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‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

Autumn Term 2018

This will be the last update for this very busy term.  The children have all been super this week; obviously very tired but so calm and sensible.  The Christmas party went very well yesterday with the highlight of a special visit from Father Christmas (see photos below).  For those who were able to make the Church Nativity service this morning, I think you'd agree, it was a really special occasion.  The children were amazingly adaptable to being instructed  where to go and what to do at such short  notice.  They formed a brilliant tableau by the end of the service and to see our class with their Year 6 buddies is always a treat.  They have already formed some very special bonds. 

On arrival back at school, the Buddies got together to listen to stories written by the Year 6 children and then were presented with their stories to keep.  It's amazing to think that lots of Oak Class will be writing like that in just 6 years time and believe me, we'll be there before you know it! 

Enjoy browsing through the pictures below and can we take this opportunity to wish you all a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a peaceful new year.

Mrs Woodfine, Mrs Truckle and Mrs Hayter xxx

Christmas begins!!

Christmas begins!! 1

Week beginning 10.12.18

Christmas has definitely begun!!

The Christmas madness is truly underway at school and kicks off this week with our Dress rehearsal to Years 3-6 on Monday afternoon.  We then have a Nativity performance for families on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon and again on Friday morning.  We have the Christian group, 'The Bridge' working with the class on Thursday morning, completing the final part of their RE workshop 'Colours of Christmas'.  The week finishes with our visit to the playhouse in Salisbury, to see 'The night before Christmas' on Friday afternoon. **Please don't forget to let us know if it won't be you collecting your child from the playhouse after the performance.**

We have been opening our advent calendar in class every day since the beginning of December.  Every child will receive a small Disney story book, Christmas card, and sweets, as a little Christmas pressie from the adults in Oak class.  We hope they enjoy them.

Phewwweee.....please forgive us if we don't manage to hear your child read this week!! 

As we approach Christmas we will also be collecting in your child's reading book and diary.  This helps us to keep track of how they have been reading at home and allows you to enjoy the run up to Christmas without having to worry about reading.  The children often become quite tired as we approach the end of this term as there is so much going on, both in and out of school !! (not to mention the illness that is flying around!)  We aim to start collecting reading books in towards the end of this week.  In exchange we will pop an activity book into your child's bag for them to do at home with you-practising the 'tricky' words that we have been learning in class this week.  This activity book is just for fun- please do not feel the need to return it to us as homework!

Above is a lovely photo of our class all dressed up ready for Christmas.  We were sorting out the costumes ready for our church tableaux and thought we would try them on for fun.  

This week 26.11.18

Week Beginning 23.11.18

The children in Oak class have continued with their topic all about space.  We have investigated the moon this week!  We made foot prints from flour and talked about why the footprints on the moon made by explorers all those years ago are still there today.  The children have loved the story book, 'Aliens Love Underpants'.  We made and decorated our own alien underpants and dressed up aliens wearing our creations.

The maths focus for this week has been shapes, namely circles, squares, rectangles and triangles although some children knew hexagons and octagans as well!  We investigated the number of sides each shape had and talked about the differences between them.  We made space rockets from different shapes and labelled their sides.


Next Friday, in order for FOWES to be able to set the school up ready for the Christmas Fayre in the evening, the whole of Key Stage 1 and Reception class are 'shipping out' and going down to the Glebe Hall opposite the Nursery for a DVD afternoon.  We will let you know via the school App on Thursday which area of the school to collect your children from at the end of the day as it may not be from the usual Oak Class Outside Area.  If you have any questions regarding this outing, please speak to a member of the team.

Week beginning 19.11.18

This week Mrs T will be out of class on Tuesday 20th.  She is being covered by an experienced Early Years teacher, Mr Lawrence.  Mr Lawrence came to visit Oak class 2 weeks ago to meet the children and I am sure that they will have a fantastic day with him!!


On Wednesday afternoon the Virgin Nurses will be in school to give the children in YR-Y5 their flu vaccinations.  This vaccination is squirted up your child's nose.  Please pop into let us know if you think your child may have difficulty receiving this vaccination- it is better for us to be prepared, as we will accompany the children when they are vaccinated.  (we had 2 refusals last year) Many thanks.

