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‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

Spring Term 2020

1st April


We have started this week by being news reporters. In small groups we retold the events of the storm and interviewed Grace Darling. We had so much fun and enjoyed using inflatable microphones. We did record them using an ipad but unfortunately they are too big to upload to the website. We will make sure we watch them in school this week.



25th March


This week we are learnt about Grace Darling - a real life heroine who was braver than most of us in the class. She risked her life to save 9 others in a raging storm. We have retold the event from Grace's point of view and wrote diaries. They are fantastic.

In Maths we have begun to tell the time and on Tuesday we made our own clock faces to use in lessons. Some of us know o'clock and half past. We also need to be secure for quarter past and quarter to.

Monday and Tuesday afternoons were spent making our DT emergency response cars. They look absolutely wonderful. The children had to use saws to make the axels and attach the wheels to make them move. We raced them on Wednesday afternoon. It was so close!

On Wednesday morning we played Netball in the hall. We had a go at playing a small game in teams of 7. It was very loud but most of the class remembered not to move with the ball!

Friday morning was our parent workshop. Thank you to everyone who came - we nearly had 100%. I know the children were excited working with you all and the positive feedback told us you enjoyed it and found it beneficial. The follow up task is due in next Thursday 4th April.


4th March



We launched this week with a NO PENS DAY! The whole school, including the teachers, weren't allowed to use pens or pencils throughout the day. Instead of writing, we used our listening skills and our voices to learn. We have taken part in lots of storytelling this week. On Tuesday we learnt part one of The Day the Crayons Quit as a whole class which we performed brilliantly to some of the parents in the afternoon. A big thank you to those who came to the afternoon. The children loved the opportunity to tell stories with you all and those who performed at the end were given big rounds of applause!


We've now finished off our division unit of work and will be starting shape next week. We will however be continuing to multiply and divide so please practise counting in 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s at home. It honestly does make such a difference.


On Wednesday we designed our DT projects. Over the next few weeks we will be making emergency service vehicles out of shoe boxes. The children will be working in pairs to create a vehicle and then we will racing them. If you have a spare shoe box that the class could use, please bring it in next week.


The children looked fabulous on Thursday and I know they all had a great day. We have sent a picture to the Journal so let's see if we become famous! We completed lots of activities during the day and even had a guitar concert at the end. Well done to those in the class who performed.


Just a reminder that next Tuesday is our class trip to Winchester Science Centre.


25th February


We have had a fantastic week back and the majority of children have settled back into routine really quickly. This term we are looking at real life heroes and in English we started by reading the book Charlie the Firefighter. Monday we wrote about firefighters and then on Tuesday we had lots of fun acting out different heroes and trying to guess who they were. We also acted out scenes and scenarios in groups. This prepared us for our lesson on Wednesday when we wrote Who am I? Riddles.


Maths on Monday saw us recap addition, subtraction and multiplication. We remembered a lot which was great and have now begun division. There are two ways we can do this sharing or grouping. Sharing is when we split them one by one into the correct number of groups. In Year 2 we try to encourage grouping which is counting. If I am dividing by 2 I will work out how many 2s go into that number e.g 10 divided by 2. I count in 2s to 10 and work out there are 5. 10 divided by 2 = 5. This week we have been dividing by 2, 5 and 3. Those who can count in 2s, 5, and 3s have found it much easier. Please practise counting!!

We will be continuing division next week.


In PE this term we are learning Netball on a Tuesday pm outside and Judo on a Thursday morning with Mark. Our first Netball lesson was wonderful. The children listened superbly and we had glorious weather. I'm not sure it will be as warm next week!


Just a reminder that next week is story week. I'm really looking forward to it and hope you can join us at 2:30pm on Tuesday for some joint storytelling with your child. It will be very informal - we just want to share some of the activities we have done!

8th February 2019


This week we started multiplication in maths. We looked at equal and unequal groups to start with as we learned the groups need to be even for multiplication. Then we moved onto making equal groups and adding equal groups. Within this we also compared using < > and =.

The next step was to use repeated addition and recognise that it is the same as multiplication. Then we began to use the multiplication symbol and write multiplication sentences. We will be continuing this next week with arrays and looking at some times tables.


