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Winterbourne EarlsChurch of England Primary School

‘As each one does their part, we grow in love’

Summer term 2018

Week Beginning 14 May

We have had a busy week with Miss Swan sharing more time than usual.We have written recounts of our trip and are learning how to multiply in columns. Mrs Johnson has been working with us to learn the story of William Longespee which will be shared with the rest of the school on Wednesday. Our art and topic work has centred around King John's seal and detailed pencil drawings of the west wing of the cathedral. We are looking in detail at how you became a knight in the medieval times and our life size painting of William Longespee is now looking down on us from above the whiteboard.

Next week we will be consolidating our work on column multiplication and will be extending our story writing with tales of Robin Hood. Some children will be representing the school at a swimming gala at Chafyn Grove on Tuesday. We hope they enjoy it!

Week Beginning 7 May

Please find the photos of our trip to the museum and cathedral. We loved learning about the job of archaeologists and the role of the museum; we were even able to go behind locked doors to see some of the hidden artefacts, especially some of the stone from the original cathedral at Old Sarum. We sketched the displays from the new Wessex Gallery and learnt about the Royal Palace of Clarendon where kings from many centuries stayed, hunted, feasted and greeted!  We studied the medieval tiles made at Laverstock pottery nearby and were introduced to The Giant and Hobnob. We were the first children to handle pottery, pipes, tiles, plates and other artefacts from the Royal Palace and we filled in a find sheet just like museum archivists.

Unfortunately there was a big thanksgiving service in the cathedral that we were not told about, so we were only able to see the Chapter house and The Magna Carta. However William Longespee's rat was on display and we had four guides to help us make the most of our visit. We are planning to re-book in late June.

Literacy has been focused on writing about the history of Old Sarum and apostrophes. Tests show the class has now grasped fractions well and we have moved on to multiplication.

Next week we will be looking at the story of Sleeping Beauty because of its association with the period of history we are looking at.We will also learn how to multiply in columns and extend our knowledge of New Sarum or, as we know it, Salisbury.

Week Beginning 16 April

Welcome back to everyone at the beginning of the summer term. This term we are looking at local history including the important people who lived both in the Winterbournes and the surrounding area of Salisbury. We have a very rich history and lots to discover! We plan to be outside the classroom as much as possible, with local map work linked to our PE focus of orienteering and lots to explore in the village. We are lucky enough to be engaging volunteers from Bourne Valley Historical Society to help with our research.

This week we plan to write letters to archaeologists and local historians to invite them to be involved in our study. Our maths is focused on fractions and in Science Miss Swan is starting a unit on sight and sound.

Please ensure all hand made Shackleton Diaries are finished and back in school for display. We are hoping to encourage as many children as possible to run in the main fundraising event of the year- The Figsbury Challenge; it is a brilliant family event- please check out the testimonials and pictures on the Figsbury Challenge page of the website. There is also an art competition associated with the event.