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Story Week - 4th March - 8th March 2019

Story Week 2019 to include World Book Day has focused on Storytelling, starting with a No Pens Day on Monday where every class tried to survive the whole day without writing concentrating on speaking and listening.


We asked for parents and carers to record excerpts from their favourite books - we hope you enjoy you listening to these with your children.  Thank you so much to those parents who took the time to record themselves reading out loud.



Get Well Friends

Super Worm


Parent Library Letter Autumn 2018

We are very lucky to have a well-stocked library here at Winterbourne Earls Primary.  There is a wide-ranging selection of both fiction and non-fiction books covering a whole range of abilities and interests.  And a team of enthusiastic Pupil Librarians on hand to help keep the library in order and help the School Librarian out.


Every pupil in the school has an individual login to our electronic library system and are able to take a book out of the library each week.  Our current year 3 pupils visit the County Mobile Library each fortnight in place of using the school library.


If you have any questions about our library, please contact our School Librarian, Mrs Johnson.


Have fun and keep reading..........