In English we have been innovating Supertato. On Monday we learnt the story using a story map, then we wrote this version in our books over a couple of days. Since then we have been changing the story to make it our own. For our class one we had a sweet shop and a super marshmallow! The children have absolutely loved this and I can't wait for them to write them next week.


In RE we continued to look at Judaism and how important it is for Jews to do as God asks. We will be completing our last session on this next week.


This week we also started to make moving superhero pictures. We will be finishing these next week.


Thank you for all your continued support especially with homework. On Tuesday children will be tested on all their tag words from this year to see how many they have remembered. We will not be giving out new tags next week. There will also only be maths homework on Monday - no English on Thursday.

21st January 2019


This week we wrote the narratives for our comic strips, drew the pictures and then put it all together on a big A3 piece of paper. The finished ones look fantastic - a few people haven't finished yet but they will all be up on our writing wall for you to have a look at from Wednesday. We will also be sharing them with Year 4 sometime next week. It has taken us the majority of the week but it has been worth it!


The class has got on really well with money. We've got another week of it next week where we will be using the column method again to add and subtract.


In RE we started to learn about the Jewish Seder Meal at Passover. We will be continuing this next Monday and finding out a bit more about the reasoning of it and what the items represent.


On Thursday we had a visit by Will. He talked to us about disability (some that you can see and some that you can't). Will is in a wheelchair and has Autism. It was very inspiring to listen to and was lovely to see everyone engaged and asking really sensible questions. 


14th January 2019


We've had a very busy week and have worked very hard! In maths we have been using the column method to subtract. I was so pleased to see everyone pick it up really quickly. We haven't looked at borrowing yet, that will come later on in the term, but everyone is secure in both addition and subtraction.  Over the next few weeks we will be looking at money.


We have been looking at comic strips in English. We read some and talked about the features on the first day, then planned our own on Tuesday and on Wednesday we wrote speech bubbles and placed them alongside pictures and superheroes. You can see some of them below. It was a fantastic lesson! The teacher challenge was to use question marks and exclamation marks.


Science got very sparkly this week. We learnt about how important it is to wash our hands as germs spread very easily. To show this we used glitter! When we shook hands with our talking partner, the glitter began to spread. The more people we touched, the more it spread. It was really surprising to many how quickly it can spread. 


Thursday morning we had visitors in from The Bridge to teach us about prayer. We looked at different types of prayers and completed some activities. Then we wrote some prayers and created a prayer book for the class.


Today (Friday) we had Art this morning. The artist we looked at today was Monet. We found out he was an impressionist painter and loved to paint his garden in France. Our lesson had two parts today. The first was to draw the outline and the second was to paint it. To create the small strokes we used our fingers. It was so much fun and the results were amazing! It was a very tricky concept for some children as they wanted to rub the paint and smooth it over. By using our finger, we were able to create layers and depth.


This week we have been doing whole class guided reading. This is to develop our comprehension skills and deepen understanding and reasoning. We have looked at three short texts this week and will be looking at some longer ones next week.


See you on Monday.



Monday 7th January 2019

Welcome to Superhero School!

On Monday,  we were at superhero school and had lots of activities to complete for our training. There was: super strength, super hq, super identity, super mind, super mask, super transport, super pose, super active and super citizen. Each child had to complete at least 6 to pass the training and recieve their official superhero certificate. We had great fun! I'm sure your child will tell you all about it!

If you hadn't already guessed, our new topic is superheroes - 6 weeks of fictional superheroes and then 6 weeks of heroes in the world.


In Maths we've been continuing to add using the column method. The children have really grasped this now which is super. They do need to remember to add the ones column first!  Some have even been bridging the 10 and carrying over to the next column.

   24                     38

+ 12                   +14

   36                     52


I'm so proud of the children's progress this week. Next week we will be moving on to subtraction.


In English we have been creating our own superheroes. We have also been learning to use commas in lists (ask us to show you) and have been describing our superheroes using these and writing a shopping list for our superhero. Next week we will be developing this further and eventually moving on to some creative writing. 


In PE on a Wednesday we will be doing dance. We started this week with the first of three lessons about Alice in Wonderland.

In Science we are continuing our hero theme and will be looking at heroes of the world. This week we began to learn about Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, the first woman in the UK to become a doctor.