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Winterbourne EarlsChurch of England Primary School

‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

Summer Term 2022

The first part of the summer term will be driven by the theme "Let's Explore".

We will be using these books to lead our learning;

  • The King's New clothes (traditional)
  • Rumpelstiltskin (traditional)
  • The 12 Dancing Princesses (traditional)
  • Kipper's Birthday by Mick Inkpen
  • The Queen's Hat by Steve Antony
  • The Queen's handbag by Steve Antony
  • The Birthday Crown by Davide Cali
  • The Sparkly Crown by Marie Darwin
  • Does the Queen wear her crown in bed? By Marion McAuley


There is a 'Royal' theme running through our books as we will be learning a little about the Royal family in preparation for the Queen's platinum Jubilee.  We will be having a right Royal Tea Party at school on Friday 20th May.

We will be learning about the past through Royal events, places such as London and following the children's interests, becoming plant detectives and exploring seeds, answering the question "why do plants sometimes grow in funny places?".


This term we have been busy exploring!