Thank you for supporting 'Odd socks' in Oak class

Thank you for supporting 'Odd socks' in Oak class 1
Thank you for supporting 'Odd socks' in Oak class 2
Thank you for supporting 'Odd socks' in Oak class 3
Thank you for supporting 'Odd socks' in Oak class 4

Assessment week- Song of sounds

Thursday 15th- Wednesday 21st November.

We assess the children's progress every 6 weeks or so and notify you of any letters that they are not secure with/recognise, or do not know.

In class we do this by working informally with each child (individually) and will check their letter knowledge, from all the letters we have taught so far (we do not show them the pictures) and ask them to say the sounds.  We will also ask them to read some simple words such as 'it', 'as' 'on' and some simple CVC (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) words such as 'pot' or 'sat'.  We will also ask them to make(spell out) some simple CVC words using magnetic letters (such as dog, hat or pin)  Following the assessment week we will send home a sheet which will highlight the letters that they need to practise.  The assessment is very informal and the children are usually very keen to 'show off' their phonetic knowledge!  You should not need to do any extra preparation with your child, apart from the normal reading/letter sound practise that you do each day at home.

Letters and sounds learned so far;

a, b, c,d, e,f, g, h, i, k, l, m, n, o, p, r, s, t, u, ff, ll, ss.

Odd Socks Day in Oak Class!!

On Tuesday 13th November it will be 'Odd Socks' day in Oak class.  Please could your child wear odd socks to school on Tuesday (instead of school socks!) to support this.  We are wearing odd socks to raise awareness of respect for others, individuality and to take part in Anti-bullying week alongside the rest of the school.  More information can be found using the link below;

9th November 2018

It's been a very busy week again in Oak class.  The children have come back to school happily after the half term holiday and are increasingly confident in their routines.  Academically their progress is really showing as their mark making and letter writing is coming on and their counting is brilliant!

Please continue to help your child with their name writing at home.  Maybe they could write their names each time they do their reading with you?

We have been talking about Bonfire Night and Remembrance Sunday this week.  The children have all made poppies for our large school display and yesterday we made Remembrance biscuits; some made it home in one piece!!

Next Wednesday 14th, Mrs Truckle is out of class.  Mrs Mac will be looking after the class for the afternoon.  Mrs Mac is a retired teacher from our school, who has met the children before.  I feel sure they will have a lovely afternoon.


End of Term 1

Well, we have all made it to the end of your child's first term at school!  Like you, I am currently enjoying the fact that the alarm is NOT going off and we haven't got that crazy morning routine of breakfast, dressing and getting out of the house, with everything and everyone. angel I am also thankful that the clocks changed in the hols, because no matter how hard you try as a Parent the darlings will still wake up at their 'normal' time....then be so grumpy come tea time.  As a teacher, I am hoping that they will all have got back into the new sleep routine by next week when they get back to school! 

The first term has certainly flown by.  The class are beginning to gel and new friendships have started to be forged.  When the class started in September they all looked so little- they are certainly starting to grow into those uniforms now!

Talking of uniform, I am impressed that the class are all taking part in PE and are able to dress/undress quite well.  A couple of requests as the colder weather approaches.  If your daughter is now wearing tights to school (particularly for a PE day), please help her to practise taking them off, pulling them through the right way and then encourage her to put them on again herself.  As teachers we are more than happy to encourage and help out, especially if the girls get in a pickle with their tights, but we won't do it for them.  With 14 potential tights wearers, it can be a long dressing session if we have to put them onto the girls (plus they can often be sweaty and damp, so not the most pleasant of experiences!)  If you have a boy....then the same applies for their trousers! (especially if they have got used to wearing shorts up until now) Many, many thanks!!

We are continuing after the hols for a couple more weeks on our 'space' theme and then it will change to lead up to Christmas.  Don't forget to do the holiday homework (a brown paper bag was in your child's book bag with the homework attached) and send it back to school the first week back (if you forget it the first day then don't panic-we are happy to look at a few during 'talk time' each day)  **Don't forget to get your child to write their name on the bag though (they can do that bit themselves too!), or it could be tricky to spot it amongst the other 23!

A few photos below from the last couple of weeks, including our beautiful wellie walk!  What a gorgeous afternoon we had and thank you to all our lovely Parent helpers who came along too!

Enjoy the last few days of half term and don't forget to book a Parent appointment online if you would like a chat about anything that you would like to know. (NB; if you are happy with how the first term has gone, then do not feel that you have to book an appointment this time!)




