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Summer Term 2020

Summer Hols 2019!!

Hooray!! they are finally here.

Dear Parents,

Have an AMAZING time over the Summer with your children and make lots of memories!

Fingers crossed for sunny weather, dry days and lots of fun.

The Oak class team would like to say a really big 'thank you' for all your support, enthusiasm and generosity this year.  We shall miss the class terribly, but know that they are ready to move on up into Year 1.

Wishing you all the best for the Summer

Mrs T, Mrs Woodfine & Mrs Hayter

Thursday 11th July

Hi all!!  I am sorry its been a bit quiet on this blogging front, but things have become increasingly busy at school and there hasn't been much time to update here!

The children have really enjoyed their transition sessions with Mrs Carter.  Some were hugely excited to go and a few were a little nervous, but all were fine and smiley once in Cherry class.  They were also chatty about what they had been doing once they returned to me......lots of discussion about boats.....perhaps there's a new sea-related topic on the horizon for September?

The class went to see the dress rehearsal on the Y5/6 show last week and loved it....especially watching their buddies on stage.

Now... a couple of things to let you know and messages to keep you up to date ( in case I forget to write thiings on the board!)

  • If you haven't done so already, please return your child's school library book.  Mrs Johnson is collecting and collating in the library, as she is leaving our school and moving to pastures new over the Summer. crying We will miss her weekly sessions with the class as the children love storytelling with her.
  • PE kits- please ensure that your child has a kit in school on Monday 15th July as this will be our final PE session.  I will send kits home at the end of the day so you have t-shirts at home for our trip.  Please come in to collect the kit if your child does not bring it home at the end of the day.
  • Riverbourne trip- thank you to the Parents who have volunteered to help out on our trip days.  Tuesday 16th is rather short of volunteers, so if you can stay to help when you drop off your child.-even just for an hour then it would be greatly appreciated.  Tuesday 16th- Mrs T's PE group......Thursday 18th- Mrs W's PE group.  Mrs Hayter will be at school and in class to receive the rest of the children as normal at 9. 
  1. Please drop your child off at the farm between 9-9.15 am. 
  2. We will be meeting in the big barn.
  3. Your child does NOT need to bring a book bag/rucksack to the farm.
  4. Your child will need to bring a water bottle (filled).
  5. If hot-please ensure that you have applied sun-screen to your child before arrival.  
  6. Please ensure your child is wearing appropriate outer clothing for the weather.  If it is hot-a hat is required.  If wet, then a waterproof and wellies.
  7. Children need to wear their yellow PE t-shirt, trousers/leggings/joggers (due to ticks) and footwear with good grips.
  8. We will be leaving the farm at 11.30 am on a  minibus and will be back at school in time for our normal lunch with the rest of the class.

We are looking forward to the trip and have a small workshop planned whilst we are there. Hint- does your child know what a caddis fly is? 

Monday 1st July

Hope that you all had a fantastic weekend and got out to enjoy the weather!!  I saw a couple of our families down at AFD on Hudson's field over the weekend- hope you had a super time?!

Today is a bit of a mixed up day for Oak class.  Mrs Carter is with the class for another transition morning and then after lunch the class will be out of their classroom and (depending on the weather) doing activities outside/in the Y6 classroom with Ms Purchase for the afternoon. This is due to the 'newbies' visiting the Oak classroom for their taster afternoon #throwback to a year ago!! 

Friday 21st

Don't forget to return your slip and come along to the office at 9.15 am and join us in the hall  for the 'Start the music' performance with Oak class and Mrs Parsons.

Friday 21st June

Goodness me, what a hectic week we have had so far!!

Sports day was great fun.  The children were amazing and so well behaved, even although it was a very long afternoon.  The whole class loved giving everyone a wave and participated well, joining in with enthusiasm and tried their best.  They cheered and shouted and encouraged.  And they made me very proud.  They are a super team.  Photo's to follow below.

On Tuesday morning Oak class met Mrs Carter and Mrs Kerley properly for the first time.  They spent an hour and a half in their classroom with their new teacher and TA, doing activities related to the Quentin Blake story book "Patrick". They were weary ( a new teacher's expectations are always very different) but elated when I rejoined them to take the class to lunch.  The next transition session in Oak class will be on Friday 28th June from 9.30-11.30 am.

