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‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

Spring Term 2022

Tuesday 15th March


Today we went to Chafyn Grove School to play some netball and hockey. We had a fantastic time! A big thank you to Mrs Rogers and her team for organising.

Monday 14th March

We had an AMAZING visit from a man called Al Sylvester. He began his career in the RAF, always having a passion for exploring and running. He used to do mountain rescue in Scotland and then worked in a school, teaching Year 2. Now he travels around the UK sharing his experiences with adults and children.


He led a team of explorers to the South Pole in Antarctica. He showed us how to dress like an explorer to survive in conditions up to -50 degrees. He told us all about his expedition and the problems he had to overcome and taught us to NEVER GIVE UP! 

Week 1 and 2 Think Project


During week 1 and 2, we focused on how to look after the environment and read a story called The Promise by Nicola Davies. We wrote comparison descriptions and letters to Mrs Carter to ask her to spend money on a bike and scooter rack for the school. Take a look at some of our art and writing below!



Week 1- Thursday 3rd March


On World Book Day, we tried to reuse costumes or make costumes in order to save buying new ones. Take a look at the photos of us dressed up below!

Spring Term 1


We had another AMAZING term!


This term our focus was Geography and Explorers.


In English, we learned all about Shackleton's Journey across the Antarctic and the exciting life he led. To begin the term, we read the story of Shacketon's journey and then write descriptive poems. The children worked really hard on using figurative language and high level vocabulary. We then wrote biographies for Shackleton, learning what a biography was and that it had to be in chronological order. Finally, we wrote diary entries from the perspective of one of the crew members aboard the Endurance.


In Maths, we covered multiplication, division and began our unit on fractions. We practiced for our multiplication times table check and many children made great progress in their Mad Minute!


In Science, we learned all about classifying animals. We learned the characteristics of the main groups mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, invertebrates, and fish. We used classification keys to sort animals and created some of our own keys. To finish the term, we carried out a fair investigation to test the effects of camouflage. 


In PE, we focused on Tag Rugby and Gymnastics. 6 children went to the Gymnastics festival to compete against other schools. They did really well performing their routines in front of lots of people!


In music, we had great fun making raps with Mrs Hood.


In art, we worked on sketching and improved our patience to sketch using light and dark to create effects. We focused on sketching animals who live in the Antarctic.


Things to look forward to next term:

  • Our Topic will be Rocks and Fossils
  • We will be reading Ice Monster!
  • We have a trip to Chafyn to play hockey and netball.
  • We have a trip to Salisbury Cathedral to sing in a concert.
  • We have a trip to Longleat.
  • We will be taking part in the Think Project to learn how to protect our environment. 

Spring Curriculum Map- Explorers