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‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

Summer Term 2022

Week beginning 12th July


There are only two words: FOX FEST!

What an amazing day today - thank you very much FOWES. Enjoy looking at all the photos!!

Week beginning 5th July


This week, we started our whole school writing unit - The Lighthouse. It's been great to see how much everyone remembered about lighthouses (Mrs Baker was very impressed). Over the week, we split the short video into 3 parts - the beginning, middle and end. We've been sequencing the events and creating lots of AMAZING vocabulary to use in our stories next week. The children can't wait to write their stories in their new Year 2 books on Tuesday and Wednesday.


In Maths we have started length and height. We are using lots of stem sentences and language such as: smallest, bigger, biggest. This will be our final unit of the year and will continue to the last week of term. 

In PE we have continued our tennis lessons. Hand-eye coordination has been our focus - bouncing and catching balls, switching the racket between hands etc.

In Science our focus was senses - of course we went outside! Next week we will be looking at the human body.


Tuesday afternoon was very special - we met Mrs Bravery and Mrs Kerley. The children all had a wonderful time and are excited for Year 2. They had lots of questions for Mrs Bravery including what is your favourite ice-cream? The answer, just so you know, is chocolate! The next bump up session is Thursday afternoon.


Week beginning 21st June


We had a brilliant class treat today with our toys! All of them were very well behaved, watching us in PE, helping us use dictionaries in Phonics and even learning about deforestation in English. 
The class have loved learning about the Amazon rainforest this week. We have looked at the incredible animals who live there, the layers of the rainforest, why we need rainforests and the effects of deforestation. Next week, we will be writing independently about rainforests following the same structure as our previous text (happy place, sad place, questions, one after the other, save the world).

We finished our fractions this week - the children worked brilliantly - and we will be moving on to money next week.

On Thursday we had a visit from The Bridge. They taught us the story of the lost sheep. We got to act it out and even make our own sheep. 
In Science we looked at classifying animals. It was fun to work out whether they had fur, scales or even moist skin. We’ve had lots of opportunities to apply our knowledge this week as it links perfectly to our English. We’ll be continuing this next week.



Week beginning 14th June


This week we had our first ever Winterbourne Earls Sports Day and it was AMAZING! We completed a range of activities in the morning to collect points for our houses and then in the afternoon we had races using the special track lines. We were the first class to participate in the afternoon and proudly one of the only classes that didn’t have any false starts! Well done Cherry Class.


In Maths, we have been continuing with our fractions. Towards the end of the week we moved on to looking at quarters. We had to cut and fold really carefully – it was challenging but we tried our best! We will be finishing off our fraction unit next week.

In English, we have been writing our information texts using our non-fiction shapes from last week. We have written about our wonderful ocean, what makes our ocean sad and unhealthy, and finished the week writing questions. The writing this week has been ABSOLUTELY amazing!! The children have all worked incredibly hard and we have earnt our final marble. Time for a class treat next week!

On Thursday, with Mrs Hodgson, the children started their new Judaism unit ‘Are Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur important to Jewish children?’ and continued their very exciting computing unit.

Week beginning 7th June


On the first day back we had our wonderful Pentecost Day. We started the day with a wonderful Nature Walk around the village. Then we created some art using the items we had collected. They are up in the school library for all the classes to see. Then we learnt about Pentecost. The children didn't know much about it but they do now!

In the afternoon we made kites. Kites need wind to fly and Christian's believe that when God is with us, he helps us fly! We had great fun making them and even more fun flying them!!


In Maths, we started our fractions unit – looking at halves.

In English, we will be looking at a non-fiction book so that we can learn how to write an information text. The book ‘If Sharks disappeared’ is about the ocean and why it is so important to look after it. I know we have lots of children that are keen to save the planet and ensure everyone looks after it.

Mrs Tattersall is now working in our class on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning. This week we each planted a sunflower seed with her. They are now on the window sill and we are eagerly waiting to see shoots! We have now finished our Growing unit in Science and will be looking at animals including humans for the rest of the term.

On Thursday, we were designing our robots for Computing – we loved it and had so much fun!! We were almost silent we were concentrating so hard!!

Week beginning 10th May


What a rainy week we have had! I hope there is more sunshine forecast next week. This week we finished Wombat went Walkabout. We have absolutely loved this book and the writing has been AMAZING! On Thursday, we wrote book reviews and I can honestly say that everyone gave it 5/5 stars. Next week, we are going to plan our own stories in a different location but based on the same plot points. I'm thinking somewhere very cold...can you guess where we will be heading next week?


In maths, we  started our division. We began the week looking at doubles and playing Hit the Button. If you've never heard of it, it's a great website that you can play timed games using lots of number knowledge. We've had practical lessons on making equal groups (grouping), as well as completing worksheets, so we are ready to learn about making equal groups (sharing) next week.


Our beans are growing really well. We've got some that are over 15cm tall! Mine however, is not doing anything... On Tuesday we started our bean diaries so every week from now on, we will be observing the changes and recording them so we can compare week to week. Some of the seedlings are even ready to be planted into soil.


The children continued their learning of Shabbat with Mrs Hodgson - it will be their last lesson next week.

Week beginning 3rd May


What a wonderful way to end the week and the weather was absolutely amazing today for our treat. The staff are shattered, and the children should be shattered too! We all loved being at the park. We played on the swings, climbed on all the equipment and had some great (competitive) games of basketball. Then we returned to school for our picnic. The children were treated like royalty with a picnic lunch (chosen by them) served by the Year 1 team.


This week we've continued with our text in English. Our writing is improving all the time and I have given out so many stickers - I must order some more! Wombat is still looking for his mother, but we hope that he will find her next week. For our experience lesson, we learnt about bushfires. Then we created some FANTASTIC art work. See for yourself - it's wonderful!


In maths we have been looking at arrays (columns and rows). We've had a mixture of practical and recording lessons this week and we all understand what they should look like. Mrs Baker tried to trick us but we couldn't be fooled. We know that columns have to be equal and rows have to be equal.


We've been learning about Shabbat this week with Mrs Hodgson - it's the first time we've looked at a faith that isn't Christianity. It has been fascinating. 

Week beginning 26th April


This week we started our new English book 'Wombat Goes Walkabout'. At the beginning of the week we enjoyed learning about Australian animals - especially the Duck-Billed Platypus and the shape of a wombat's poo! In the story so far, the wombat has met a kookaburra and a wallaby. He thought they might be his friends, but they were boasting about what they could do and how good they were. We all agreed that we shouldn't boast - it isn't kind. 


Last week, as you know, we went on a wild plant hunt. This week for our plant topic, we planted our own bean seeds. We have planted them in plastic cups and used cotton wool so that we can see how they grow. Hopefully we will see something happening soon.


In maths we've started our new topic of multiplication and division. We began the week looking at equal and unequal groups which we all understood very well. We have now moved onto adding equal groups, also known as repeated addition.