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‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

Autumn Term 2020

Week Commencing 7/12/2020          A weekly report by Esme and Alice

On Monday, in English we were writing up our draft to the process of mummification explanation text.In maths we did problem solving.In  the afternoon we did PE - netball - practising dodging.


On Tuesday we had visitors- The friendly foxes Felix and Fernando arrived! They have come to our class to look out for people who are being kind and looking after others.


On Wednesday, we began to write up our mummification explanations and learned about perimeter of rectilinear shapes. In the afternoon, we used our comprehension skills to understand characters in the advert- Edgar!


On Thursday, we had Mrs Tucker. We finished our English and learned about transfiguration in RE.


on Friday, we added pictures to our English texts and began our double page spreads detailing everything we have learned about Ancient Egypt. We haven’t finished these yet but will be next week! Check out some photos below of our work and learning this week.

What’s coming up next week?


Christmas activities!

Lots of art!

Christmas PE!

Christmas party on Tuesday- wear a Christmas jumper!

Bring your festive cheer!

Class treat on Friday!

Coming up this week 7th December!

Maths- area and perimeter problem solving.

Guided reading- continue with The Red Pyramid story and catch up from last week.

English- writing explanations of mummification.

Science- testing pulleys and water resistance.

PE- netball with Mrs Bravery on Mon and football with Harry on Wed.

RE- write a newspaper report and present a news report.


A recap of last week ....A week of Home Learning! WB 30th Nov

Well.... this week, we had a week of learning at home. Well done, a lot of you have done a fantastic job with your learning! I hope you all said a BIG thank you to your parents, who may have helped you get organised, printed sheets, helped you log in and supported your learning. Mrs Bravery and I loved seeing all your lovely work!


In Maths, we learnt all about perimeter and area. 

In English, we became the teacher spotting mistakes, started to learn about active and passive voice and researched the main steps in mummification.

In art, we designed scarab beetles and tombs.

In science, we conducted our own fair tests related to a force. 


See below some photos of your amazing work!


Week commencing 23/11/20


On Monday, in the morning we did English - Burn2Learn which is a system that Miss Arrandale found online. It is a scavenger hunt where you find notes and write them down. Then, in the afternoon we did netball and we were recapping footwork and playing little matches in groups of four to five.

On Tuesday, in the morning we did vocabulary hangman again. In the afternoon, we did computing and we were making a website on google sites either on Ancient Egypt or forces.

On Wednesday, we did worded problems in maths and lots of people enjoyed it. Then, in the afternoon we did football with Harry and we were focusing on playing matches.

On Thursday, we had Mrs Tucker and in the morning, in English we were editing our work. In the afternoon we had R.E all afternoon and we were recording our radio advert for a Messiah.

On Friday, we watched a short video about growth mindset and did some inspirational posters for the cloakroom. Then, we did science in the afternoon and most people liked it.

Bug Club


This week, we have launched Bug Club! All parents received a letter from Mrs Baker explaining what Bug Club is.


Across the school, Bug Club has been bought in to increase variety in books children choose and expose children to a wider variety of texts. We have noticed in class that many children choose similar theme books as free readers. We are hoping Bug Club will provide more variety and enhance children's comprehension skills as this has been highlighted as an area for development across KS2. For the rest of this term, it would be great if children can get used to Bug Club as it is new and to read 1-2 books a week. However, I do understand the books vary in length, so some may take longer than others. This is why it will be of utmost importance to record their reading and ensure it is signed by an adult in their diary each day.


All children have been assigned a book band according to the reading age level scored on their start of year assessment. Children will need to answer the comprehension questions (bug icons in the text) in as much detail as they can, independently. They will be awarded a grade of red, amber or green for their responses on these. All Bug Club attainments and progress will be used to assist informing reading levels at the end of each term and for children to access reading assessments in accordance with their appropriate reading age. 

Week Commencing 16/11/2020 

Weekly report written by Daisy and Alice (website monitors)


On Monday morning, we did English where we were planned a balanced argument text. We discussed the question- should UK museums return overseas artefacts? Also in the afternoon, we had Mrs McEwan with Mindful Monday (mindfulness).


On Tuesday, in the morning we did phonics hangman (hangman with dots and dashes) which was fun! In  the afternoon, we did a forces experiment using parachutes. We tested how changing the area of the parachute affected the time it took to fall to the ground.


On Wednesday in maths, we did cube numbers - multiply by itself and multiply by itself again. In the afternoon, we did football with Harry (a Premier Sports football coach)-and we really enjoyed it.


