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Can you complete a form of exercise every day??

The challenge is for each child to complete as many minutes of exercise they can over a two week period (18th to 29th April 2022) and then, where possible and if they would like to, finish the challenge by completing the 1km, 3km or 5km run on the 30th April 2022. 


Please can you document the minutes on the google form :


Children can engage in any form of exercise they like, including but not limited to: Skipping, Running, Swimming, Cycling, Walking, Jumping, Yoga, Tennis, the list is endless. 


The class with the most logged minutes over the course of the two weeks will be able to choose a class treat. The winning class last year was Cherry (yr1) - they logged an astounding 42753 minutes. Now that they are Silver Birch (yr 2) will they win again????


Please do post photos on the FOWES Facebook Figsbury Events Page! 

Virtual Figsbury Ends today!! You can however get bonus minutes by running in tomorrows Figsbury Challenge!!

25/4/22 Cherry have taken the lead - what will the week bring???

24th April 22 As it stands at the halfway point!! It's close!

18/04/22 Silver Birch have started well - will they remain the top throughout like they did last year as Cherry Class!!