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Spring Term 2019

Spring 19 Curriculum Letter: Europe Explorers

Week ending 5 April

The last week of term we have been finishing off, editing, redrafting and publishing our changed Hansel and Gretel stories. Our fraction work will be extended after Easter and we have had a week of assessments to gauge our learning.

Those children in choir gave a rousing performance in worship of The Lion King which was really well received by all- some very tricky African songs were sung with great accuracy and enthusiasm. Well done!

The Year 3/4 hockey team played really well on Wednesday against really tough opposition on the Astroturf at the Hockey Centre on Wilton Road. Oscar and Esme were the only Year 3's representing the school  and both played really well. Overall their team came 4th with the second Winterbourne Team coming 6th.

Rowan Class sang brilliantly at The Church Easter service- we were the only class to sing. 'Jesus Name Above All Names' sounded lovely and the signs learnt helped everyone get involved.

On Thursday Afternoon we were thrilled again to see so many parents and grandparents at the French Cafe. Children learnt the names of tea and coffee and ordered from Miss Purchase and Mrs Carter who were manning the drinks. Mrs Hood then led some French songs for all to join in.

All are looking forward to a very well-earned rest over Easter. 


Week ending 29 March

The last fortnight has whizzed by! The Year 3 orienteering team started the week off well by coming second overall in the competition held at St Edmund's School. the children ran well and navigated brilliantly round a number of different stations. Well done to Chloe and Finlay who came second in the pairs competition! The second sporting activity was the Tag Rugby for Year 3/4 which Miss Swan took us to. the team won their pool comfortably but lost in the finals coming third overall.  Well done to all those who represented the school.

Our poetry unit has combined together with our Europe topic into a study of German fairy tales. We've been looking particularly at the story of Hansel and Gretel. In Maths we have progressed into looking at  fractions.

Tuesday we had our last swimming session so we had the floats out and Mrs Carter joined us in the water. She will be ordering distance badges and congratulated us on doing so well in the two terms we have been swimming. 

Thanks to all parents who attended the Reading into Writing Workshop.Attendance was much appreciated and links really well with our current work. Mrs Johnson and Mrs Baker loved working with parents and children; the ideas demonstrated will be used in our own story telling work to change the tale of Hansel and Gretel.

Week ending 15 March

We are really enjoying having The Bridge work with us on Monday afternoons for our RE focusing on different ways of worshipping. Last week we looked at using puppets and this week we learnt a dance called 'Hey! Hey! I wanna praise you!' and we had different coloured flags to wave in a routine that went along with the song 'I want to see Jesus lifted high'.

We are extending our poetry to look at Fairy Tale Poetry -and most of our traditional tales come from Germany so it links with Europe. We started by looking at Little Red Riding Hood and loved the humour of Roald Dahl's poem where Little Red Riding Hood whips a pistol from her knickers (rhymes with flickers!)

On Wednesday we were lucky enough to bring the whole class to St Edmund's School for a Change for Life festival where we learnt lots of games and activities to keep us fit and healthy- ones we can teach others in the playground.

On Friday we had Jump Rope for Heart and we taught the Year 6 Charity Reps and Sports Reps some of the skipping rhymes we had researched for our homework. We had half an hour to teach them and then another half an hour to skip continuously. We all needed lots to drink at the end! Please send sponsor money in as soon as possible for this.  

Week ending 8 March

This week has been story week. All the teachers and TAs dressed up as crayons for worship on Monday, so we knew something was going to be different! Then we heard that pens had been banned for the day. No writing of any sort and there would be Pen Police around school checking up on us. Oh no!

We returned to class and Mrs Carter read us the book 'The Day the Crayons Quit'. The idea is that the crayons are so overworked that they give up and go on strike. Bearing in mind we couldn't use any pens/pencils/felt tips, Mrs Carter asked if we could tell the weather forecast instead. This was a great activity. we had to cut out weather symbols and stick a map of Great Britain onto a blue sugar paper background. This looked easy but two maps had to be re-glued or thrown away because Ireland was glued on upside down or far to far North! 

We watched a weather forecast from 1977 when the presenters had to move weather symbols across the map of England and we thought we could do a good job. It was harder than it looked, particularly remembering which was the west coast of Scotland and for Finlay where Wales was! We videoed them.

We also learnt how to count change back and add and subtract money. At the end of No Pens Day we were awarded a certificate because we followed the rules- no pens all day!

On Thursday, which was World Book Day we had a great trip out to Pizza Express and then Waterstones and WHSmiths bookshops. 

The disco was the highlight for everyone on Friday night.

Week ending 1 March

The first week back we have started our literacy work on poetry and we've been learning how to spot different rhyming patterns, count syllables and understand the structure of rhyming poems. We have written our own dogs' chant with some very interesting rhyming couplets using powerful adjectives and verbs. In maths we have rehearsed our multiplication and then extended our work to look at solving multiplication problems. Linked to our work on Europe we have been studying Impressionist art and have looked at all the series of paintings Monet made of the Houses of Parliament. We have learnt to spot detail and appreciate light in these paintings. We had our last gymnastics session with Mrs Broomfield and were thrilled when our mainly Y4 gym team (including Alice from our class) was chosen to go through to the County Finals. We came second in the competition, which was great!