Wednesday morning saw us out on the school field at 9.20 having our class photo taken.  It was hugely exciting and we were very noisy and chatty all day afterwards.

All these events have rather put paid to our normal classroom learning during the early part of the week, so we have concentrated on learning all about length in maths and continued with our Song of sounds writing assessments.

The children loved the total immersion that we had on Wednesday when we were learning about length, but we would love you to practise the vocabulary at home associated with measures, as we had lots of big/small when we were comparing objects and we would really like them to start using long/short, longest/shortest, longer/shorter.  This coming week we will be immersing the children in learning about height, so encouraging them to use words such as tall/taller/tallest/short/shorter/shortest would be great.  Our length learning pics are below....enjoy!!

Wednesday 19th

Don't forget jumpers and cardigans!!

It's class photographs this morning!!


Tuesday 18th

Mrs Carter will be coming to Oak class to spend the morning with the children, do some activities and get to know them a little. This is the first transition session of four in the coming weeks.

Monday 17th June

Today is sports day!! Please come to school dressed in your kit ready to start.  You will NOT need your book-bag as we won't have time to change reading books today....but you will definitely need to bring a water bottle and hat. 

During the morning the whole school takes part in a carousel of mini games activities that are run by our Y6 buddies.  The classes are split into smaller groups and combined to have mixed age groups. Points can be earned for your school house through participation, gamesmanship, respect and teamwork.  Please talk to your children about this at home over the weekend, as sometimes Oak class can find sports day quite daunting!

Parents are invited in for the afternoon for a 1.30 pm start.  This is when the children compete in a flat running race, a fun race and some participate in a long distance race around our track.  If there is time we sometimes have a toddler/Parent race too!  Its a good idea to bring a chair or blanket to sit on.  The races take place on the tracks ( to the left as you look down the field)  and the children sit to the right, in their classes, with their backs to the grass bank.  We would like your child to remain with their class during the afternoon and collection is from our classroom as normal at the end of the day.  Please talk to your child about this, as sometimes Oak class children find it difficult when they see their Parents, but are not allowed to sit with them during the afternoon.  We encourage a big smile and lots of waving when Parents are spotted!  Fingers crossed for good weather...don't forget the sun screen and a hat for your child!

Friday 14th June

Mrs Woodfine is out at a training course this morning- Mrs Mac will be covering alongside Mrs Hayter until lunchtime.


#sports-day Please take your child's PE kits home today and send them in dressed in kit on Monday 17th, ready to start.  They will stay in kit all day so will not need uniform...or their book bag (no time to change books)- they will still need a water bottle and coat though! (if your child forgets their kit then please pop in to collect it) Thank you!

Science Week - working with our Year 6 buddies

Many apologies, I omitted to mention the start time of the Start the Music lesson.  It will be 9.15am in the hall but you may need to wait in the Reception area until Mrs Parsons has had a chance to set up.  Look forward to seeing you then!

Friday June 7th 2019

Just a very brief entry for this week with a few short reminders.

  • Please try to change the children's maths games each Friday morning.  I do apologise the boxes weren't out at 8.50am this morning.  They did appear eventually but were a little late.  Please also remember that we are unable to give new ones out until the old ones have been brought back in.  Thank you.
  • Included in the 'letters' section of the website is an invitation to our Music session in a couple of weeks.  The children all came home with a 'hard' copy today but just in case yours has gone missing, please print one off from the website.
  • I'm sure the children will have told you but the latest on our class butterflies...3 have emerged in the last 24 hours, 1 got stuck in its chrysalis and when it emerged, its wings were deformed.  We're not entirely sure it will last the weekend.  As I write, the last butterfly is still in its chrysallis so hopefully by Monday morning we'll all be able to see 4 healthy butterflies ready to be released when the sun comes out. 

Have a lovely weekend and hopefully the sun will come out again.

Wednesday 5th June

Mrs T is out of class today. Mrs Mac  will be covering for the day, alongside Mrs Hayter.

Picture 1 Oak class now have 5 chrysalis!

Holiday homework!

We have not set any specific homework for this half term, but please see information below re Phonics/reading assessments

Please consolidate your child's reading skills and practise anything that was flagged up on their previous assessment.

Have a good week!