On Thursday morning, we did mental maths and multiplying in our head. We also did art and we were designing scarab beetles.


On Friday, we did maths and were multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000. We also finished typing up our argument texts. In the afternoon, we did RE and we were creating posters with Mrs Tucker.


Well done to Sammy who was our Star of the Week.


Week 3 16/11 - A note from Miss Arrandale

We have had a lovely week in school this week. The children have worked really hard on their English this week, engaging in a class debate on Thursday afternoon. 


Children will have received their BugClub log ins on SeeSaw. They can log in and get started reading the allocated books. They need to ensure they answer the quiz questions carefully, as these will be taken into consideration when moving up book bands. In Year 5, reading is all about comprehension, ensuring we are understanding what we read. Also, children need to demonstrate curiosity to find out what words mean and apply these in their writing.


Our maths lesson on Thursday highlighted that many of the children struggled to double and halve numbers using mental strategies. If you can spend some time at home practising this, that would be fantastic. Particularly knowing the following facts: half of 5=10, half of 30=15, half of 50=25, half of 70=35, half of 90=45. Then use these facts to know related facts- e.g. half of 700=350.

Other strategies we used were: 

  • Double a number by partitioning first. E.g. double 78= 70+70=140, 8+8= 16, so 140+16=156.
  • Multiply by 4- double and double again.
  • Halving a number- partition, halve the parts, then add together. E.g. Half of 74, half of 70=35, half of 4=2, 35+2=37
  • Multiply a whole number by 10 placing a 0 on the end of the number. This happens because when multiplying by 10, the digits move to the left one place.


Coming up next week:

English- explanation texts linked to mummification.

Maths- divide by 10,100 and 1000, multiply multiples of 10 (e.g. 30x40), strategies to solve 'I'm thinking of a number' problems.

Science- levers and pulleys investigation.

RE- write and perform a radio script to advertise for a messiah.

PE- netball and football.

Computing- design a website.

Art- amulet designing.

French: animals and plurals.



  • Please practice Tag Tables and Tag words for Monday.
  • Log into Bug Club to become familiar with the layout. Any problems with log ins, please email me.
  • Homework videos for debates due in by Monday.


Autumn 2 Week 2 9/11

Weekly report written by the website monitors Daisy and Alice.


On Monday, we started our new PE topic- netball. Note: PE days have changed to Monday and Wednesday.

On Tuesday afternoon, we did science and we were learning about meteors (forces). We did an experiment using flour, cocoa powder, midget gems and plastic balls. We were dropping them into the flour and cocoa to see how big the craters they made were. We changed the weight of the ball and tested each weight 3 times. We then found an average by adding together the 3 scores and divided by 3. We learned new vocabulary, 'diameter' meaning the width of a circle through the centre point. 

Wednesday was remembrance day and we were painting logs with a picture called Remember and Reflect. We joined a zoom call and learnt all about WW1.

On Thursday, we had Mrs Tucker who taught us all about the Bible and how Jesus was actually a Jew.

On Friday, it was Children in need day- mufty day where we all got to wear home clothes. We would normally bring in a donation but because of the current situation it has to be done online. If you can donate, please go to the Children in Need website. We were all doing Pudsey activities and finished our science conclusion to explain what we discovered from our investigation.


What's happening next week?

English- Draft, write and publish a balanced argument. Should artefacts be returned to their country of origin? E.g. Should the Rosetta Stone be returned to Egypt? Hold a class debate.

Maths- Multiplication knowledge- times tables, square numbers, cube numbers, multiply whole numbers by 10/100/1000 using digit shift method.

Science (Tue pm)- investigate air resistance.

RE (Fri pm)- create a wanted poster for a messiah.

Art (Thur pm)- study artists who sketch/ study beetles. Research scarab beetles and sketch our own using an element of symmetry.

PE- netball with Mrs Bravery. Football on Wednesday.

Computing (Fri pm)- design a webpage and sub page titles.


Photos chosen by photographer monitors Chloe, Poppy S and Sara.

Remembrance Day

On Remembrance Day, we joined a webinar to learn all about World War 1. It was very interesting to learn more about the war, the countries involved and the conditions the soldiers had to endure for us.

We also studied a picture called Remember and Reflect which we tried to recreate using acrylic paint on wooden circles. Have a look at our creations below.

Welcome back to Autumn Term 2


We have had a busy first week back! Lots of fun activities and the children have settled back in brilliantly.


In class this week, we began our Tag minutes to increase rapid recall of times tables. Children will have the opportunity to move through level one by completing each tag in under 2 minutes.

