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Winterbourne EarlsChurch of England Primary School

‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

Spring Term 2022

January 2022


The first half of this term is set to be a very busy, as we embark on our new topic, 'Ice Age'.  We will be learning about the following:


  • Dinosaurs & fossils
  • Snow and Ice
  • Stone age tools
  • Textures and Materials
  • People who help us including a visit from a local farmer
  • Setting our self goals and resolutions
  • Dance and movement in PE
  • Learning about celebrations in religions other than Christianity eg. Islam
  • Working with numbers to 5 in maths and learning important skills such as subitising, ordinality, composition and comparison!
  • Continuing to build our skills in recognising phonemes, digraphs and  trigraphs through our reading scheme and Song of Sounds
  • Learning to form recognisable letters and beginning to write CVC words (pot, cat) and simple sentences with help.
  • Sharing books and retelling familiar stories using the Helicopter stories approach.
  • Exploring the effects that can be made with drawing pencils, chalk, paint & glue
  • Start the Music workshop with Jane Parsons very 3 weeks


Happy New Year and here's to a happy and healthy term!


Photo's from Spring 1's learning

March 2022


Well, we have passed the half way mark in the Reception class year and the children are making amazing progress!  As we move toward the end of the Foundation stage, the focus shifts slightly and we begin to look ahead with our skills base, in order to prepare the class for the transition to Key Stage 1 in the Summer term. 

However, this term our theme still follows the children's interests.  We have called it 'Eggs' as we will be watching the many seasonal changes happening around us.  We are also taking part in the combined whole school environmental/book week theme for the first couple of weeks, before starting our focus classwork related to Eggs.


  • Book week- focus on biodiversity and sharing the whole school book, 'The Promise'.  Using the class books 'The Extraordinary Gardener' & 'Bee' as a  stimulus for Oak class learning about the environment.
  • Wellie walk
  • Seed planting
  • Open afternoon for Parents


  • Thinking about staying safe and healthy during our class circle times and outdoor activity sessions.
  • Giving the children an opportunity to create and tell their own story through a weekly helicopter story session.
  • Visiting gymnastics coach to work with the class each week.
  • Continue to ensure all children are secure with their letter sounds (phonics), especially the digraphs/ trigraphs.
  • Ensuring all children can write their name independently, forming the letters correctly
  • Practising and consolidating the movements needed to form and write lower case letters correctly (handwriting)
  • Consolidate blending and segmenting (sounding out) when reading
  • Practise verbally and begin to write more complex words using sounds and letters that they know.
  • Begin to write captions and short sentences independently
  • Applying the children's subitising skills(looking without counting- knowing & recognising a number to 5) in Maths, to understanding number bonds to 10.
  • Learning about 3D (solid) shapes, naming them and creating/extending repeating 2D (flat) shape patterns
  • Specific skills & technique learning when using paint, charcoal, pastels and collage materials
  • Exploring what effects can be made using paint, charcoal, pastel and collage
  • Farm visit
  • Observing real changes happening with tadpoles, seasons, plants and animals
  • Life cycles, biodiversity and habitats
  • Looking at non fiction books and using the information within to expand children's knowledge about change 
  • Start the Music workshops every 3 weeks with Jane Parsons
  • Looking ahead toward Easter- thinking about and discussing why Christians put a cross in an Easter garden.
  • Parent consultation meetings

As ever, if you wish to speak with a member of staff about any concerns or queries, do contact us through Seesaw or the front office.