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‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

Spring Term 2021

Week ending 13 March

This week Mrs Carter has been visiting other classes and looking at the learning across the school, so she left Miss Sealey in charge on Monday and Tuesday. We made some superb Three Little Pig story books in which the original or the twisted tale was written.We have also painted some lovely pictures of our guilty wolf which will be displayed in class.

Our 'Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head'' dance is pretty good and we hope to share it with parents soon.

In Maths we have been studying solid 3-D and 2-D shapes which has linked in well with our Three Little Pigs straw house investigation on Friday. We looked at ways of making houses out of card, designed them using our newly learnt ruler skills and then cut them out and used staples and glue to construct them. Some used straw to decorate others used felt tips. See the photos for our designs.

After play we decided it would be good to see if our houses would blow over with a lot of huff and puff from Mr Wolf, so we set up two air conditioning fans and tested a few of our straw houses. None of them escaped Mr Wolf''s big puffs! 


Three Little Pigs House Investigation

Story week

Week ending 6th March

This week has been Story Week and it was started in the hall which was a courtroom set up for the trial of Mr A Wolf. We all learnt that Mr Wolf, suffering from a very bad cold, had run out of sugar whilst making a birthday cake for his Granny. He told us he went to his neighbour who was a pig with a house made of straw. He unfortunately had a big sneeze and blew the house down. The blast killed the pig and so the wolf, not wanting to waste food, ate the pig. The same thing happened with the second pig whose stick house also fell down after the wolf had a big sneeze. When the wolf came to the third little pig, the pig insulted his granny that made him mad and he was hammering on the door when the police arrived.

In the courtroom we heard the third little pig who told us it was all a pack of lies and that the wolf was guilty of murder.

In our class we all studied the book and especially the pictures which made us think that the wolf really was guilty- we asked him on Tuesday why he had a bunny rabbit in his cake mixture and why he didn't call for the police or ambulance when the first pig died. We created lots of questions which we asked in the courtroom that was set up again on Friday. The judge then told us that there was extra evidence which showed all the pigs were still alive and they had framed the wolf. The third little pig was handcuffed and escorted out of the courtroom to jail.

We have loved studying this twisted tale and the debate that has come from it. Next week we will be making books about the stories. Thank you to those parents who came to see our story telling on Monday afternoon. We loved telling another twisted tale. We were grateful to Mrs Johnson who came from her new home in London to work with us.

In maths we have pushed onwards with subtracting by bridging back to 10 with lots of success. Those who know number bonds to 20 are at an advantage.

Our Spring dance 'Singing in the Rain' is really coming on. We hope to show it to parents at the end of the school day when it is good enough!

Shrove Tuesday pancake making activities

Week ending 28 February

It was lovely to be back at school after half term, coming straight back into Shrove Tuesday, so we had a pancake-themed day. We learnt the recipe off by heart, made play dough pancakes with lots of different toppings and then we were lucky enough to have two extra adults to help us make, cook and flip pancakes- see the pictures for the results of our hard work! For the rest of the week we have been learning about adjectives and how, when we use them, our writing becomes more lively. So in the Three Billy Goats Gruff  we described the scenery and the ugly old troll.

In our Maths we have been discussing lots of ways of showing subtraction using tens frames, number lines, crossing off pictures, bead strings and now we can subtract by bridging back to 10 ( a tricky year 1 concept!) Number bonds to 20 should be secure by now and will be tested for our passports soon.

We have finished off our friendship unit in RE and discussed how this study of Jesus showing friendship has made us think about our relationships. There have been some very mature responses showing that we have reflected on our learning.

Our 'Singing in the Rain' dance (on the topic of Spring) is developing with some success! Miss Sealey had us on Friday and we looked at the story of Rapunzel with lots of craft, construction and role play activities out.

Week ending 6 February
We have been learning the story of Beauty and the Beast so we can innovate it and make it our own next week. We have been creating new beasts  and we will be changing some parts to make our story more lively. This 'Talk for Writing' method has been proven to encourage children to write well as they can remember the plot and can then focus on more lively vocabulary and sentence structure.

In Maths we have been embedding our adding by looking at 'bridging to ten'. This means we add 8+4 as 8+2 (to make 10) then add another 2 to make 12. We have used tens frames to help master this key method. 

In RE we have been looking at ways Jesus showed us how to be the best friends possible. We have read lots of Bible stories, enjoyed role play and discussed what Jesus taught. It has been good to discuss such big questions and we hope that we can learn from it.

We are continuing to extend our attacking skills in PE and our throwing and catching has really improved this term.

