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Weekly Update

Week beginning 10th July

This week we have been doing a rotation of activities and completing our final Maths Assessments of the year. The children have been fantastic and really given their all to the work we have been doing. They have created booklets for Mrs Baker, with information about themselves and things which they are looking forward to next year. We have been looking at and practising forming capital letters and spelling common exception words to reinforce our learning from this year. The children have created their own worlds for the top of the Faraway Tree and they have really used their imaginations to think about new and creative lands. Thankyou to everyone who came to our open afternoon, the castles were phenomenal and it was clear to see that all of the children had put a lot of time and effort into them! Our Guided Reading focus this week has been to read with expression. We hope that you all enjoy this weekend ready for our last week on Monday! We will also be sending a letter out this evening regarding watching Beauty and the Beast (2017) and Tangled next week - these films are both a PG so if you do not wish for your child to watch them, please ensure you come and speak to us on Monday morning/return the slip attached to the letter. 

Week beginning 3rd July

This week we have been doing lots of exciting things in Cherry Class. In Maths we have been learning about Capacity and using beakers and water to measure and compare different amounts of liquid. The children have also looked at some everyday bottle packaging and tried to find the capacities of these. In English, the children have been writing their fantastic Little Red Riding Hood stories up in neat, so that they were ready for the display at Open Evening on Tuesday. They have worked so hard on these stories and their writing looks amazing! We have also been thinking about Proper Nouns and how we need to use capital letters when writing them in our work. We have created pieces of artwork based on our class story 'The Enchanted Wood' and the children have been very creative and imaginative. 

Our Guided Reading focus this week has been the importance of different events in the story and tricky words. 


Capacity 1

Week beginning 26th June

This week we have been learning the story of Little Red Riding Hood in English. The children have been acting out the story and learning a story map to help with their writing. They have all done a fantastic job and their writing has been amazing! The children were also focusing on including a range of different punctuation in their work. In Maths we have been looking at money again this week, the children have been to a shop and been buying different items with different costings. They have been keen to learn about the different coins and are getting to grips with how to add and subtract them. We have been learning about the different countries in the UK this week and identifying them on a map. In PE, we had Steve, the Judo instructor for a session, following on from last week, in which the children were learning some basic moves. Our guided reading focus this week has been to talk about the stories we have read and our favourite parts. 


Week beginning 19th June

What a HOT week it has been! The children have very much enjoyed the magic sprayer this week to cool them down. We have been writing diary entries as though we were people living in a castle this week and the children have come up with some fantastic ideas for diary entries. Their writing has been lovely and we have focused on adding endings to words in our writing. In Maths we have been looking at sharing and grouping objects and started to think about the multiplication sign and what it means. The children have also been practising counting in 2's, 5's and 10's from any number. The guided reading focus this week has been retelling the story using actions. 

We wish you a relaxing and hopefully, just as sunny, weekend!

Week Beginning 12th June

This week we have had a busy week! We have been finding lots of information about Castles and we have been doing lots of phonics in the classroom. We wrote some fantastic pieces of writing about our school trip to Farleigh Hungerford Castle last week and we thought about the things which we had seen when we were there. We have been thinking about problem solving in Maths and how we can use knowledge that we have, to work out the answer to a problem. We of course had sports day on Monday, in which the children all had a fantastic time doing lots of active things and were very good participants in the races in the afternoon. 

We have focused on characters and their emotions during stories this week and had whole class discussions about how we can find things out from a text. 

Week Beginning 5th June

We have had a very exciting week in Cherry Class! On Wednesday we had our school trip to Farleigh Hungerford Castle, where we enjoyed learning about the different parts of a castle, as well as the people who would have lived in them. The sun was shining all day and we had a fantastic time throughout. We also enjoyed learning about the Election on Thursday and took part in our own 'Mini-Election' for a Prime Minister of our classroom. The children were sorted into groups and had to come up with 5 ideas for their 'manifesto' - these were things that they would change if they won. The children engaged well with the election and learnt about the idea of democracy and how the world works. They were very excited to share their ideas and try to convince the other children to vote for their party, which they did so using ballot papers. We have been concentrating lots on phonics this week in our English, in preparation for the check next week. In Maths we have been practicing counting in 2's 5's and 10's, which the children have all been fantastic at. 

We have sent home some Phonics practice as homework this weekend and hope you can work through this with your child. 

Just a reminder that sports day is on Monday - we are hoping that the weather will hold out and we can enjoy a lovely day outside. Please can your child come to school in their PE kit. 

Have a lovely weekend! 

(Pictures of trip and mini-election will follow, once technology issues are fixed)


Still image for this video
The children's manifesto's for our mini-election in class.

(This was the only video small enough to upload - sorry!)

