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‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

Autumn Term 2019

Week beginning 7th October

This week we have been very busy in Rowan Class. We have been learning, innovating and writing a Tudor diary entry this week, based on the book 'The Diary of Thomas Snoop: Tudor Boy Spy'. The children have had some wonderful and imaginative ideas for their diary entries and the writing produced has been amazing! In Maths, we have been adding and subracting ones from a 3-digit number, with an exchange. The children have shown their understanding really well using practical equipment and are beginning to understand how to show this in written form. We also looked at adding and subtracting 10's from a 3-digit number. In Science, we explored the human skeleton and discussed the scientific names for all of the bones in the human body. The children worked in groups to create their own skeleton and label the different bones. In PE, we worked in small groups to create a dance motif for the different stages of a Tsunami. We used lots of different levels and speeds within our dances. In Outdoor PE, we played a game to reinforce our skills of attacking and defending. 

Thankyou to everyone who made a Tudor recipe and to those that researched one online! The tasting sessions were amazing and the children really enjoyed experiencing what Tudor foods would have tasted like. 

We celebrated Wellbeing Wednesday this week and also World Mental Health Day on Thursday through mindful activities and games. The children did a great job of focusing on the here and now and supporting each others mental health as well as their own!

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday. 

Week beginning 30th September

We started the week with our trip to St Edmunds and Wyvern for the Multi-Sports festival. The children had an amazing time and enjoyed taking part in lots of different sporting activities. They did the school proud and were amazing role models for the whole day, so well done them! 

This week in English we have been looking at the features of a diary entry and rehearsing a 'diary map' from the Diary of Thomas Snoop (a tudor spy). The children have spotted the features really well in different examples and have been able to retell the diary entry using actions. In Maths, we have been adding and subtracting multiples of 100 from 3-digit numbers and the children showed a really good understanding of the fact that it's just the 100's column that changes. We then moved onto adding and subtracting 1-digit numbers from 3-digit numbers and used the column method to show this.

In Science this week, we looked at vertebrates and invertebrates and the different types of skeletons that animals have. In PE on Wednesday, we continued our work on invasion games and practised the skills of attacking and defending in the game 'Hoop Ball'. 

Well done to all of the children on completing their first homework really well! We were very impressed with the general standard of homework and with the children's enthusiasm for it - long may it continue!

Well done to all of the children for their lovely harvest poems, particularly those who read them in church - you were fantastic!

I know that some of you had problems with identifying the set tasks on Mathletics last week, hopefully this is now resolved and should be shown clearly when the children log on! 

Have a fantastic weekend and we will see you back on Monday.

Week beginning 23rd September

The children have worked really hard this week to finish publishing their information texts in English. They have all produced some amazing work that they should be very proud of! We have also edited and improved our work and used dictionaries to help with spellings we were unsure of. In Maths we have continued looking at numbers to 1000 and compared and ordered them this week. We have continued looking at nutrition in Science and the children were given the task of finding out what food different types of animals eat. In PE we have continued our work on dance and using movement to represent the different parts of an earthquake. We have also continued practising our invasion games skills, in particular, defending. 

Thankyou to all parents who could attend the presentation on Wednesday. For those that were unable to come, there is a copy on the Rowan Class page of the website for you to have a look at. 

Reminder that next Thursday is the harvest festival in the church and some children from our class will be reading their Harvest acrostic poems. 

Your children have now received their Times Tables Rockstars and Mathletics logins and should be using those as often as they can at home. If you have any problems with either of these, please don't hesitate to pop in and speak to me. 


Week beginning 16th September 

We have had another busy week in Rowan class! The children have really settled into new routines this week and are beginning to show more independence and resilience in their learning which is fantastic. 

In English, we have recorded notes about the Tudors and used these to first create a documentary style recording of the information and then begin to write an information text. The children have blown me away with their enthusiasm to present their information and their care over presentation. In Maths, we have continued to look at numbers to 1000 and begun plotting these on a number line. This is quite a tricky concept, as a number line is an abstract thing, but the children have persevered and demonstrated this well. In Science, we have continued to look at nutrition and thought about the different nutrients that we can get from different foods. We have continued our work on Invasion Skills in PE and the children have practised different types of pass this week. 


Please remember it is the parent meeting next Wednesday 25th September - I look forward to seeing you then to explain more about how Year 3 is going to work and the differences regarding homework etc. 

Your children have received their tag words this week, so you can begin practising those as soon as possible, as they will be tested each week. 

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you all on Monday!


Week beginning 9th September

Welcome to Year 3! The children have had a very busy first week back and have adapted well to being in KS2! They have all worked really hard this week and shown some amazing independence and willingness to challenge themselves. We have started looking at information about the Tudors in English and the children have made some notes, ready to create their own information text next week The children also recapped what nouns, verbs and adjectives were and used this knowledge to think about simple and compound sentences. We have found out lots of interesting facts about the Tudors and thought of some questions that we would like to find out the answers to during our topic. In Maths, we have looked at place value to 100 and all children have worked really hard to represent numbers in different ways using base 10, place value counters and in a part whole model. 

In RE we have started looking at Hinduism, in particular, Diwali and we also learnt some French this week, as I'm sure lots of you will have heard. We do whole class recorder lessons on a Tuesday morning and are lucky enough to be involved in a singing collaboration with the Cathedral School, which happens on a Friday afternoon.


Our PE days will be Mondays and Wednesdays, so please make sure your child has their PE kit in school on these days. Children with earrings will either need to remove them or put some tape over them. 


Homework will be sent out after the parent meeting on 25th, as this will be quite different to Year 2 and we want to give you all the information to make this as clear as possible for all.


Just a reminder that your child can earn up to 10 minutes extra golden time on a Friday if they have read at home each night. Please record this in their reading record (or they can) so that Mrs Jacobs can see and mark this off for them.