Wellie Walk on Monday 22nd October

Our wellie walk is planned to go ahead during the afternoon on 22/10/18.  The weather forecast (currently) is for a cold but sunny afternoon and no rain is predicted. frown  All Parents please ensure....

  • You have returned the permission form to us and it has been signed.
  • Your child has a pair of wellies to wear for our walk- although no rain is forecast we will all be wearing boots, as we will be walking the footpath across local fields.  We do not have enough spare wellies to lend out, sorry.  (If your child does not have boots in school, they will walk in their school shoes which may become rather dirty.)
  • Your child's coat is in school for our walk.  We have a few spare pac-a-macs to lend, but these do not provide warmth for walking.
  • Waterproof trousers are optional- the current forecast is dry.  The field path may well be muddy so please let us know if you would definitely like your child to wear their waterproof trousers (at drop off on Monday morning) otherwise (if dry) we will not get into full-on waterproof gear! (we do not have any waterproof trousers to lend to children, sorry)


If you have offered to come along and help on our walk..heart THANKYOU! heart

However, we can only take you with us if you have completed a DBS form with Mrs Hyde in the office and it has been returned.  If you have completed a DBS but have not had it returned yet then I'm afraid you will be unable to come with us this time.  If you are unsure if the document has been returned yet, then please check/phone the school office, thank you.  I'm sorry, but we can't take toddlers on our walks.

DBS'd Parent helpers- please arrive at the school office at 1.30pm, sign in and then come down to the classroom to help the children get their coats/boots etc on.  We should return to school by 3pm at the latest.


Week beginning 8th October

The children have had a fantastic week and are becoming more and more independent in carrying out everyday tasks and activities.  They know we are always around to help out but it's been great to see them having a go!  Friendships and relationships are ever evolving and there are inevitably going to be some ups and downs along the way.  Sometimes children can resolve conflicts and issues themselves, other times the adults at school will intervene but we can only do this if we are aware of them.  Please do come to speak to us if there is anything your child is worrying about.  We are always available to talk, otherwise there will be further opportunities at our Parent's Meetings which are not too far away.

We are whizzing through our Song of Sounds lessons, learning one new letter per day, apart from on a Wednesday which is a longer sessions aimed at consolidating the work from the previous 4 days.  The children are beginning to blend sounds together to make words....they are starting to read!

Just a date to put in the diary but a more formal letter asking for permission and contributions to follow...

On Friday 14th December, we will be taking Oak Class to the Playhouse theatre to see 'The Night Before Christmas'.  It is a little trip we like to do each year at Winterourne.  It's the first school trip for the children but is always a memorable experience.  The theatre really do put on some brilliant performances. 

Enjoy some photos from the week.  If there are ever any WOW moments from the children from home, we always welcome you to share them with us. 

Have a good weekend.


Please look at the 'letter' section on this web page for information about our upcoming wellie walk and class treat frown  Please return the permission slip by Friday 19th October, thank you!

Week beginning 1st October


Well, the children have now been in Oak class, full time, for a month.  How time flies!!  They are doing really well, getting into the day to day routines, have started to attend the whole school celebration worship on a Friday, doing a daily 'song of sounds' session and are taking part in PE and circle time (PSHEE) sessions each week.  They have also spent a week, during lunchtime play, without their Y6 buddies (as they were away at the Braeside outdoor adventure centre on a weeks residential) and have started their singing workshop session with Mrs Parsons every 3rd Friday.  Not bad for only 4 weeks in school!!  Needless to say that you may have noticed your child is a little more grumpy at home, or has less concentration, or is perhaps not as tolerant of their siblings (or you!) after school.  This is normal.  From this week onward your children will become increasingly tired and we tend to find that before school you may get some tears- problems or worries about other children in class- not wanting to come to school- not wanting to put on school clothes- some children become clingy to a Parent (especially at drop off time) when they haven't been clingy before and/or tears. Do let us know and....don't worry...its perfectly normal and is expected.  The novelty of starting school is starting to wear off, the children are becoming increasingly tired and they are all going into social and emotional overdrive- many are moving away from familiar pre-school friends and are trying to strike up new relationships- this can be hard, especially if you are the pre-school friend who is being left to play without the usual pal, or if you are the one trying to make a new friend.  They are all trying to find their place in this little Oak class world.  Things will settle down, but it will take time, understanding and they will all be ready for the October half term break when it comes!

