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Summer Term 2019

Tuesday 23rd April

Welcome back!

We hope that you had a lovely break over the weekend and perhaps, even managed a bit of a holiday whilst the children were off school. Whatever you have been doing, hopefully you have had a chance to enjoy the weather!’s Summer term and we have 12 weeks before the class break up for the Summer hols. This is also our transition term and we will be gradually building up activities with Year 1, to prepare the children for their transfer to Cherry class and their new teacher, in September. This is the term where the children really need to refine and develop the vital skills of writing, reading and counting to enable them to access the Ks1 curriculum successfully when they move up. At the end of the Reception year they will be leaving the Early Years Foundation stage and join the rest of the school in the Government’s national curriculum. Y1 & 2 are classed as Key stage 1 and Y3-6 are Key stage 2. As things become more formal next year and the class have less time to ‘play’ (something we value highly in Oak class!) we feel that transition is hugely important. More info to follow on this as we plan it in the coming weeks.

So, with this in mind we would like to let you know that we have our final ‘Song of sounds’ assessment of the year coming up in about 3 weeks time. We sent home the last assessment sheet before the hols- please make sure your child has practised any ‘wobbly bits’ highlighted on that sheet before they return to school.

In class, during our phonics teaching, we are now securing your child’s blending (reading a word like hat or brush confidently without having to sound out each letter aloud- if they still need to do this then encourage a whisper) and reading simple sentences confidently (e.g. I brush the hair on the doll. - the children should be starting to read all of these words without having to sound out each individual letter aloud) We also test their sight recognition of the tricky words and will continue to consolidate their ability to segment a word. (this is like the early stages of spelling. We do not ask your child to write the word, but they have to sound it out when asked. e.g. the word track. Sounded out it should be t-r-a-ck. We are moving onto longer words of 4/5 letters now.( However, if your child is a confident writer and is willing, then getting them to write the words as they segment is good practise. If not, then just practising colouring, drawing and letter formation is something to work on now.)