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Around The World Reading Challenge - 2018

Following on from the success and uptake of the Summer Reading Challenge run by the local library, and Christmas Reading Challenges for the last couple of years, we are now launching a very exciting new whole school Reading Challenge in school. Every child who completes this challenge will have their name entered into a random draw for the chance for one pupil to win a Family Ticket for 4 to Paultons Park.  In addition there will be a chance for one pupil from each class to win a £5 Book Voucher.


There are 3 different challenges depending on which class your child is in:


Reception & KS1 Reading Challenge

Your child will receive their very own Reading Miles Passport with a map of the world and 500 mile stepping-stones.  Every day they read for at least 10 mins with an adult outside or inside school, and that adult signs their reading record to confirm they have read, they will be able to move on 500 miles around the world.   In the Reading Passports, it states that 10 mins reading = 500 miles, but to clarify it is at least 10 mins reading per day which counts as 500 miles and it is not possible to move more than 500 miles per day.


 With 19 weeks until the May half-term, this means you will need to read with your child 3-4 times a week in order to complete the challenge, which we hope you will agree is entirely manageable.


Lower KS2

Children in Years 3 and 4 will also receive their own passport. They will have to read 6 different books and review these books in their passports in order to complete their challenge.  They will also receive a map of the world, in which they can colour the continents they have travelled through on their reading journey.


Upper KS2

Children in Years 5 and 6 will receive their own passport and map of the world where they will also have to review the 6 books that they read.  However, if possible, they must try and read at least 4 different types or genres of books from the following choice:


  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Biography/Historical Fiction
  • Comic Book/Comic/Magazine
  • Fantasy/Science Fiction


It would obviously be fantastic if they could read a book from each type to try and encourage them to read a different kind of book to their usual choice however it is the actual act of reading we want to promote so if this is too difficult, please remember they can try shorter books if necessary.



Parents must sign each review to prove they have read the books and return it by Friday 18th May 2018.  We can then have the prize draw and announce the winners and distribute the prizes before the May half-term holiday.