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Summer term 2021

Summer Term Curriculum map

Week ending 23 July

 We have really enjoyed a busy end of term with end of year assessments to complete alongside finishing our World War II story book. The Spitfires were nearly all finished- they took lots of papier mache, layers of paint and then glued British markings so quite a labour of love and those who finished were very proud. 

Everyone put lots of effort into World War II costumes for the themed day- we had home-made gas masks, ration books, identity cards and soem very true to life bare evacuee suitcases. Mrs Coldridge brought all her mother's pictures and scrap books and even the toy dog she took into the underground bomb shelter. She came in to help us learn how to French Knit. We also made salt dough airplanes and learnt Morse Code. After break we enjoyed solving a maths puzzle that led to a retrieving some secret hidden documents.

The end of term we moved classes into the main building so it took us a while to find out where things like scissors and plain paper lived.

It's been a successful year and Mrs Carter has been very proud of the progress we have made- not just academically but our relationships have developed and we have become more resilient as we have learnt to support and understand each other better.

Week Ending 5 July

Beat The Streets finished this week, which is a shame as we had all enjoyed running/cycling or walking between the beat boxes to gain points for the competition.

Tuesday was our Covert Operations Beaulieu trip which we all enjoyed. We had to go to spy school at the start, learning how all the spies sent from England in World War II were trained at Beaulieu and a lot of big houses were taken over by the military with the occupants told to find somewhere else to live.We had some secret missions to complete and loved seeing all the spy equipment in the museum. Lunch was with Florrie who told us all about rationing in the war and in the afternoon we learnt about what happened to children when they were evacuated.The old London bus was fascinating and we had a sit in the American war jeep.

We have had three transition sessions now so we can get used to the new routines and expectations.

The Year 5/6 musical was brilliant- we all enjoyed watching them perform, singing and dancing about Robin Hood.

We are excited to be starting on our model Spitfires- they look great.

Week Ending 28 June

This last fortnight has shot by! We started with Sports Day which was held on the only day during the fortnight that didn't rain. We had lovely sunny weather and the filed was packed with parents. Our flat races went well and our three-legged races were hilarious with people tripping over and falling through the finish line.

We have all enjoyed the story telling sessions we have had with Mrs Johnson and we have been acting out a chapter at a time the WWII book Doodlebug Summer. 

We have also been focusing on our own story writing using The Lion and The Unicorn as our base. Our focus for the first couple of chapters has been great descriptions and they are so good we have been sharing them together.

On Monday we were lucky enough to have the Army Bomb Disposal Team in to show us their robot and the gear they use to deals with bombs. We were able to try on their heavy protective equipment and use the metal detectors. Great fun!


Week Ending 14 June

This has been Science Week with lots of activities related to flight as on Friday we visited The Museum of Army Flying. We made Rockets with Mrs Carter on Tuesday and launched a few of the finished ones in the classroom. The idea was to see if we changed the material we made the rockets from whether it would affect the distance it travelled. We had mixed results! We then had the Year 6 pupils leading various fun Science activities like making ice cream without a freezer and melting ice hands. On Thursday we constructed and tested hovercrafts.

The trip to The Museum of Army Flying was great fun with a huge range of activities on offer. We did propaganda poster quizzes, coding activities, looked round a 1940s house, toured round the amazing gliders (which we had studied beforehand), tried on uniforms and clothes from the war and enjoyed a visit round all of the planes from World War II, learning how flight has developed over time. It was a really interesting trip enjoyed by all.

Week ending 7 June

The first week back we have been focusing on the evacuee story The Lion and The Unicorn. We have looked at the setting and examined the characters in the story, predicting what the characters may do later on in the book. Friend or Foe is getting exciting too, as the evacuees discover two Germans whose plane crash landed on the moor. In topic we have been focusing on the D-Day Landings as it is the 75th anniversary of this event which was critical to the success of the Allied troops. 

In Maths we are exploring subtraction moving from exchanging with Dienes blocks to column subtraction.

We have been busy rehearsing for Sports Day, sprinting and pacing on the long distance races. 


Week Ending 24 May

This last week before half term we have focused on preparing for our special VE Day guests on Thursday. We really enjoyed the tea party, especially when we were told we could help ourselves to some of the cakes we'd made! We sang three war time songs- the favourite was probably The Quartermaster's Store- and then Esme and Alice shared what their relatives remembered from the war. The best china was handled very carefully and we looked after our own special guest. Once tea was finished we interviewed our guests who told us what they remembered of the war- some brought medals, ration books and photos from their childhood.