In Science, we began our unit on forces. We carried out an investigation to test the distance travelled of different sized cannonballs when launched from a catapult. Can you remember how many variables change in a fair test?

In English, we learned about modal verbs, designed Egyptian museums and created leaflets about them. Take a look at some below? Which ones would you like to visit?

In French, we learned about which countries speak French and how to say this in French.

In PE, we started football with our new coach which was very exciting. Well done to all the class who behaved fantastically and he wants to visit us again each week.


Mrs Bravery and I also noticed that many of the children are not confident with telling the time. This is a lifelong, practical skill that is essential when they move onto secondary school. Please could you work with your child to check they know how to read an analogue and digital clock accurately. Many weren't too sure when reading 'to' the hour.



  • PE will now be on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • Homework must be completed by Monday.
  • Tag Minute and Tag words need to be practiced.
  • Daily reading.
  • It is getting muddy outside. If children can bring outdoor shoes to change into for playtime/PE or hard based slippers for inside the classroom, that would be great!
  • Dress warm as the classroom can get chilly!

Week 7- Last week of term!


How is Term 1 over all ready?!!


The past 7 weeks have completely whizzed by! The children have been fantastic and we have done so much this term- Egyptian tombs, writing newspaper articles, skyline pictures, mirror light mazes, our virtual trip to the British Museum.... and so much more! A big thank you to Mrs Bravery for our amazing shadow puppet theatre lesson. We had great fun watching the children's performances.


Thank you to all you parents who have supported your children returning back to school and remembering different equipment they have needed in school- shoe boxes, lego, reading books... the list goes on!


Well done to Luca and Thomas for achieving an end of term certificate for amazing improvement in English.

Well done Mateus for achieving the Citizen Cup.



  •  monitor letters in by 30th October


What have we got happening in week 8?

Maths- statistics- solve problems using line graphs, read & interpret tables, two way tables, timetables and statistics assessment.

English- forming opinions for and against a discussion question to form balanced arguments. For example, should children be allowed chocolate?

Science- begin our unit on forces and see what we know already.

RE- begin the unit exploring explaining the place of incarnation and messiah in the big story of the Bible.

PSHE- continue to focus on our mental health and how to keep our mind healthy.

PE- netball and football.

Art- design artefacts.


Week 6

This week we have found out much more about the events of Tutankhamen's discovery. We learned how to use reported and direct speech in order to conduct interviews of people involved in the discovery. We finished our unit on addition and subtraction, take a look at your child's assessment result on Seesaw. Please feel free to comment on their work, just put that the comment if from you at the end. In art, we began to make our shoebox tombs. Some of the wall art was amazing- well done children! 

A BIG thank you to those children who gave up some of their lunch time to complete the football challenges. 


Well done to Finlay and Sophie-Rose for their certificates this week. 


Week 7 upcoming learning:

Maths- reading/ understanding charts, tables and graphs.

English- write a newspaper report about the discovery of Tutankhamen.

Science- use light to create a show.

RE- assessment on our learning all about Sikhism.

Football- small sided games and dribbling skills.

PSHE- mindfulness and importance of mental health with Mrs McEwan.

Computing- Powerful passwords and false photography

Art- finish our shoe box tombs.


Homework this week will be different!

  • The children will be writing letters to apply for 3 monitor choices.
  • Any outstanding mathletics must be caught up but no new tasks will be set.
  • Tag words practiced for after half term.

Week 5- It's beginning to feel a lot like Autumn!


We have achieved some fantastic things in class this week. The children have, yet again, produced some lovely art work related to our topic of Ancient Egypt. Take a look on Seesaw to see your child's work. Mrs Bravery and I were very impressed with the children's level of inquisitiveness during our RE session learning about Sikhism. They showed great empathy and asked really insightful questions.


This week, we have had a real focus on how we show respect as low level behaviour and interruptions by many have affected some of our learning. For example, we have talked as a class about not fiddling while a task is being explained, sitting nicely in our chairs, looking the the direction of the person who is talking, starting an instruction once the person has finished speaking and not talking while someone else in the class is sharing their ideas.


Due to Covid, we have many new rules this year that children must follow for everyone's safety. Some children are still needing regular reminders following some of this guidance as closely as required. Please talk with your child about the importance of the following rules and why they are important. They are as follows:

  • maintain a social distance of 2m from any adult or other bubble,
  • stay in their seat when in class,
  • talk forwards rather than facing their talk partner,
  • wash their hands thoroughly with soap for 20 seconds.


Learning this coming week:

Maths- column subtraction and solving addition and subtraction problems.

