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Winterbourne EarlsChurch of England Primary School

‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

Autumn Term 2020

Week 4 - 21/9


This week has been jam packed! We also experienced a lot of rain which was highly amusing pelting through the mobile windows! 


Our learning this week:

  • English- this week we wrote our myths of Osiris and Seth. What a fabulous job the children did too! We worked on interesting description and showing how a character feels through their actions rather than just telling the reader. E.g. Isis was sad= BORING! However it could be: Tears rolled down Isis's cheeks as she sat on the embankment of the Nile, cradling Osiris in her arms. Take a look at the fantastic writing on Seesaw!
  • Maths- we have had our final week focusing on place value. We have covered roman numerals, comparing numbers to a million and negative numbers.
  • Science- we tested different materials to investigate reflection. We also researched Isaac Newton and starter our presentations about him. Can you remember any interesting facts?
  • RE- we learned about the Gurdwara temples. Can you remember any of the items/features?


Achievements this week:

  • Well done to those who have earned some pen licence signatures :-) 
  • Well done to Theo who was awarded our Star of the Week certificate for a fantastic effort in his writing.
  • Well done to those who have logged into SeeSaw and uploaded a photo to the 'Test' folder.



  • Children will need a shoebox for the week beginning the 2nd October for an art project.
  • All children need to bring a coat with them every day.
  • Homework due in Monday.


Have a lovely weekend!


Week 3- What an AMAZING week!


We have had an amazing week in Year 5. Well done to all the children who worked extremely hard!

This is what we have been up to this week in our learning:

  • English- learning about the story of Osiris and Seth. Can you retell the story to an adult at home? 
  • Maths- we have worked on rounding and learning 5 and 6 digit numbers.
  • Science- we built Lego light mazes to show how light can be reflected! 
  • RE- we have started learning all about Sikhism. This week, we learned about the 5 Sikh beliefs. We also looked at the Sikh symbol of the Khanda. 
  • In French, we learned how to say the countries of the UK and their capital cities. Can you find out any more countries and their capitals in French?
  • Mrs McEwan came to talk to us about mental health and we made mobiles to decorate the classroom with ideas that make us feel happy. 
  • Computing- we learned how to identify Spam emails and what to do if we receive them. 



Homework due in Tuesday, including mathletics.

Tag word test Monday.

Please log into Seesaw using your code you stuck into your homework diary. Please submit a picture of something which makes you feel happy into the ‘Test’ folder. You can also show your parents all the fantastic work you have been doing in class! Remember, if you complete a reading review, please take a photo and log it in the folder Independent reading.


Science 15/9/20


In science, we learned all about how light can be reflected using mirrors. We created light mazes to investigate this theory. Can you remember what the angles were called? One began with an I and one began with an R?

Lego light mazes

Week 2


This week we have got into a more regular classroom routine and started many of our foundation subjects. We also started homework, which is handed out on Tuesday and due in by Monday. Reading has been going really well and there have been lots of signatures in homework diaries- thank you!

Lots of children have collected many reward points. At the end of September, we will have our class treat for those who have earned enough points. In the meantime, 10=earn a sweet, 25= earn a prize/ miss one piece of homework/ go on the VIP table.


In our learning, we have begun studying Ancient Egyptian Gods in English and started our revision of place value in Maths.

In art, we learned how to sketch an Egyptian God, focusing on proportion and using light strokes so that we could easily alter mistakes. Can you sketch another Egyptian picture at home?

In PE, we started football skills. There are many experienced football players in the class. Can you prepare any football drills to teach the class next week? 

In PSHE, we had a lovely visit from Mrs McEwan who came to help us learn all about mental health. It was great to learn all about Mental health and we look forward to our session again next week! 

In Science, we continued our topic of Light. We learned about different materials called opaque, translucent and transparent. Can you find anymore examples of these at home?

Welcome to September 2020!


Week 1

We are very excited to be back to school and have had a brilliant first few days back. The children have all settled into Year 5 brilliantly and adapted to our new routines!


On Wednesday, we had our Egyptian Day. We had a great day learning about canopic jars and sarcophagi. Then we made our own jars and designed a sarcophagus.