The highlight of the week has been our Fundamentals  trip to St Edmund's- Wyvern College where we played lots of different mini games helping improve our fitness, coordination, dribbling, hopping, balancing, crawling and other foundation skills. We really enjoyed it and a number of our children were awarded certificates for showing the school games values of passion, determination, respect, teamwork, self-belief and honesty.  Well done to those children and especially Isla S who was awarded two certificates!

Fun with Fundamentals trip at St Edmund's-Wyvern College

Week ending 31 January

We've had another busy week focusing mainly on our non fiction work on castles. We played a game where we had to run to the master copy and remember the castle facts and take it back to our team. The scribes said that they felt under pressure but all children enjoyed learning in a slightly different way. Mrs Carter as been really pleased with our written work on castle facts which we memorised one day and then wrote the next using our picture prompts to support us. In Maths we are learning to add two numbers together and we are using tens frames to support us.

We have loved our science work and our materials vocabulary is pretty good now. We evaluated our kites and in art made some shiny sugar paper kites to decorate the classroom.

Phonics has continued to go well- please ask your child what the sounds are each week.

Don't forget we are at the Fundamentals festival next Wednesday afternoon so children will need a packed lunch.

Week ending 24 January 

This week we have been extending our English work on Beauty and the Beast by looking at the setting of this fairy tale. We now know all about the function of the moat, the drawbridge, the towers, battlements, bailey and keep. Next week we will investigate the inside of castles.

In Maths we are extending our understanding of 11-20 using lots of equipment to embed understanding.

The highlight of our week has been our Science, the focus of which this term is everyday materials. We have had great fun making simple paper kites, following instructions from an online video, flying them in the playground and then designing our own kites. We looked at the best materials and made our kites from waterproof plastic bags for life, wooden doweling struts and light cord for the kite string. They flew really well. We will be evaluating our designs next week and extending our 'Let''s go Fly a Kite' dance we created in PE!

Please see the photos below.


Kite Making Investigation

Week ending 17th January

This week we have had less focus on recording and more on spoken language and art. We have been reading different fairy tales and looking at the similarities and differences between them. Our role play on Little Red Riding Hood has been great fun as you can see from the photos. Our problem with one group who had two wolves was solved by dressing them both in one very large granny house coat! We certainly have some budding actors. We loved Snow White in New York and are enjoying the beautiful 3-D cut out version of Beauty and The Beast.

In Maths we’ve learnt lots about the numbers 11-20 by making flags for our castle and paper chains to reinforce 11=10+1, 12=10+2 etc. The chains now make a beautiful window curtain.

On Thursday we welcomed Daniel, Rebecca and Leonie from The Bridge who led us in learning about The Trinity- the three parts of God (The Father, Son and Holy Spirit). We created dances in threes and made hearts from wrapping three pipe cleaners together. We then made trefoils to hang up and dominoes in Year 2’s classroom.

In PE we are looking at dance through the seasons and started by watching Torville and Dean’s Olympic winning dance to Bolero. We tried hard to create leaps and spins like them. Mrs Kerley showed us real talent!

Next week we are looking forward to designing kites and a trip up to Figsbury Rings on Friday.

Little Red Riding Hood Role Play

Still image for this video

Week ending 10 January 2020

It was lovely to see the children so pleased and keen to work this week, full of enthusiasm for our new topic of Once Upon a Time. We have had a delightful week and gained three marbles.Thanks to parents who have sent in books and photos of castles and for those who managed to visit a castle over the holiday (most inhabited castles are closed over the winter!) Thanks too for parents who have volunteered this week, so more groups have had an adult leading, work has been filed, readers have been listened to. A great help and much appreciated!

This week we have started our topic work by looking at different fairy tales: We sequenced the story of both Cinderella and Snow White and we have looked at lots of different versions of Little Red Riding Hood. We loved the funny version where Mum turns up at granny's cottage, hits the wolf over the head with a frying pan, releases granny then sews a bag of onions into the wolf's tummy! We've compared the fairy tales and looked at what is the same and what is different and studied the characters involved.

In Maths we have completed assessments and revised number bonds to 10 ( a really key foundation for all maths in the future.) In Science we have started to look at classifying materials and describing their properties. This will link in with our castle building project later on in the term. 

We've looked at the very first Motte and Bailey castles of which Old Sarum is a fine example; it was great to hear one of the children telling me that there was even a cathedral in the bailey of Old Sarum Castle. Has everyone discovered this? 

We would welcome any costumes for our new role play area- anything to do with fairy tales or Medieval castles so we can act out stories we are learning.