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Winterbourne EarlsChurch of England Primary School

‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

Autumn Term 2018

Week beginning 10th December

Christmas has come to our classroom! Snowy the elf has been busy over the weekend, decorating the classroom ready for Christmas. The role play corner has been turned into Santa's Workshop and the children will have the opportunity to enjoy this area during activity time. We have our Nativity performances this week and the children have worked really hard on the show. We are sure you will not be disappointed! 

We will be doing some Christmas writing this week, including writing a poster for a missing reindeer. In Maths we are looking at subtracting by crossing out and finding out how many are left. This will be the last week for Maths passports as these will be collected in next week for Christmas. 

We have been checking all tag words that the children have been issued with so far this year, in order to check that they can still read and spell all of them. Rather than issuing new tag words before Christmas, we will be letting you know which ones to have a recap of, before we move on through the stages any further. Once this has been done, Tag words will not be checked until after Christmas.



Week beginning 26th November

This week we will be continuing our rehearsals for the Nativity - all of the children are doing an amazing job and we are really excited to show you the finished product in a couple of weeks! In English we will be writing the Nativity story from what we can remember. In Maths we will be looking at adding by counting on. We will be recapping long vowel digraphs in Phonics this week - ay, ai, a-e, ee, ea, e-e, igh, ie, i-e, ow, oa, o-e, oo, ew, u-e. 

We also have the school Christmas Fayre to look forward to on Friday!

Welcome back!

Week beginning 5th November

Welcome back to another half term in Year 1! We've got lots of exciting things planned this half term and of course, the Nativity and rehearsals will soon be in full swing! This week we will be starting off by looking at bonfire night and doing some descriptive writing about fireworks. We will be moving on to writing a diary entry based on the Great Fire of London later on this week.

In Maths, we are looking at addition and subtraction, including the part whole model. 

We will be making poppies for a whole school remembrance craft, so please send your children in with the bottom of a plastic bottle as advised on the newsletter at the end of last half term. 

In Phonics this week we will be looking at the graphemes oo, ew and u-e. 


Week beginning 8th October

We have had a lovely week in Year 1! The children started off the week with a visit from Salisbury museum who spoke to us about lots of different collections. We saw some pictures of the different collections at the museum and talked about how we could set up our houses on Friday to make them look effective. We have been looking at using a capital letter and full stop correctly in our English this week and the children have shown a good understanding of when they need to use them in a sentence. In Maths we have been comparing and ordering groups and numbers using the language of more than and less than. We are still working hard on number formation and how to write numbers as words as well as numerals. On Wednesday we were joined by people from Salisbury museum again and they helped us get stuck into building our houses for the Great Fire of London. The children worked so hard and put a lot of time and effort into building these. They looked fantastic on display in the hall on Friday and the children should be really proud of what they achieved. 

Maths passports have been sent home for the first time with your child, you do not need to complete the sheet at the front, this is for us in school to complete. 

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you back on Monday!


Week beginning 1st October

This week we have been looking more closely at Samuel Pepys as an important historical figure. The children have been finding out key information about him and created their own fact files about him. In Maths we have been looking at how to find 1 more and 1 less than a number and using the symbols <, > and = to compare numbers. In Science we have looked at how to distinguish between an object and the material it is made from. In PE we have been looking at travelling with a ball in a controlled way and on Friday we were practising some more yoga poses in the hall. We have also filled up our class pom-pom jar and as a result, the children have earned themselves a class treat.

This will be next Tuesday afternoon and the children have decided that they would like to watch a movie in Pyjamas with a teddy. We will also provide a small amount of popcorn for the children. 

Have a fantastic weekend and we will see you on Monday.

Week beginning 24th September

This week has been another busy one in Cherry Class! We have done lots of writing in English about the Great Fire of London and what we can remember. The children worked really hard on their sentences, including finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. In Maths, the children have been practising counting forwards and backwards and filling in missing numbers. We have been practising our spatial awareness in PE and in the hall on Friday we were practising different yoga poses. The children did really well and it was a fantastic PE lesson. We started looking at different materials in Science and the materials that we already know. We learnt our first new sounds this week through the Song of Sounds: ay, ai and a-e. The children did really well at remembering these and have been practising using the right spelling of the sound for different words.

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday.

Week beginning 17th September

This week the children have continued lots of learning about the Great Fire of London. In English we have been looking at the events that took place and how we can order these chronologically. The children have also been comparing London during the fire to now. In Maths we have been looking at different ways of showing numbers to 10 and beyond. The children were really stretching themselves to look at higher numbers and how many different ways they could think of to show that number. In Science we looked more closely at Autumn and the different weather we could expect to see across the seasons. During PE this week, we were thinking about using space to move around safely.

Thankyou to everyone who attended the parent presentation on Thursday, if you were unable to make it there is a copy of the presentation on the website under 'Letters' on our class page. We also sung our harvest version of 'London's Burning' during the Harvest festival on Friday and the children all sang beautifully. 

We hope you have a lovely weekend and will see you all on Monday. 

Week beginning 10th September

Welcome to Year 1! The children have had a fantastic first week back in Cherry Class and are really starting to settle in to the routines of a new year. The children have been introduced to our topic 'The Great Fire of London' this week and are starting to ask interesting questions and show a real enthusiasm for it. We have read a story called 'Fire Cat' as a whole class text and the children really enjoyed finding out about the events that took place. In English we have written our own questions about what happened and described a scene from London during the fire. In Maths we have been thinking about finding lots of different answers to a question, rather than just one and grouping and sorting objects in different ways. We looked at the seasons in Science and talked about the different months in each season and the weather that we might see in each. We spent some time outside in the school grounds for RE, exploring the world and thinking about how it makes us feel to be outside experiencing it. 

We hope you have a restful weekend after a busy first week and we look forward to seeing you on Monday.