Tuesday 28th May

Dear Parents,

Please don't forget that we have a final 'Song of sounds' phonics assessment coming up during the first week back after the holiday.  The assessment covers the new learning that we have been doing in the classroom this term so far, as well as the consolidation that your child has been doing at home and practise related to the previous assessment (no. 3) that we sent home last term. This will be your child's last phonic assessment before moving up to Year 1 in September.  As we have done with previous reading assessments, we will be asking the children to work 1-1 with an adult (instead of our reading) and will send home a copy of your child's assessment once completed. (for your child to practise any weaker areas before moving up in September)

We will be checking;

  • All of their phonetic sounds from the sound mat (on this web page) but WITHOUT picture prompts-only lower case letters.
  • Their ability and confidence when sounding out/reading a list of 6 four/five  letter words e.g. hump/ milk/ bench/stair.
  • Their ability and confidence when sounding out/reading two syllable words e.g. rainbow/ windmill/ picnic.
  • Confidence when reading the 'tricky' words.  This will be a mixture of all 3 tricky word tags.
  • Their confidence and ability when reading a simple sentence, e.g. The chick can jump across the yard.
  • Their confidence and ability when reading a more complex sentence e.g. Grandad went to the garden shop to get plant pots.

As with previous assessments there is also a short writing task on the sheet.  Your child will be shown a familiar picture and will be asked to sound out, then write a 4/5 letter word and a 2 syllable word.  They will be able to refer to a sound mat to enable letters to be copied correctly.

They will also be asked to write a list of 4/5 'tricky' words from the tricky word tags (different ones to the ones they have been asked to read above!)  Again they can refer to the sound mat for letter formation, but they will have to remember what the 'tricky' words look like from memory.

As you can appreciate this 1-1 assessment will take longer than one week to complete!  Please be patient and we will return to hearing your child read 1-1 once everyone has completed their phonic assessment.  Many thanks for understanding!

Bank holiday flash update!! laugh

Our Oak class caterpillars are changing!!

The caterpillars are having a holiday with Mrs T and this morning they are changing! There is only one caterpillar left in the pot and we now have 4 ....of something else. Can you remember what they are called when they are changing? 

Picture 1

Monday 27th May

Have a lovely Bank holiday and half term everyone!

Have a look below to see some of the things we have been learning in the classroom over the past week.

Monday 20th May

Again, due to Judo, we have a slight change to the timetable. Many apologies.

Mrs T's Tuesday library group will not be changing their books this week.

Mrs Woodfine's Thursday library group will be changing their books on Tuesday 21st.  Please ensure your child brings their library book to school on Tuesday instead of Thursday, thank you.

Friday 17th May

Well the children LOVED their Judo lesson on Thursday morning.  They all took it in their stride and really got stuck in!  Mark is a great Judo coach and if this is something you feel your child would like to do more of, he runs the class before school on a Thursday starting at 8.15am. Mrs Hyde will have details of prices, uniform etc.  We have one more taster session next Thursday so if you were able to send the children in promptly again to get changed, that would be a huge help.  Thank you.

Hopefully you have all managed to pick up a Maths Game from our selection.  If your child catches the bus or is dropped off in the morning by someone other than yourselves, we have popped a game in their book bags and can change this again next Friday. We hope you enjoy playing these together.


Monday 13th May

This week we have a couple of changes to note on our timetable;

Tuesday 14th; we will not be doing PE, but my PE group will be using the trikes and scooters on the playground during the session.  We will change library books as normal.

Thursday 16th; Whole class PE- Judo taster session- please ensure long hair is tied back.  No library book change today, sorry.


blushWe need a little help please- if anyone has got some DIY skills, our water wall, that our lovely FOWES made for us, is suffering a little after the Winter and needs some TLC to get it back in working order.  With better weather on the way (hopefully!!) it would be really nice to have it working before the sunshine arrives.  The pallets that the wall is attached to can be removed if it is easier to take them home to 'fix'.  Please let us know if you are able to (or know someone who can!) help with the water wall.  Thank you! yes

Friday 10th May

Where is this month disappearing to???

We hope that you enjoyed the Bank holiday Monday this week and managed to get out and about during the dry weather.  The children have returned to school happily, a few with coldy (or maybe hayfever?) sniffles and, unfortunately, we have one or two off school with a D&V bug that has paid a visit again.  **Please note, if your child suffers from hay fever, then ensure that they have been given their antihistamine before coming to school, as we are unable to give them medication that has not been prescribed by a doctor during the school day.