Thank you to the Parents who were able to come to the Phonics/reading meeting on the 3rd.  If you were unable to come and pick up our handouts, then please take a look at the Parent info page on this Oak class webpage.  We've put as much as we can up on that section for you.  We are hoping to plan our first wellie walk for the week before half term.  If you would like to come and help on our walk (or in school) then please arrange an appointment with Sarah Hyde (in the office) to do your Disclosure check- I'm afraid that you will be unable to help without it.

Next week is forecast to be another 'good weather' week, with perhaps a little rain on Friday.  Please make sure that your child brings a named jumper or cardigan into school- if the weather is nice at this time of year, then we give them a choice of putting on their coats, but we always insist that they wear a jumper/cardigan (if they don't wear their coat out to play)  It can still be chilly on our playground- even when the sun shines!

Hope you like the photos- it will give you an idea of all the things we get busy with in class during the day.

Week beginning 24th September


This week will be a little different for the children because on Wednesday, Mrs Truckle, Mrs Hayter and Mrs Woodfine will be attending a training session at another local Primary School.  On this day, Mrs Mac (our wonderful recently retired Year 1 teacher) will be covering the class with Miss Sealy who already knows the class and has spent time with them.  In order to prepare your children for this change, Mrs Mac is going to be visiting the class on Tuesday as a way of getting to know them.  Normal service will resume on Thursday! 

We have decided to split the children for PE sessions which are held on a Wednesday and Thursday this term.  If your child's birthday falls before April 1st, their session will be on a Wednesday and if it falls after April 1st, their session will be on a Thursday.  We thought it helpful for you to know in order for you to plan their uniforms on these socks rather than tights, trousers rather than pinafore dresses?


Just a few reminders for the week ahead...

  • We are holding our Phonics workshop next Wednesday at school in the afternoon...Wednesday 3rd October at 2.30pm
  • Please ensure your girl's hair is always tied up as this helps to keep those little scalp visitors at bay and prevents hair inadvertently becoming caught in zips, door catches, other children's fingers etc!
  • With the start of the colder, wetter weather we were forced to put coats on last week.  Many children were very independent and managed to put them on and do their zips up!  Many more could practise though and your help with this at home would be very much appreciated.  Stickers will be awarded to those who have mastered this challenge.

Have a good week and enjoy the sunshine once again.


Having fun in Oak Class - September '18...RE and drama, becoming independent, musical statues and playing make believe!


Welcome Parents, to our first blog of the new year.

The children have settled in incredibly well this week and have taken everything in their stride.  School lunches have gone well and most children have eaten almost everything that they have on their plates.  Mrs Hayter not only works in our classroom, she is also a lunchtime assistant and is in the hall with the class and then goes out in the playground with them.  She would like to tell you that, unless she approaches you after school to tell you that your child is having problems with the lunch, or eating, then assume that all is well.  And don't forget that you can mix in packed lunches too- so if you know that your child will not enjoy one of the menu choices on a particular day then you can book them in for sandwiches, or send a packed lunch instead.  We will encourage the children to try the cooked lunches, but we cannot force them to eat them.  They are also coping well with the timings- we go into the hall at 11.45am and most children are finished and out to play by 12.30pm.  Keep practising using knives and forks at home though- quite a few children wanted to use spoons or fingers to eat their lunch this week!!

As the children start school full time next week, we are starting our pre-phonic teaching and will be working on 'sound talk'.  The children will have played games to help them hear sounds in words at their pre-school settings.  We will be finding out if the children can hear sounds in words -without introducing the written words or letters.  So, we will be playing guessing games e.g. the adult sounds out a word, for example j/a/m....can the children put it together and find the matching picture.  Or, can the children find a picture (from a selection) that starts with 'd', or 'e'.  We will also be listening to hear the sound that our names begin with- not the name of the letter but the sound it makes.

We will continue to send home library books next week and once we have started our song of sounds letter teaching (hopefully the following week) the reading books will come home. We would also like to start our Maths packs but find this quite time consuming to organize.    Its very file orientated- recording who has taken which game, filing it and issuing the next one.  Is there anyone who could spare some time each week (day of choice) to do this for us please?  If you could then please pop in to see me after school on Monday- if a couple of you do it then perhaps you could take turns?

Enjoy the photos below...and if you do screenshot them, please don't share them on social media-many thanks!  Have a lovely weekend!