Week Ending 17 May

Another busy week focusing on our World War II topic. We've been busy making Anderson shelters and planning our Make Do and Mend Project including writing our clear instructions to guide us. We are displaying both of these at our VE Day Tea Party on Thursday. We've written letters back from Mum to us as evacuees and looked at grammar to help our writing with Mrs Hood. Our new focus in maths is weight and capacity. We've enjoyed mini games of tennis in this hot weather and Mrs Carter was incredibly proud of how our class ran in the mini marathon.

Can all children please focus on reading and times tables over the half term, thanks?


Week Ending 10 May 

This week we have furthered our work on evacuees, focusing on what their reactions having been 'selected' by their host families in the countryside. We have written letters home to mum trying to explain the differences between their new lives and their old lives in London. This coming week we will be writing a letter from mum to the evacuee and looking at instructions linked to our 'Make Do and Mend' project.

In Maths we have rounded off work on fractions and started on length and perimeter with a sunny outdoor session measuring chalk rectangles, checking we know how to use long tape measures and reminding us of how we add large numbers together! We will be consolidating this work next week.

In tennis sessions, now that we have learnt to control the tennis ball, we are focusing on the forehand and have been able to play some mini games. The personal challenge has been recorded by some children on the class chart but not everyone. Please practice at home so we can see the improvement and remember to record results.

The reading challenge letter went out mid week. Well done to those children who read every day and gained stars in their reading record. We will be starting this properly on Monday, as it is a full week. Encouraging a daily reading schedule is one of the most important things parents can do to support their child within school.

There has not been a huge response about the trips- please send in reply slips and let us know who you'd like to invite to the VE Day Tea Party.


Week Ending 3 May

This week has been a busy but different week with Mrs Carter leading the Year 4 Residential Trip so Miss Purchase and Miss Swan have been helping cover the class.

We have looked more into the life of evacuees, thinking about how they would have felt, watching videos and examining texts relating to the subject. On Thursday we wrote an information text on the subject which we will be editing and redrafting before publication!

In Maths we did lots of hands on exploratory work with Mrs Hood and we are now happier with equivalent fractions. On Friday we examined different sorts of bomb shelters and learnt that Anderson Shelters were dug into the ground so they were damp and sometimes flooded. Morrison shelters were like a cage that you slept in and these were inside the house and often used as a table. We will be making model shelters next week.

Sadly seven children forgot their library books on Friday ( that's a quarter!)

We are now trying something different to encourage reading as our class is not as focused as other years on daily reading at home. Every day you read you get a sticker and 'earn' 3 minutes of Golden Time. So every one has the chance to get their full 15 minutes on Friday. On a great day (a 'marble day') we can all earn extra minutes for Golden Time.

The next library day is 17 May- please remember library books.

We are holding a VE Day Tea Party on Thursday 23 May from 1:30-3:00 for all relatives/friends/local people from the village who lived through the war and would like to share their experiences with us. Please let Mrs Carter know any names of people we can invite- we have all made lovely formal invitations to give out.

Week Beginning 23 April

Welcome back to everyone at the beginning of the summer term. This term we are looking at World War II and the children appeared to be excited, having brought lots of artefacts and replica documents for us to share. Please support your children to read any articles in books or online about World War II so they can share what they have learnt.We have decided to keep 'show and tell' to just topic-related items and only on Fridays; please encourage children to  leave all other toys/ football cards/Lego creations safely at home.

This week we have learnt all about evacuees- why children were evacuated, where they sent from and to and how they were evacuated over a short period of four days before war was declared. We have been reading 'Friend or Foe' by Michael Morporgo and we are starting to create a diary like 'My Secret War Diary' by Marcia Williams. We will be adding maps, letters, sketches, postcards and other things to make our diaries like the original book. Our maths is focused on fractions and in Science Mrs Hood is starting a unit magnets.

We now have PE slots on a Monday and Tuesday as swimming has now finished, so please ensure PE kit is in school on these days. Well done to those children who have started running club and have entered the Mini Marathon. We are hoping to encourage as many children as possible to run in the main fundraising event of the year- The Figsbury Challenge; it is a brilliant family event- please check out the testimonials and pictures on the Figsbury Challenge page of the website.