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Autumn Term 2021

December 2021


Well at the end of a very busy term we can reflect on the past 16 weeks and look at how far the children have come in terms of their independence skills and quickly slotting into school routines and becoming part of the Winterbourne Earls family.  

Our term began with establishing routines and getting to know your lovely children.  We have carried out a number of assessments to find out what your children knew and what they now know following their lessons in maths, reading and writing.  They have all come on so far already.  Thank you for all you do in helping to support your children's learning at home.  It makes SUCH a difference to their outcomes at school; to their confidence in class and their attitudes to learning.  

The children thoroughly enjoyed our 'Percy the Park Keeper' topic this term.  They have learnt all sorts of things about native animals, about their habitats and have relished the opportunities to act out  stories they have heard in school; all of this helps with their levels of understanding of texts, of characters and ultimately their skills to be able to story tell themselves and write about ideas from books that they have read. 

Although the children won't have their reading books for the school holidays, please continue to encourage your child to read from books you have at home or books from Amesbury or Salisbury library and who knows, maybe Father Christmas may deliver some books at Christmas too! 

Finally, try to spend some time reading to your child.  It's never time wasted and you and your child will gain so much from it.  Have a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all back at school in the new year.

Highlights from Autumn Term 2021

Welcome to all the Little Oaks!!

We will start to update this page after the Summer holiday on the 1st September.

In the meantime please take a look at the 'Acorns' webpage for information, top tips and ideas to get your son or daughter ready to come into the Reception class.  Don't forget to join the Parents Facebook Oak class page, (Winterbourne Earls Reception 2021) to enable you to link up with other Parents of the children in Oak class, see a video of the classroom and hopefully find answers to any questions you may have- we are sure that many of you will be having similar thoughts!

Mrs Truckle, Mrs Woodfine and Mrs Hayter are looking forward to September when we hope that life...and school will be back to something that is more normal than it has been during the past year!  In the meantime, enjoy the last school free holiday with your little Oaks and we will see you after the Summer break on the 1st!