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Spring Term 2022

Spring Term 2 Update

What a wonderful term we have had! The children have all worked incredibly hard in all areas of their learning this term and should be proud of all that they have achieved. We started the term off with a focus on our THINK project title 'Saving the Planet' and then continued our topic of 'Once Upon a Time' with a particular focus on Castles this half term. Here are some of the things we covered:

English - we wrote letters to Wiltshire Air Ambulance persuading them to put a clothing recycling bin in the school grounds. We then studied information texts about Castles and had a go at writing our own. 

Maths - we continued our learning on Addition and Subtraction within 20 and then developed our place value skills with numbers within 50. 

Science - we learnt Scientists and Inventors and how they created experiments to discover the inventions that they did. 

PE - we learnt how to run and jump safely in different ways and how to put different basic yoga moves together to create a sequence. 

History - we learnt about castles and what they were used for and put significant events on a timeline, to help us learn about chronology.

Art - we used oil pastels and a smudging technique to create crosses for Easter and we thought about how colours can reflect different moods. We also used watercolours to create a wash background and then stuck silhouettes on top. During our THINK project week, we used different materials to collage. 

Music - we used Charanga to learn about rhythm and song

RE - we learnt about the Easter story and answered the question 'Why is Easter important to Christians?'


Highlights from the term:

THINK Project

The children really enjoyed learning about different ways that we could save the planet and were very enthusiastic about what they can do to make a difference. They particularly enjoyed developing their collage skills and creating a picture to show a city without plants and a city with plants.


World Book Day

The children dressed up as some wonderful characters for World Book Day and had a lovely day exploring books.


Parent Workshare

We loved having you all in to share the children's work. The children were so excited to share their learning with you and just generally to have you in their classroom. 


Thank you for your continued support this half term and we look forward to seeing what's in store in Summer Term 1!

Spring Term 1 Update

We had an incredibly busy term in Cherry Class after Christmas. The children all came back to school excited and ready for the term ahead and in particular, our topic 'Once Upon a Time'. Here are some of the things we covered this term:

English - we learnt the fairy tale 'Little Red Riding Hood' and used this to help write our own. 

Maths - we learnt about Place Value within 20 and began learning about Addition and Subtraction within 20. 

Science - we learnt about Animals Including Humans and understood the difference between a Carnivore, Omnivore and Herbivore

PE - we did gymnastics with Jody from Astrella and reinforced our learning on the 5 key shapes

Geography - we learnt about the difference between the city and the countryside

DT - we learnt how to make moving pictures in different ways

Music - we used Charanga to learn about rhythm and song

RE - we learnt about Jesus as a friend and how Christians believe Jesus is a friend to them


Highlights from the term:

Animal Poo Investigation

The children had a wonderful time exploring different types of poo (play dough) to reinforce their understanding of the different animal diets. We 'found' some around the school and then the children dissected them to work out what type of animal it came from. 


Gymnastics with Jody from Astrella

The children had a great time during their gymnastics sessions on a Thursday afternoon. They really enjoyed reinforcing their learning of the 5 key shapes and further developing their coordination and balance by practising traveling along a bench. During the last session, they even got to practise jumping of a gymnastics box! 


We have had a wonderful term and are very much looking forward to Spring Term 2!