Week Beginning 22nd May

This week we have been working very hard, despite the heat outside! We are really enjoying being out in the sunshine for our cricket session on Tuesday afternoon, we have even had story time outside in the shade on a couple of occasions!

In English we have been creating a new fairytale character and then writing letters to Fairytale Inc. to convince them that our character is the best and should be used in a new fairytale. In Maths we have been looking at word problems involving addition and subtraction. We have been using equipment to help us and the challenges this week were solved by lots of the children, which is fantastic! We also had our lovely treat afternoon, as the children have been working really hard this term and filled up their pom-pom jar. A lovely afternoon was had by all! Guided reading focus this week has been to look at punctuation in a text and use it when reading for pauses, breaths, exclamations and questions etc. 

We hope you have a fantastic half term, hopefully there will be some nice sunny weather for you to enjoy! 

Week Beginning 15th May

This week has been another exciting and busy one! The children have received a letter from Fairytale Inc. asking them to check their Fairytales and send them off to be published into a big book! The children have done a fantastic job of checking their work and reading it from someone else's point of view. They used their best handwriting to put them on new sheets to send off and we are awaiting the book to be returned to us! In Maths we have been looking at number bonds to 20 and using these to solve lots of different problems. We also carried out a very exciting Science experiment to see which material would be best to make the Three Little Pigs houses out of - we put them through vigorous tests of torrential downpour and a big wolf huffing and puffing and discussed how well the houses stood against them. 

Our guided reading focus this week has been to check ourselves as we read and correct any mistakes that we make. 

Week Beginning 8th May

This week we have been busy with lots of exciting work based on our topic 'Once Upon a Time'. We have planned our own Fairy Tales using ideas from traditional ones. The children have thought of lots of fantastic ideas and come up with some fantastic plans. In Maths we have been using Fairy Tale themed problems to understand and use the language of more than, less than and equal to. The children have also created some fantastic Fairy Tale scenes in Art, along with magic wands and creature masks. 

Guided Reading focus this week has been to discuss what we have read and retell parts of the story. 


Week beginning 1st May

A nice short week this week, with the lovely Bank Holiday weekend at the start. We have jumped into the land of Fairy Tales this week and have been thinking of our own version of Jack and the Beanstalk in our English lessons. The children have had some fantastic ideas and their writing has been fantastic. In Maths, we have been focusing on working out numbers that are represented in different ways, as well as practicing writing two-digit numbers in numerals and words. We will be changing the reward for the morning phonics activity to make it more rewarding for all of the children, so if they can find 15 or more words with a particular sound in, they will receive a tick and any children with 3 or more ticks at the end of the week will receive a special 'smelly' sticker. We have also looked at family in PSHE and drawn pictures of our own family and thought about why they are special. In PE we have been practicing using a cricket bat and tennis ball, to develop our cricket skills. 

Guided reading focus: discussing what new words mean. 

Week beginning 24th April

Welcome back after a lovely 2 week Easter Break. We hope you all made the most of the nice weather and had a nice, relaxing break. We have eased back into the first week, with some rotating activities across the week involving numbers, the introduction to our topic 'Once Upon A Time', with Jack and the Beanstalk and much more. The children have come back refreshed and ready to learn which is lovely to see. We have introduced a new self-registration routine in the morning, which the children are loving! We have also begun a mini competition each week - when the children come in, there will be a phoneme (sound) on the board, and they must write as many words as they can think of with that sound in - the person with the most will win a smelly sticker. We hope you are all continuing the fantastic reading that we have been seeing since the reading workshop and look forward to seeing the impact it has had on all of the children over the next few weeks. 

Guided reading focus this week: using different strategies to work out unfamiliar words.

Week Beginning 27th March

We have had another busy week in Cherry Class. We've been doing lots of Maths and Writing, as well as learning lots about the Easter Story. We have also had a football tournament within our class this week and last, so well done to all of the children - they all made a fantastic effort and worked really hard as part of a team. We managed to finish the week off on Thursday with a treat, as we filled up our pom-pom jar for this term! Well done everyone. We had a cinema afternoon watching the Lion King which all of the children really enjoyed. 

The guided reading focus this week was looking at the importance of the title of a book and the events which happened in the story. 

We hope you had a fantastic weekend and it was lovely to see some of you at the Figsbury Challenge on Saturday.

Week Beginning 20th March

This week was another busy one. We were doing our independent writing, creating stories based in the rain forest and all of the children did a fantastic job! We were also learning about halves and quarters in our Maths and really enjoyed being able to work out the answers to lots of different questions, using objects, shapes and numbers. We also had the reading workshop on Friday morning, so thankyou to all of the parents who attended - we hope you found it an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. Just as a reminder, the task from this workshop is to read with your child daily for the next six (term time) weeks, and we will be collecting in the reading records at the end of each week and giving class rewards if more than 20 children have read 5 times across the week. 

