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Winterbourne EarlsChurch of England Primary School

‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

Spring Term 2020

Week ending 17th January

This week we have had less focus on recording and more on spoken language and art. We have been reading different fairy tales and looking at the similarities and differences between them. Our role play on Little Red Riding Hood has been great fun as you can see from the photos. Our problem with one group who had two wolves was solved by dressing them both in one very large granny house coat! We certainly have some budding actors. We loved Snow White in New York and are enjoying the beautiful 3-D cut out version of Beauty and The Beast.

In Maths we’ve learnt lots about the numbers 11-20 by making flags for our castle and paper chains to reinforce 11=10+1, 12=10+2 etc. The chains now make a beautiful window curtain.

On Thursday we welcomed Daniel, Rebecca and Leonie from The Bridge who led us in learning about The Trinity- the three parts of God (The Father, Son and Holy Spirit). We created dances in threes and made hearts from wrapping three pipe cleaners together. We then made trefoils to hang up and dominoes in Year 2’s classroom.

In PE we are looking at dance through the seasons and started by watching Torville and Dean’s Olympic winning dance to Bolero. We tried hard to create leaps and spins like them. Mrs Kerley showed us real talent!

Next week we are looking forward to designing kites and a trip up to Figsbury Rings on Friday.

Little Red Riding Hood Role Play

Still image for this video

Week ending 10 January 2020

It was lovely to see the children so pleased and keen to work this week, full of enthusiasm for our new topic of Once Upon a Time. We have had a delightful week and gained three marbles.Thanks to parents who have sent in books and photos of castles and for those who managed to visit a castle over the holiday (most inhabited castles are closed over the winter!) Thanks too for parents who have volunteered this week, so more groups have had an adult leading, work has been filed, readers have been listened to. A great help and much appreciated!

This week we have started our topic work by looking at different fairy tales: We sequenced the story of both Cinderella and Snow White and we have looked at lots of different versions of Little Red Riding Hood. We loved the funny version where Mum turns up at granny's cottage, hits the wolf over the head with a frying pan, releases granny then sews a bag of onions into the wolf's tummy! We've compared the fairy tales and looked at what is the same and what is different and studied the characters involved.

In Maths we have completed assessments and revised number bonds to 10 ( a really key foundation for all maths in the future.) In Science we have started to look at classifying materials and describing their properties. This will link in with our castle building project later on in the term. 

We've looked at the very first Motte and Bailey castles of which Old Sarum is a fine example; it was great to hear one of the children telling me that there was even a cathedral in the bailey of Old Sarum Castle. Has everyone discovered this? 

We would welcome any costumes for our new role play area- anything to do with fairy tales or Medieval castles so we can act out stories we are learning.