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Home Learning

All staff are aiming to update work and activities weekly for your child, however there may be a point at which the class teacher becomes unwell and is unable to set work for a period of time. We will do our best to ensure there are general websites and activities for your child to use in the event of this happening. 

Thank you all for your understanding during this difficult time. We hope that you and your families stay healthy and well.


I just wanted to take a moment to say a huge thank you to those of you who have sent me your work. I was blown away by the quality of your writing last week and some of you got outstanding scores on your professor assessor test, so well done. Next week our theme is dinosaurs and I can't wait to see more of your work. 



This week we are learning all about Dinosaurs in our English work and creating a fact page about Dinosaurs at the end of the week. Follow the work on the power point below for each day and remember to look at Year 3 and 4 work for each day. 



We are continuing with our fraction work this week and finding fractions of an amount. At the end of the week I'd like you to start looking at tenths and hundredths. Lesson 4 is an online lesson from Whiterose Maths, please let me know how you find this as I'd be really interested in your feedback. Please see PPT and work below. 



Most of you have managed to login to Epic reading, well done for this. I think it is a great app and gives you access to so many books. I will set you a book to read and at the end of this book will be a quiz. You can take as long as you need to read the book though.


Mathletics and times tables

Please try and go on Mathletics regularly and it would be great if you were improving your multiplcation speed  by visiting following sites:



As our theme this week is dinosaurs, I thought that some of you might be interested to find out more about fossils:  

This is entirely optional, but I know that some of you were enthusiastic about fossils when we started to look at it them before school closed. You might like to create a fact file about them on google slides and share it with me? 

Week beginning 23.3.20

Virtual Jurassic Coast trip - I was delighted to see some of you went in a virtual trip to the Jurassic Coast, what a lovely idea. I really enjoyed watching the videos and looking at the pictures, absolutely fantastic 😁. Alice's Mum gave permission to share her photos, so please see below. 

English - A day in the rainforest. This is a whole school English project. Please see the attached PPT and carry out the year 3/4 work. It would be brilliant if you could complete this on google docs or slides and share it with me. 

Some useful links for your work. 

What is an adverb? 

What is a clause?


Maths - Fractions. I have attached a PPT for the week, Daily worksheets to complete and I have also attached the answers so that you can mark your work once it's completed. Please complete as much as you can, some of you may need support with answering some of the questions. If you are finding the extensions too challenging then please don't worry about completing them. 


Professor assessor - On Friday 27th March you need to login to between 9:00am and 5:00pm and complete an assessment on equivalent fractions and adding/subtracting fractions. Remember the school code is WEC and then you need your individual user name and password which should be in your reading records. Good luck! 


Reading - I have subscribed to a reading program called Epic. This can be used online or you can download a free app. Look at the sheet below which gives you our class code. Please can you try and logon this week and explore some of the texts, then I can set you tasks to complete over the coming weeks. I have also emailed your parents with instructions on how to set up your account.  


Science - Please try to complete a Kitchen Science Task. 

Virtual Jurassic Coast trip

Week beginning 16.3.20


We are learning about fractions this week and focusing on fractions bigger than one and ordering fractions. Please find attached two PowerPoints with some of the lesson starters and four worksheets to look at. If possible, please print and complete, if not then please copy the answers out. The first sheet is for everyone to do, although some of you may want to ask for support with some of the answers, the second sheet is an extension if you want an extra challenge. 



We have just started to look at biographies this week and are beginning to plan and write our own biography about Mary Anning. We looked at an example biography about Roald Dahl and highlighted the features:

Opening paragraph - summarising the person's life.

Use of the past tense

Written in the third person

Key incidents in the person's life

Chronological order

Please have a look at Roald Dahl's biography and highlight these features. 

We are also looking at Mary Anning's life using the attached video. Can you take notes on her life and plan and write an introduction for a biography about Mary Anning. 


If you want to share any work with me on google docs or slides then that would be amazing as I can give you feedback. 



Please read the Mary Anning comprehension and answer the questions.


Science - There are some lovely ideas for experiments using everyday kitchen items. Aim to do one of these experiments a week. There is a suggestion on how to record your experiment as well. 

Some fun simple science that you could do at home with the whole family- check with an adult first before you start making a mess and raiding cupboards!

Here are some links to sites where you can practise all the wonderful French you’ve learnt at school!  Have fun playing the games and improving your recall of vocabulary.  A few minutes a day and you’ll be confident French speakers in no time at all.