Guided reading focus this week: talking about what we have read. 

We hope you had a lovely Mother's Day with the children. 

Week Beginning 13th March

This week we have had lots of exciting things happening! We went to St Edmund's on Wednesday afternoon and had a lovely, but tiring afternoon doing lots of different fundamental skills activities. One of our teams won the award for the best teamwork for the afternoon, so well done to them! We then had the bridge project in on Thursday morning, to do 'Sounds of Easter' with us. This was a lovely, multi-sensory retelling of part of the Easter story and the children were really engaged and thoroughly enjoyed the session. We then, of course, went to Marwell Zoo on Friday - the sun was shining for us most of the morning and it just got a little bit chilly in the afternoon. We had a fantastic day seeing all the different animals and the workshop provided by the park was very informative and exciting - we even got to stroke some of the creatures! 

Guided Reading focus this week has been reading with expression - we have also been trying to read words that we know without too much sounding out, everyone's done a super job! 

Week Beginning 6th March

This week has been a very exciting one! The children have had a fantastic time celebrating Book Week; looking at lots of different poetry, planning and rehearsing a poetry performance, having a visit from James Carter the poet and many other fantastic things. We have all thoroughly enjoyed the week and we even got to write our own poem - i'm sure the children have been coming home and telling you all about it themselves. Our guided reading focus this week has been to talk about what we have read. We have been having discussions about our thoughts and feelings about things we have read and also, answering questions based on the story. 

Next week, we look forward to our Fundamental's Afternoon at St. Edmund's on Wednesday and our trip to Marwell on Friday. 

We hope you have a fantastic weekend and will see you on Monday. 

Weekly Update

This week we have been doing lots of exciting things, from making pancakes to creating jungle art. The children really enjoyed the pancake making and pictures are available below. This week in our Guided Reading we have been focusing on relating what we read to our own experiences. 

Can I take this opportunity to request that any outstanding reading workshop letters be returned as soon as possible and if you cannot attend, please come and speak to me in person and we can arrange to catch up at a different point. Also, Marwell is only a couple of week's away, so please could those letters be returned as well. 

Next week is book week, and the children are invited to dress up on Friday as a character from a poem of their choice. Different activities will be going on throughout the week for the children to enjoy - I'm sure it will be an exciting week. 

Have a lovely weekend and see you all on Monday!

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to everyone for this half term. We hope that you all had a lovely and restful holiday and that your children have come back refreshed and eager for the term ahead. 

This term is an exciting one, as we will be moving on from the Polar Regions, and into a warmer climate in the Jungle and Rainforests. We will be exploring everything to do with these regions, including a trip to Marwell Zoo later in the term (letter available on our class page in case it gets misplaced). 

A topic map for this term will be sent home at the end of this week, with details of all of our learning that will be taking place during this topic. We started off the week measuring things in our own 'jungle' (school environment) and comparing the heights/lengths of different objects that we found. 

Can I also take this opportunity to remind anyone who still has to return their reading workshop letter, as this will come around a lot sooner than we think! If you are not able to attend for any reason, then please can you come and speak to me directly to let me know. 


Guided Reading focus this week: tricky words and using pictures to help understanding of the story. 

Maths Measuring

Safer Internet Day

We have looked at different way's that we can be safe online - including information that we should and shouldn't share. We looked at different images and decided which ones we thought were safe to go online, and which ones we thought were not safe. We had a big discussion around why we shouldn't share personal information and took a lot from the session. 



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
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Picture 5
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Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

Where's Wally Storywriting Week

We have been spending time looking at Where's Wally, all teacher's and staff dressed up as different character's to set week off. The children really enjoyed writing stories and description's about different Where's Wally scenes, as well as hunting around the school for different Wally objects hidden in the library. The week really engaged the children and inspired them to write some fantastic pieces. 


Where's Wally Week

Where's Wally Week 1
Where's Wally Week 2
Where's Wally Week 3
Where's Wally Week 4
Where's Wally Week 5
Where's Wally Week 6
Where's Wally Week 7
Where's Wally Week 8
Where's Wally Week 9
Where's Wally Week 10

Happy New Year! 

First of all, we would like to wish all families a very Happy New Year!

Welcome back to a new school term, just a few notices to ensure you are all up to date:

- Maths Passports and Spellings will begin being sent home again next Friday 13th January.

- Library books will be reissued on Tuesday 10th January, so if you still have an old one lying around at home that has been finished, please could you ensure your child has it with them on this day. 

- PE will be returning to a Tuesday afternoon as usual this term, as our football training sessions with Victoria have come to an end - however, we are very lucky to have been offered sessions with sporting students on a Tuesday afternoon, to continue our football skills. 

We hope your children have had a good first week back.


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