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Welcome to Home Learning page for Willow Spring 2021!!


You will find an overview of the home learning for each week on this page, in addition to examples of children's work and the Stars of the Week.


All home learning will be set and submitted on SeeSaw please. All children have been using this really successfully for homework since the beginning of the year. 

YAY!!!!!!! This week was the BEST week as the whole Year 5 Team were all back together again. We've had a lovely week catching up with everyone and getting back to normal!

In English this week, we have been writing detailed descriptions. We designed new animals which would be adapted to live in a mountain environment. Then we wrote descriptions about them ensuring we practiced using complex sentences, relative clauses and even some semi colons were used!

In Maths, we've been learning all about finding a fraction of a number. We found it a little tricky at the beginning but towards the end of the week, we had mastered it! 

In our times tables, we have been learning all about the 3x table. We tried to apply the language of factor and product, as well as recalling the facts quickly. Well done to everyone who managed to improve their time or score on the assessment! Can you remember the one I can't remember? Next week, we will look forward to exploring this times table some more. 

In science, we investigated dissolving whether different sweets dissolved or not.

In PSHE, we learned all about emergency aid and in PE started to think about tactics for passing in hockey.

On Thursday, we had World Book Day which was awesome! We rang a bell and had to drop everything and read. There were some amazing costumes and we enjoyed activities all related to books we love!

See some of our photos from Book Day below.

World Book Day

1/3/21 Week 8- the last week of home learning... we hope!


This week has been a really amazing week! I have been so impressed with all the work from home learners and those in school. You have really tried hard to improve presentation and remember our school expectations.

In English, we have been writing explanation texts all about how different mountains are formed. This has been really interesting!

In Maths, we have learned how to multiply fractions by an integer (who can remember what this word means?) and find a fraction of a quantity. Who can remember how to solve 2/5 of 45? Or 9/4 of 36?

In art, we drew arctic foxes- these were amazing, well done everyone. 

In Geography, we learned all about the mountains in the UK and where they are.


Our SHOUTOUT Star Learners for this week are:

Amelia for publishing a great newspaper report last Friday,

Sophie-Rose for continued AMAZING effort in class and

Theo for AWESOME focus in all your learning and great interaction from home on live lessons!

22.2.21 Week 7


We had a really good week back to school after half term.

This week, we created newspaper reports in English- these were amazing. Well done everyone!

In Maths, we compared fractions and learned how to multiply them.

We began our new unit in PSHE all about Keeping Healthy. This week, we looked at the effects of smoking on the body.

For art, we had to draw self portraits- these were great- well done!

We had a surprise supply teacher for spellings this week- Mr George. If you would like your pet to be a supply teacher, email me a picture or send me one on seesaw. You never know, they could be the next supply teacher!


Week 6


This week, we have had great fun creating poems in English. In maths, we have been getting to grips with improper and mixed fractions. I have seen some amazing letters for RE this week to try to persuade the government for why Sikhism should remain in the UK curriculum. Lots of you referred to what we have learned in class to provide excellent points with great explanations. 


I have really been enjoying our art tutorials and learning how to draw different animals, I can’t wait to do more of these next term! 


Next term we will be learning all about mountains. Our class text will be King of the Cloud Forests, once we have finished Rumblestar.


i hope you have a love half term.

Miss Arrandale 

Screen Free Friday 5.02

Week 5 Summary


Well done for another great week. The work you are all submitting is AMAZING- Mrs Longhurst and I are enjoying seeing it all on SeeSaw. 

We had great fun learning all about the water cycle this week in English and Geography, MASSIVE thank you to Mrs Rawnson for great videos for our learning this week!

I really enjoyed seeing all your piranha pictures in art this week- they were AWESOME!


Well done to Finlay, Ben and Luca who were are star learners this week. 


Remember to ensure your answers on BugClub are accurate- don't guess!! They give you a score for green, amber and red quizzes. You need to aim for a percentage of green answers above 70% to move up a level in books.

How are your tag words going? Don't forget to submit some pictures to keep me updated.

Week 4


Well done to Joshua, Sara and Mateus who were our Learners of the week this week. This week, we focused on presentation of work and following the expected standards with dates, titles, drawing skills, joining handwriting and attempting some of the foundation subjects. Well done!



The week ahead... Week 4 overview

Week 3 Home Learning


This week we were learning all about:

  • The short division method in Maths.
  • Writing persuasive formal letters in English.
  • Separating mixtures in Science.
  • The story of Guru Nanak and Malik Bhago in RE.
  • Drawing otters in Art using careful shading.
  • Learning about different career paths in PSHE.
  • Using Scratch in computing.


Week 3 Learners of the Week

This was extremely hard to decide as many of you have done FANTASTIC work this week. We chose to focus on consistency and choose people who had clearly listened to all the explanation videos very carefully. Their presentation of their work was neat and they challenged themselves in all areas.

The Home Learners of the week this week were Seb and Alice. Our in school learner of the week was Esme. Well done for your AMAZING work this week. Below are some pictures of some children's work for this week.