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Winterbourne EarlsChurch of England Primary School

‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

Summer Term 2021

7th June 2021

We are celebrating Pentecost.

Don't forget to come into school dressed in a brightly coloured t shirt today!  You will also need to wear a hat and some shoes that are good to walk in- trainers would be ideal. Please wear practical clothes such as shorts/leggings or trousers. Parents- please apply sun cream to your child before school and make sure that they bring a water bottle, as we will need to take them on our nature walk.

Week  - Beginning 7th June 2021

This week in Oak class we will be covering;

Content to be added after the half term holiday

Physical Development

Gross motor skills- Athletics To begin to understand the correct sprinting technique and practice key components for sprinting in a variety of activities and games.

Fine motor skillsScissor skills- can the children use scissors competently, safely & with some accuracy.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Circle Time- Changing me- Naming parts of the body and talking about the senses and what they are used for.

Understanding the world

Technology- Fantastic tales- Introduction to the book that will be used for an animation

The World- RE Special places - Observing the local natural environment and being able to talk about it with others.

People & communities- RE link- talking about walks we have been on with our families and places that we have visited

Expressive Arts & Design

Exploring & using media/materials & being imaginative-

  • Using brightly coloured paper to create kites


Continue to consolidate key skills in number.

  • Subitising/counting/ordering/comparing & matching
  • Knowing what a double looks like, making a double groups of objects and learning how to count a double number of objects.

Link to home learning site for this week; 




Song of Sounds daily sessions-

  • Sound talking spelling and writing 'green' (phonetic) words.  Practising recalling from memory, spelling & writing 'tricky' words.

1-1 Reading with a member of staff-

  • Completing reading comprehension assessments for the other half of the class


  • N/A


  • N/A


Week 6 Beginning 24th May 2021


What a lovely last week of term we have had.

Our class froglets are now proper frogs and have caused a stir by jumping up onto the inside of the tank on a regular basis.  The children have been thrilled to see them bouncing around.  They are going to live in Mrs Hayter's pond now, as we haven't got a school pond to release them into.

The children really enjoyed the African based story of Handa, LOVED smelling all the exotic fruits from the story and dressing up in the beautiful prints Mrs Hayter brought in from home (from her trip to Kenya a few years ago)  They also had a go at carrying a basket on their heads-just like many of the women and girls do in Tanzania.

The Maths was fun this week too and the children have been learning about right angled triangles, squares, pattern, tessilation and tangrams.  We also looked at pattern used in camouflage in nature.

We also had a visit from 'The Bridge' Christian education group who came to work with the class on the RE story of 'Noah and the great flood'.

The highlight of our week however, was the visit on Wednesday from our local Police Community Officers who introduced themselves to the class, shared what they did in their job, answered a multitude of questions and, of course, showed the class their amazing police pick up vehicle.

Its been an incredibly busy term and the children are all beginning to show signs of needing a break from school- we have a little snotty cold and tummy upset going round, as well as children becoming tired toward the end of the day.

Have a fantastic half term break.  It looks as though the weather is going to be kind this holiday, so we hope you enjoy some days out too. If you are visiting friends or family, then stay safe and have a lovely time.  Have a super week and we will see you for the children's final Reception term again, on the  7th JUne!!

This week in pictures wb 24/5/21