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Winterbourne EarlsChurch of England Primary School

‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

Autumn Term 2020

Our science experiment to find out the absorbency of different paper towels

Our village walk to look at the different houses

Semi-detached houses
The new eco house

Week ending 25th September

This week we have extending our topic work on houses and looked at buildings in London around 1666. We have viewed videos and studied pictures of the wooden Tudor houses using adjectives and expanded noun phrases to describe scenes. We have looked at a beautifully illustrated book on The Great Fire of London and will continue our writing on this focus next week. We ended the week by focusing on the grammar of sequencing words and worked on embedding capital letters and full stops.

In Maths we have worked more practically with part part whole models and Dienes blocks; we are looking at ways of deepening our understanding of the partitioning of two digit numbers. 

On Tuesday the weather was lovely and so we took the opportunity to walk down to the village to look at the different houses; we made sketches of the church, the vicarage and the brand new eco house (called the Marmite House) learning how new houses can be energy efficient.

In PE we are now starting to learn basic hockey skills with the plastic Unihoc sticks. We hope to start dribbling next week.

The highlight of the week was our science experiment where our objective was to see which paper towel material was the most absorbent. We used pipettes and dropped small amounts of water on various materials and then observed whether the water seeped through into the empty beaker.


Our new construction kits in use in Golden Time

Week Ending 18th September

This week we have been focusing on how homes have developed over the ages. In our English we have been looking at the features of non-fiction texts. We have been lucky enough to receive around 40 books on homes and houses from the Wiltshire Learning Resources and we have read these and examined the features. By tracking the different building materials used through time, we have discovered how house building has changed. To reinforce this we spent an afternoon sketching features of local houses we could see from our school grounds; we had some lovely bungalows, terraced, semi-detached and detached houses and some very detailed pictures of chimneys and windows in Summerlug. Next week we hope to have our planned walk along Figsbury Road including a trip to see 'The Marmite House'- a new eco- build house that has been constructed by a family whose son Mrs Carter taught in Year 6. This village walk was postponed from this week due to staff absence.

Our maths is now focused on numbers between 50 and 100 and everybody seems comfortable with these larger numbers, although some are forgetting how to count backwards in ones across a tens barrier- please check your child can successfully achieve this! 72, 71, 70 then....?

The new phonics sessions are going well -this week the 'ee' sound: Monkey up a Chimney ey ey ey, Baby with a Teddy y y y and Believe and You'll Achieve ie ie ie. Please ask your child to go over these with you with all the sounds and actions as we can only mime in school! We played scooter relays to reinforce this week's sounds in PE. Despite the competitive nature of this game, well done to Ethan who pointed out that 'It's not the winning that's important; it's the taking part!'

Some of our foundation subjects have been 'squashed' a little as time is reduced due to hand washing and movement in our bubbles following the one way system around school. We have managed to start the RE focus on kindness, our worship with the value of Thankfulness and will be spending more time next week on science of materials which links well with houses. Mrs Carter is investigating how we can make concrete bricks as a class in the coming weeks so save up your plastic butter containers!



Our expedition to Figsbury Rings 9th September

Week ending 11th September

The first full week has been a lovely start to the new term. We have learnt about some of the explorers who travelled round the world or dived to the deepest part of the ocean. We have focused on the geography of Great Britain, the countries it is made up of, the capitals, some of the features and we have created our own Union Flags. We have discussed our own family, making individual house books detailing who we live with including special features like trampolines and garden playhouses and we have used collage to create a road of houses, both for display. 

Our work this week has been focused on planning our expedition to Figsbury Rings (like real explorers!)We have studied the local map of Winterbourne Earls and learnt to recognise many of the symbols. On Wednesday we planned our route using compass directions and landmarks. Then at 1100 we packed up our school lunches and water bottles and followed our instructions up the steep slope to Figsbury Rings. We were thrilled to find a number of butterflies although not the Adonis Blue, which Mrs Carter had seen yesterday on her pre-visit. We took our diaries to record what we discovered and returned to school with pictures of butterflies, birds and trees we had seen. The weather at the top was sunny but not windy and the views were tremendous. We spotted the landmarks of Salisbury Cathedral, Old Sarum hillfort, Boscombe Down airfield and in the trees below the blue of our school and the tower of St Michael's church.

On Friday we lit a fire in the school grounds and toasted marshmallows like real explorers. The children loved this activity, as the photos showed, although some very gooey faces at the end!


We are in the process of assessing children's maths, phonics, writing and reading, so we can try and fill any gaps in learning and support individual needs. To minimise contamination, we are planning to send three reading books home on a Monday and we then need to collect them in on a Friday. We will still try to listen to individual readers and provide tag words to learn once assessments are complete. Thanks to parents for your patience!