Week ending 15 February

This was our last week before half term and lots of children and teachers have been battling with flu including Mrs Carter, who has had no voice. We were pleased to conclude our instructional work by writing instructions to make a simple Lego model. We watched some videos and tried to make our models as simple yet effective as possible. We worked in partners building them and then had to dis-assemble them, remember how we built them and write really detailed instructions that someone could follow. On Wednesday we filmed a couple of builds and realised lots of things- to read the instructions slowly so the builder could keep up, to show the model each time to the camera and to speak slowly. Sadly the files are too large to put in the gallery. 

In Maths we have developed our multiplication into column methods, starting with the expanded column method.

We finally made our Plasticene Flat Stanleys and they are stuck to the window glass waving at us. We hope to send them to other places in Europe after staying in GB and France for quite long enough!

Ten Y3 and 4 pupils represented the school at the local dance festival where they learnt lots of different styles of dance and came back very enthusiastic.

After half term we will be moving to Germany and focusing on traditional tales. We shall also be looking at Monet's paintings.


Week ending 8 February

This last fortnight has whizzed by.The four children enjoyed working with the Bridge and finished their five Monday sessions on Bearing Good Fruit. We are looking forward to exploring worship with The Bridge later on in the term- they bring puppets and flags as well as quiet thoughtful music and candles, making us think about different ways to worship God.

Mrs Carter was amazed on Wednesday 30 January when she accompanied 50 members of the choir to the O2 in London as part of the biggest choir performance in the world- Young Voices 2019. She returned back to school at 0115 thrilled with what she (and two lucky members of the class) had been part of.The parents, viewing all the children in the top gallery from the floor level thought the performance was brilliant.

We made eggy bread in class as part of our instructional work and it was delicious, especially with honey drizzled on top. We also looked  at maps and directions connected to books on walks in Paris and London. Mrs Carter followed the route of theLondon  book at the weekend and showed us pictures she had taken to bring it to life.

We had the last session with Lindsay Broomfield, the specialist gymnast coach and most of us can complete a sequence showing the five basic shapes ready for a competition in early March. We are enjoying both Judo and swimming but still need help from parents as Sammy's mum can no longer help out.

Week ending 24 January

We've had another busy week with a new focus on writing instructions. We all thought we could write a good set of instructions until we wrote our jam sandwich algorithm and found it lacking! We realised we needed to more specific when Mrs Carter, who was following our instructions exactly, ended up sticking her hands in the jam and spreading the butter with her fingers. We have looked at using adverbs and ensuring the very best detail in our instructional writing. Maths has still been focusing on multiplication - the 3x and 4x tables facts.

In Topic we have learnt where the capitals of Great Britain stand and on a map we have marked their place and the borders between Ireland/England/Scotland and Wales.

On Thursday Mrs Carter's son, Will, came into school to talk to us about disability. He is a wheelchair user and explained about both physical disability and hidden disabilities like Autism. He talked about the effect that Asperger's Syndrome had on his life in school and how he learnt to cope with these difficulties through strong both friendships and family support. In the afternoon we were able to use the specialist wheelchairs from his basketball club. Mrs Carter is one of the coaches and we all had a go at trying to manoeuvre the chairs and dribble a basketball- it was very tricky but great fun. The School Council members could use the chairs to go round school including the dinner hall, just to see how tricky it is being in a wheelchair.

Week ending 18 January 2019

This week we have been extending our English work on speech, its use and the correct punctuation linking to the chapters in our Flat Stanley book; we have enjoyed listening to his funny adventures.In Maths we have been thinking about what multiplication means and we have looked at Roman Numerals with Mrs Hood. Our guided reading has been further developed and we have benefited from having worship in the afternoon as it gives us more time for two adults to lead guided reading/ spelling/ phonics and comprehension activities.

On Thursday we had a visit from The High Sheriff of Wiltshire, Mrs Nicky Alberry, keen to view the work of The Bridge who were leading a whole school day experience focusing on 'Bringing Prayer Alive'. We had one session in the hall with The Bridge on four different types of prayer and then had a rotation of activities with Year 4. The High Sheriff tweeted that she had a great day at our school and Mrs Carter sent her some photos of the visit for her Twitter feed and Facebook account.

On Friday we loved exploring Google Earth on the Chromebooks as part of our topic work, looking at Winterbourne Earls village as part of England. We started by marking on an outline map the borders between England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We located the capitals our map and are confident naming the seas around GB. 

Week ending 11 January 2019

The children have started with lots of enthusiasm for our new topic of Europe. We are linking our work with the classic book Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley who, in the first chapter after being squashed by a bulletin board, was posted to see friends in America in a large envelope. We are thinking we can post him to lots of European countries to help with our research. Already we have made a couple of Flat Stanley cut-outs for our display.

This week we started by thinking about our over arching value of love that underpins everything we do in school and we looked at our vision 'As each does its part, we grow in love.' We thought what love might look like in school.and have started a display for our reflective area.

Swimming started again this week and we all enjoyed travelling to the pool and getting back into the water. We have also enjoyed specialist gymnastics coaching and the start of Judo on a Thursday morning.It's busy!