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Winterbourne EarlsChurch of England Primary School

‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

Spring Term 2021

Week 8

This week was Book Week! Our week kicked off with an amazing court room dramatisation with the Big 'Bad' wolf in the dock. He says he blew those houses down because he has an extremely bad cold and just kept sneezing. Is he a victim? Are the pigs telling porkies?!


In English, we have looked at alternative fairy tales and written some of our own versions of Beauty and the Beast.

In Maths, we have continued with fractions. We have converted mixed to improper fractions and started to compare fractions using our knowledge of equivalence.

In science, we have learned how some plants can reproduce asexually and learned to take cuttings. We also investigated materials mixed with water and how we could separate mixtures. With Mr Sainsbury, the children went on a nature hunt as they have been studying Darwin.

We also had a very good trip to South Wilts to carry out the maths problem solving. We learned how to play a game called Dotty 6 and solved some Zios and Zepts conundrums.


Follow up questions:

1. Why is Darwin famous?

2. What is the name of the mixture that forms when something dissolves in it?

3. How do you take a cutting? Could you take some at home and show your parents?

4. Which is larger 3/5 or 3/9? Why?

5. How else could the story of Beauty and the Beast end?



Week 7

This was a busy first week back to the Spring 2 Term!


In Maths, we started our unit on fractions learning about equivalent fractions, improper and mixed fractions.

In English, we studied some rainforest poetry and haiku poems about environmental issues.

In the foundation subjects, we began to plan a dance in PE, retold the main events of the Easter story in RE. In science, we investigated what different solids did when they are mixed with water and learned how flowering plants reproduce.


Challenge Questions

Can you remember the female and male parts of the flower?

Describe a proper and improper fraction. How would we convert 14/3 into a mixed fraction?

Who do you think was most responsible for Jesus's death and why?

List 3 materials which dissolve in water. What is the name given to materials that dissolve?

Week 5 Living Rainforest Trip

Week 2

This week has been another busy week. Our focuses for this week have been:


English- understanding formal and informal writing.

Maths- area and perimeter of compound shapes.

RE- learning about the story of Guru Nanak and the Jasmine flower.

PE- learning our Haka dance focusing on staying in time to the beats.


We also had a very exciting from the Bridge to teach us all about the Holy Trinity. We created a dance and made Trinity mobiles.


Mathematical Racoon- Sonehri

Rhino Writer- Joshua

Kind-hearted Retriever- Lexi

Resilient Robin- Hannah


Overall award in worship went to Abi forimproved effort and focus in class.