This week has been short....but sweet.

During PE we finished practising our long jump and began learning how to 'shot putt' the beanbags and tennis balls.  Meanwhile, at circle time, Mrs Hayter has been helping the children to think about friendships, how to make them, what to do if you 'fall out' and what makes a 'good' friend.  Song of sounds has moved onto a new set of 'tricky words' ( attached to your child's tags)  This will be the last set of tricky words from Oak class-the next set will be in Year 1 (Cherry class) Our other learning in literacy this week has revolved around the tricky words, doing word-searches and writing simple sentences starting with the words, 'They are all,,,,,'  Our Parent volunteers are now asking the children to write their CVC words when they come to practise reading with them- They have gone back to the beginning, starting with tag 1.  As our main story was 'Aaaarrgghh! Spider! by Lydia Monks, the class took turns to go spider and web hunting in the school grounds, looking for ideal spider habitats and drawing the spiders and webs that they found using charcoal pencils.  Our investigation tuff tray in the garden is alive with spiders, snails, woodlice and a chafer beetle.  Do pop in to have a look....if you are feeling brave enough!!  




Friday 3rd May 2019


Oak Class have had a lovely week and are really making huge strides with their learning.  Their reading is becoming more fluent and they are hearing and writing more difficult words now. 

The children will be bringing home Maths Games from next week.  This works in the same way as our library borrowing system in that they will take home their first game next Friday to play with you at home.  The following Friday they can bring this back and change it for a different game and this is where we'd like your help please.  It was extremely time consuming for one of us to sort each game, allocate for each child and check which they have had or not had.  Therefore, please could you help us by swapping the game each week and helping your child choose a new one.  It is the intention that they will be able to do this for themselves by the end of the Summer Term!  If your child comes on the bus, with a child minder or Before-School club then we can help these children with this task so don't panic! If you should forget to return the game, please understand that we don't have enough games to reallocate until the old one has been returned.  We will ask you to record on a log to sign the games in and out. With each game there is a comment book for you to share any thoughts about how your child got on with their game, what they enjoyed, what they found tricky etc.  Thank you in anticipation.

On the subject of Maths, we are starting our '100 Club Challenge'.  We will be challenging your children to count as high as they can over the coming weeks and your help at home would be appreciated.  We will issue certificates for the children who have made good progress. 

There were a few children without coats at school this week.  We do have a few spares that we have been lending out but these are only flimsy kagool style jackets and don't offer much protection against the cold.  PLEASE could all children bring coats in next week and who knows, it might tempt the sun to shine again!

Have a lovely long weekend and see you back at school on Tuesday.


Tuesday 30th April 2019

We have sent library books home with the first group of children today.  If your child does not have a library book today they will bring one home on Thursday.  Library books are for you to share with your child, not for them to read as a reading book.  Please look after them.  When you have finished the library book then please return it in your child's book-bag on a Tuesday (group issued today) or Thursday.  We only have library time on a Tuesday and Thursday and are unable to change books on another day.  If you do not return a library book then we will be unable to issue another until it is found and returned (our system is computerised and uses bar codes- it won't allow another book to be borrowed until the previous one is returned)  Thank you.

Friday 26th April

What a super start to the new term!

The children came in well on Tuesday and were keen to share their holiday news, with each other and the Oak class team.  The weather was lovely on Tuesday, the children seem refreshed and I am sure that they have all grown at least an inch over the holidays!!

We had a lovely week and began our new topic for the term, which is all about mini-beasts, called  "Aaaarg! Spider".  We will be listening to mini-beast themed stories and learning about different creatures and their habitats this term. ( If you look in the Parent info section on the Oak class page you will see the planner which will tell you about the different aspects of the curriculum that we will be teaching through the topic.) 

We have decided to keep the same groups for PE this term too, on the same days. (next term we put the groups together for PE and the class will then do PE twice a week- as they will in Y1)  Please could you check that your child's plimsolls/ trainers fit OK (if you haven't done so already) as this term, when the weather is fine, we will be outside doing athletics on the field.

Thank you to all the Parents who practised the 'wobbly' phonemes with their children in the holiday, have encouraged their child to draw/colour/ write and who completed the reading books-Mrs Hayter changed 24 reading books on Tuesday morning....a new class record!  

