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Winterbourne EarlsChurch of England Primary School

‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

Summer Term 2019

Week beginning 13th May

We have had an exciting and busy week in Cherry Class this week. On Monday we went back in time to the Stone Age and created some cave art to show what a day in the life of a Stone Age child would be like. We then went outside the following day and re-enacted our day in the Stone Age and we finished the week with some wonderful writing about Stone Age life. In Maths, we have been looking at grouping objects and making arrays. The children were able to make and describe their own arrays, which is going to be really important for their understanding of Multiplication and Division later on. In RE we have been exploring Shabbat and talking about why it is so important to Jewish people. The children have been really excited to use our new outdoor writing area this week and there has been lots of fantastic independent writing from them. On Friday we had our school trip to the Salisbury Museum which was amazing! Thankyou to the parents who helped on the trip, we hope you had as much fun as we did. The children were so excited to explore lots of different Stone Age artefacts and find out more information about our topic. 

We hope you have a lovely weekend and will see you back on Monday for the last week of Term 5! 

Week beginning 6th May

We have had a lovely week in Cherry Class. Despite only having 4 days, we have crammed a lot into them! We started the week on Tuesday creating some cave art for a typical day in our lives and then turned it into writing at the end of the week. The children produced some amazing writing and we were very impressed with all of their hard work. Next week, we will imagine what it is like to be a Stone Age child and compare the two. In Maths we have been measuring and comparing objects heights and lengths and moved onto measuring using cm at the end of the week. Some of the children even chose to do some measuring in the outside area. In PE we practised our running skills in preparation for Sports Day next month and the Figsbury Challenge tomorrow. On Thursday afternoon, the children created their own Stonehenge out of biscuits with Mrs Bravery - this was lots of fun! We are still practising all of our sounds in Phonics and have been focusing on letter names this week and when they make these sounds in words e.g. photo, me, she, so. 

Maths passports will come home on Monday and won't be due in until Thursday next week, as we wanted to secure the children's understanding in measuring, before sending home their homework. 

Next Friday is our school trip to the Salisbury museum. We have no parent helpers at the moment, so if you are available to help on the trip please come and see me. 

We hope you have a lovely weekend and will see you on Monday. 

Week beginning 29th April

This week we have been researching more about the Stone Age and finding lots of answers to our questions from last week. The children have been creating their own Stone Age Survival Guide and have been superstars at finding out information. In Maths we have been counting in 2's, 5's and 10's and although this can be quite tricky, they have all risen to the challenge! We looked at Stone Age animals in Science and sorted them into animals that were just in the Stone Age and animals that we still have now. We have been working on our attacking and defending skills in PE and thought about special days of the week in RE. 

We have been recapping all of the split digraph sounds this week in Phonics, as the children can find these more challenging to spot when reading e.g. a-e in bake and i-e in kite. 

We hope you have a fantastic Bank Holiday Weekend and look forward to seeing you back on Tuesday. 

Week beginning 22nd April

Welcome back to a new term in Cherry Class! We have an exciting term ahead in which we will be exploring the topic of Stone Age. The children have been really excited to find out lots of information and facts about the Stone Age already this week and have thought of lots of questions that they would like to know the answers to from our topic. We have been comparing Stone Age objects with their modern equivalents in English and we have talked about how long ago the Stone Age was. In Maths we have been recapping numbers to 50 and how to write, order and compare them. We have also created some cave art this week and our role play corner, 'The Stone Age Cave', is looking fantastic. Guided reading will start again next week and tag words have started again this week. We are now recapping all of our sounds from the song and how to use them correctly in words.

Have a lovely weekend, we will see you back on Monday.