English/ History- understand the main events in the discovery of Tutankhamun by Howard Carter. Begin to think like a news reporter and create a TV news report about the discovery. 

RE- Understand the forming of the Khalsa and the importance of The Langar.

Science- Investigate how colour filters can change light.

PE- Complete football challenges and be able to work together as a team, demonstrating support and encouragement to others.

Computing- Safe passwords.

Art- create a tomb of treasures to imitate the discovery of Tutankhamun. 

Week 4 - 21/9


This week has been jam packed! We also experienced a lot of rain which was highly amusing pelting through the mobile windows! 


Our learning this week:

  • English- this week we wrote our myths of Osiris and Seth. What a fabulous job the children did too! We worked on interesting description and showing how a character feels through their actions rather than just telling the reader. E.g. Isis was sad= BORING! However it could be: Tears rolled down Isis's cheeks as she sat on the embankment of the Nile, cradling Osiris in her arms. Take a look at the fantastic writing on Seesaw!
  • Maths- we have had our final week focusing on place value. We have covered roman numerals, comparing numbers to a million and negative numbers.
  • Science- we tested different materials to investigate reflection. We also researched Isaac Newton and starter our presentations about him. Can you remember any interesting facts?
  • RE- we learned about the Gurdwara temples. Can you remember any of the items/features?


Achievements this week:

  • Well done to those who have earned some pen licence signatures :-) 
  • Well done to Theo who was awarded our Star of the Week certificate for a fantastic effort in his writing.
  • Well done to those who have logged into SeeSaw and uploaded a photo to the 'Test' folder.



  • Children will need a shoebox for the week beginning the 2nd October for an art project.
  • All children need to bring a coat with them every day.
  • Homework due in Monday.


Have a lovely weekend!


Week 3- What an AMAZING week!


We have had an amazing week in Year 5. Well done to all the children who worked extremely hard!

This is what we have been up to this week in our learning:

  • English- learning about the story of Osiris and Seth. Can you retell the story to an adult at home? 
  • Maths- we have worked on rounding and learning 5 and 6 digit numbers.
  • Science- we built Lego light mazes to show how light can be reflected! 
  • RE- we have started learning all about Sikhism. This week, we learned about the 5 Sikh beliefs. We also looked at the Sikh symbol of the Khanda. 
  • In French, we learned how to say the countries of the UK and their capital cities. Can you find out any more countries and their capitals in French?
  • Mrs McEwan came to talk to us about mental health and we made mobiles to decorate the classroom with ideas that make us feel happy. 
  • Computing- we learned how to identify Spam emails and what to do if we receive them. 



Homework due in Tuesday, including mathletics.

Tag word test Monday.

Please log into Seesaw using your code you stuck into your homework diary. Please submit a picture of something which makes you feel happy into the ‘Test’ folder. You can also show your parents all the fantastic work you have been doing in class! Remember, if you complete a reading review, please take a photo and log it in the folder Independent reading.


Science 15/9/20


In science, we learned all about how light can be reflected using mirrors. We created light mazes to investigate this theory. Can you remember what the angles were called? One began with an I and one began with an R?

Lego light mazes

Week 2


This week we have got into a more regular classroom routine and started many of our foundation subjects. We also started homework, which is handed out on Tuesday and due in by Monday. Reading has been going really well and there have been lots of signatures in homework diaries- thank you!

Lots of children have collected many reward points. At the end of September, we will have our class treat for those who have earned enough points. In the meantime, 10=earn a sweet, 25= earn a prize/ miss one piece of homework/ go on the VIP table.


In our learning, we have begun studying Ancient Egyptian Gods in English and started our revision of place value in Maths.

In art, we learned how to sketch an Egyptian God, focusing on proportion and using light strokes so that we could easily alter mistakes. Can you sketch another Egyptian picture at home?

In PE, we started football skills. There are many experienced football players in the class. Can you prepare any football drills to teach the class next week? 

In PSHE, we had a lovely visit from Mrs McEwan who came to help us learn all about mental health. It was great to learn all about Mental health and we look forward to our session again next week! 

In Science, we continued our topic of Light. We learned about different materials called opaque, translucent and transparent. Can you find anymore examples of these at home?

Welcome to September 2020!


Week 1

We are very excited to be back to school and have had a brilliant first few days back. The children have all settled into Year 5 brilliantly and adapted to our new routines!


On Wednesday, we had our Egyptian Day. We had a great day learning about canopic jars and sarcophagi. Then we made our own jars and designed a sarcophagus.