Last but not least, a little reminder.  After the taste of warmer weather over the Easter weekend, its time to get your child's things ready for warmer Summer days at school.  We ask for you to send 3 things that will help to keep your child safe in hot weather.

A water bottle- The children in Oak class have unlimited access to their water bottles.  If the weather is hot, then it is important to keep re-hydrated.  We will remind the children to do this.  Some Parents like to freeze water bottles overnight, but please keep in mind that even on the hottest days, it can be almost impossible to drink out of the bottle during the first hour whilst frozen.  If your child has forgotten their bottle we will encourage them to use the water fountains.

A sun hat- to be kept on your child's peg at school. (please don't take it home as, very often, it gets left in the car or they forget to bring it back) We ask the children to wear their hats every time they go out to play, go out for PE, or go into our garden.  It does not have to be a school branded hat, but it is advised that it should provide shade to the back of the neck as well as the face.  (e.g. a legionnaire or bucket style hat) Please make sure that it is clearly marked with your child's name, as we often have several identical hats!!

Sunscreen - in your child's bag, in a small, manageable container, in a plastic bag (so it doesn't make a mess inside your child's book bag)  Please ensure that the container is clearly labelled with your child's name to avoid confusion, as we often get several containers that are the same.  At school, we currently do not provide sun cream for the children to apply.  We would ask that you apply sun cream/spray/roll on (liberally) to your child before school- Oak class are outside in the garden from the moment they arrive and then we can help the children to apply a top-up of their cream before lunchtime play or PE.  It is important that they begin to learn to do their cream independently and learn the 'sun sense' suggestions that will help them to stay safe in the sun as they grow up.  Please encourage them to learn to apply their own sunscreen when they are at home, as this will help them (and us at school!)  As you can imagine, helping 25 children to apply their product can take some time...and some children may not actually make it out to play if they struggle!!  More info on sun sense and safety is available on these sites... 

If the weather is exceedingly hot in the afternoons during the Summer term, we have a shortened lunch break and often do not go out to play, but will have a story in the shade of a tree, or will stay in class for a flop instead.  Last year we had temperatures in excess of 30 degrees during late July, both in the building and outside, so it is important that your child begins to learn how to keep cool, stay safe in the sun and know what to do if they are hot.  Please ask if you have any questions.



Tuesday 23rd April

Welcome back!

We hope that you had a lovely break over the weekend and perhaps, even managed a bit of a holiday whilst the children were off school. Whatever you have been doing, hopefully you have had a chance to enjoy the weather!’s Summer term and we have 12 weeks before the class break up for the Summer hols. This is also our transition term and we will be gradually building up activities with Year 1, to prepare the children for their transfer to Cherry class and their new teacher, in September. This is the term where the children really need to refine and develop the vital skills of writing, reading and counting to enable them to access the Ks1 curriculum successfully when they move up. At the end of the Reception year they will be leaving the Early Years Foundation stage and join the rest of the school in the Government’s national curriculum. Y1 & 2 are classed as Key stage 1 and Y3-6 are Key stage 2. As things become more formal next year and the class have less time to ‘play’ (something we value highly in Oak class!) we feel that transition is hugely important. More info to follow on this as we plan it in the coming weeks.

So, with this in mind we would like to let you know that we have our final ‘Song of sounds’ assessment of the year coming up in about 3 weeks time. We sent home the last assessment sheet before the hols- please make sure your child has practised any ‘wobbly bits’ highlighted on that sheet before they return to school.

In class, during our phonics teaching, we are now securing your child’s blending (reading a word like hat or brush confidently without having to sound out each letter aloud- if they still need to do this then encourage a whisper) and reading simple sentences confidently (e.g. I brush the hair on the doll. - the children should be starting to read all of these words without having to sound out each individual letter aloud) We also test their sight recognition of the tricky words and will continue to consolidate their ability to segment a word. (this is like the early stages of spelling. We do not ask your child to write the word, but they have to sound it out when asked. e.g. the word track. Sounded out it should be t-r-a-ck. We are moving onto longer words of 4/5 letters now.( However, if your child is a confident writer and is willing, then getting them to write the words as they segment is good practise. If not, then just practising colouring, drawing and letter formation is something to work on now.)