the letters section above for new info!!

October 9th - 13th

Our Maths Leader and Maths Governor visited our classroom on Thursday to see some maths in progress.  The children were demonstrating some really good counting and adding ladybird spots as well as playing with dominoes to see what each set of dots added together would make.  Miss Arrandale was very impressed with how well your children were able to count and add up.  She also commented on how quiet and on-task the class were!  sad 

It was lovely to catch up with lots of parents on Monday and Wednesday afternoon/evening.  Please don't feel restricted to parent evenings to catch one of us if you have any queries at all.  We are available at any time and if there is a matter that requires a little more time, we're always happy to arrange another meet up.  Please note that there is an 'End of Reception Year Expectations' information sheet on the website now, under the heading 'Parent Information'.  We have found a lot of parents in the past have wanted to know exactly how much their children should be able to do by the end of this year in Maths and English.  This information sheet should serve to reinforce this for you.

It's been brought to our attention that some parents are putting squash or juice into their children's water bottles in the mornings.  We have a 'water only' policy for drink bottles please.  Spilt squash and juice can be very sticky; not only that but we are constantly encouraging children to eat and drink healthily and water is the best drink to keep your children hydrated through the day.  One other plea please.  Could children carry their bottles separately rather than put them into their book bags?  They often leak and we are conscious that we sometimes have to throw school books away due to water damage and as you know, books are expensive to replace.  Thank you.  Rant over!  surprise

With the half term holiday fast approaching, can we remind you that school finishes on Tuesday at the normal time of 3.15pm.  We wish you all a happy half term holiday and will welcome your lovely, rested children back to school on Monday 30th October.



October 2nd - 6th 2017


A busy week again in Oak class with the children encountering yet more new routines and experiences throughout the days.  They have coped extremely well with all the changes and most are adjusting to the rules and expectations of our school.

On Monday, KS1 (Years 1 & 2) had a special 'Circus skills' day as part of their topic work.  We were invited to join them in the hall for the first half an hour of the morning and Oak  class really enjoyed watching the demonstration of the various skills by 'Juggling Jake' who was going to be working with the KS1 children.  Our class behaved well for him.  We then had a busy day in class practising our 'Song of sounds', learning the phoneme 't' and finding objects which began with that letter around the class and school.

Tuesday brought our PE session, outside this time, where we tried to throw...and catch a ball, successfully and practised this in different ways.  It also highlighted that some children definitely need lots of practise taking off and putting on their own shoes, trainers, jumpers and undoing buttons on polo shirts!!  Remember that these are skills your child should continue to put into practise at home.  We also went to our Head teacher's assembly with the rest of the school in the hall.

On Wednesday our Literacy/English governors were in school and spent the morning touring the classrooms and looking at how the children were learning in each class.  Oak class proudly showed off the fine motor tasks that they had been doing to them and they were interested to see the different ways that many of our children hold their pencils or brushes.  Thank you to all the Parents who were able to come to the Teacher's reading meeting at the end of the day and please see the Parent information section above for some of the things we talked about and handed out during the meeting.

Thursday morning saw the class visiting St. Michael's church for the Harvest festival with the rest of our school and Friday was a Maths focus day, with lots of counting and ordering using leaves and other objects.

The children are now attending worship every day and we are currently splitting the class for PE (one session on a Tuesday, the other on a Friday)  Please check with the staff as to which day your child is doing the PE lesson.  Once all the children are faster at getting dressed/undressed we will put the groups together and they will all have two formal PE sessions each week.

Next week we will continue with our 'song of sounds' (letters i/n/d/m) and reading/blending the ones we learned last week into short words(p/a/t/s).

September 25th - 29th 2017


It's been another busy week with the children really settling into their new routines.  We have started going up to the dinner hall for lunch a little bit later (11.55am rather than 11.45am). Now that the children know what is expected of them they are all sat down eating by 12 and are ready to go out to play by 12.20pm.  Good work Oak Class!     no


The children attended 3 Worships this week, one on Wednesday, where they took part in singing, Thursday which was lead by one of our local vicars and the usual Celebration Worship on Friday which they all thoroughly enjoy.  The anticipation on their faces as they wait to see if they have been awarded a certificate is lovely to see as is their encouraging smiles when it is another one of their friends who is the lucky recipient.    surprise  Next week they will attend the 'whole school worship' on Monday morning with our Head Teacher, Ms Purchase.

Our topic is well underway with the children producing lots of lovely Farm/Harvest crafts.  We now have Scarecrow faces peering down at us from around the classroom!

Mrs Truckle, Mrs Hayter and myself are still getting through our Baseline Assessments of your children's Mathematical knowledge.  This enables us to have a starting point for their current knowledge and any progress they make in the coming weeks, we are able to track more easily with the help of our On-Line Learning Journal called Tapestry.  This is predominantly how we record your child's progress and can be accessed by you once it's properly up and running.  More information about Tapestry to follow.


Thanks to those parents who have started working with their children helping them to learn their letter sounds that were sent home last week.  Please remember how important it is to record ANY work that you have done with your child in their Reading Log.  It doesn't just have to be reading you record but anything you sit down to do with them...we love reading about what you do together at home.  As mentioned in a previous blog, we aim to assess your children's on-going alphabet learning each week.  However, we would greatly appreciate any help in school that you are willing to give.  So if you are able to give up just an hour once a week, we would be really grateful for your help with carrying out these assessments with the children. As you can imagine, it's a time-consuming activity to work with each child 1-1 to assess their knowledge.  If you able to help, please let a member of staff know.  smiley


We hope to see many of you at 2.45pm this coming Wednesday in the Reception Classroom for our Reading Meeting.  Please sign in at the front of school before making your way down to the classroom.


Best wishes,


The Oak Class Staff






Photos from the week......

Week of 5th September 2017


Last week was an exciting week for everyone...children and adults alike!  The children have all settled remarkably well and are already learning some of our routines.  Wednesday saw the children joining the rest of Key Stage 1 for playtime and it's lovely to see the older children looking after our youngest children so thoughtfully and with such care. 


Our morning routine  consists of snack time either before or after playtime depending on what's going on in the classroom.  The children have so far enjoyed raisins, pears and apples as well as milk to drink. 


Our Reception children had their first visit to the Hall on Friday when they had their first Music lesson with Mrs Parsons (this will take place every 3 weeks).  They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learnt some lovely new action songs and rhymes.


All your children's teachers have really enjoyed visiting your children in their home settings and having the opportunity to have a good chat with you all.  Thank you so much for making this possible and for your hospitality!